Romance Club Mod Apk Menu, Premium Choices

Romance Club Mod Apk Menu, Premium Choices

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App Name Romance Club Mod Apk Menu, Premium Choices
Size 38 MB
Latest Version 1.0.16370
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Developer Your Story Interactive
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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What do you think about love? Well, some say a first glimpse rings charming bells in your heart and some say it when you feel safe, secure, and warm. 

Everyone has different views of feeling and handling a relationship and telling their interactive stories.

Well, to create such amazing interactive stories of your dreams into a realistic visual simulation Yous Story Interactive has introduced a Visual Novel based game Romance Club for young lovers.

This game allows you to become a writer of your story as the main character and how you can stimulate your life story filled with emotions of love, hate, friendship, anger, betrayal, and much more.

Everything is in your hand, what should you do, whether to accept or refuse a relationship, feels comfortable engaging with someone, select your desired partner, etc truly immersed you in creating interesting, refreshing stories.

This gameplay provides you control options as no one knows what will happen in the future when you meet new people, interact with them, involved in activities, build relations or reject them.

It will give you questions or situations with multiple solutions and allows you to select what particular move you want, choose and continue with the flow.

Everything is optimized so moves your story in which direction you want.

This game plots interesting scenarios for you like fantasy or thrilling, and how you will lead this journey as you pass through different interesting, painful experiences, the selections you made, etc.

You can preview these again and again and realize how can you start better and play this game again because no one can explore this game in a single time, many opportunities or chances are there and you can play this selected journey from the start.

This game categorizes 4 epic stories like Dracula's Love story, Love from Space, etc, and many other engaging story scenarios like Sails in the Fog, Queen in 30 days, etc.

Romance Club Mod Apk

Each has its specifications, adventures, themes, and storyline the creator focus on how will you create your story in these specific genres.

No matter how many times you will create the scenarios because opportunities are there and no one knows what will happen in the future whether you avail or reject the opportunities.

This game allows you to customize your character, your dream hero or heroine, its costumes, hairstyles everything you need to make your dreamy partner cute, attractive and romantic.

This game coffer premium features unlimited jewels, diamonds, and coffee as the main club requirement to purchase items, invite your companions, and make your meeting possible like in real dating.

The graphics are vibrant, extremely well-designed, and attractive giving a realistic simulation.


Let’s explore some features of this story-based game:

  • Creative Novelistic Stories

This game allows you to create your story in these emerging titles, you can choose the mode that you want to explore, how your journey begins, and what kind of characters should be there. It includes:

  •  Dracula A love story

Out of the Horror, when you are exploring the Ottoman Empire and fall in love with a Vampire, a hot-looking guy yet with the idea of hurting you and the concept of war that will begin when everyone in your surrounding came to know and the old custom of killing vampires will begin.

  • What will be your move?
  • How can you create your story by keeping your safety?  
  • Would you accept him or want to change him? 
  • What if he became a danger to humans? or  
  • Will you lose him or love him, fight for him and protect him?

Such a heart-touching scenario but how can you save your love depends upon the player’s creativity.

  • Love From Space

Another fascinating story is in which the Prince of Space was abandoned from his Homeland and was ordered to be killed. 

With good luck, he was able to save his life and came to another planet Earth a new home, in search of protection he finds a beautiful, heartwarming girl, and soon their love starts to bloom in the air.

  • So, how do you keep him safe from the alien force?
  • How can you start your journey?
  • Will he be able to adjust to this new place?
  • The secrets of pure place Heaven

Curiosity arises when there are different scenarios you will be able to start your journey in different aspects when no one knows what will happen in the future. Maybe you like this similar game StoryPick MOD APK.

Romance Club Mod Apk

This story perfectly fits such a scenario when discovering a place called Heaven where Devils and Angels live together and unexpected things begin to happen. So,

  •  How can you keep the rules of Heaven Safe?
  • What happens if you fall in love with a demon?
  • What will be the consequence of breaking the rules?

Well, starting your lovely journey in such a mess will lead you beyond expectations.

  • Legend of the Willow

Another terrifying mode is when the dangerous underworld is engulfing your life. This story is about a beautiful young girl who was kidnapped by the mafia and wanted to ruin her life, but she was ambitious to save herself. So, 

  • How will you escape from this Hell?
  • How will you survive and save yourself from these dangerous people?
  • Can you live a normal life and find your destiny?
  • Can you escape yourself from your mafia love?

Well, these circumstances are difficult to handle but how will you manage and create an engaging story depend upon you.

  • Additional Interesting Tales

Beyond these interesting genres, there are some other fascinating and thrilling tales to start your journey. You are capable of producing your story in different aspects.

Let’s see some other tales:

  • Sail in the Fog

A new adventure of love and Bravery when you became a Pirate and explore the Sea’s beauty and fight against the sea thieves and win the treasure.

  • Queen in 30 Days

Explore this journey of becoming a Queen while traveling to an overseas Kingdom and follow the traditional Royal Protocols.

  • My Hollywood story

A journey of an actress who wants fame and suffers a lot in gaining her career along with these struggles she will make interactions with a lot of people and a new phase of her life starts.

  • Emotional Experiences

A realistic game can show all its aspects whether it is an adventurous game, fantasy or romantic visualization is important and this game will allow you to experience all kinds of emotions beautifully carved in stories such as:

  • Love, Romantic tales
  • Angrily, Revenge tales
  • Normal routine, Daily life tales
  • Young love, High school tales
  • Fantasy, Imaginative tales
  • Horror, Killing yet romantic tales
  • Cute, Friendly, and Comedy tales

You can experience a lot of pain, love, laughter, and attraction in these game scenarios and create your love story.

Romance Club Mod Apk

  • Control over Decisions

The interesting feature of this game is control over Choices, you are allowed to make the decision that you want because you are the creator of your story, so Make the choice that is Best for you like:

  • Select the theme in which you want to start your journey
  • You will be given the choice to make your next move
  • You have the option to accept your companion or reject it
  • Accept his involvement in your life or start dating
  • Balance your intimacy level
  • Make the right decision for you.
  • Customize the Character

This game allows you to customize your character’s look, hairstyles, jewelry, or costumes. You can design them according to your desire and makes the couple attractive in the surrounding. You can design and select your costumes according to your situation whether it is a friendly meeting or dating.

  • 3-D Graphics

The game is designed with high-quality graphics it promotes a 3-D version giving a realistic simulation mode in which all the characters seem visible, and the surroundings are perfect.

The move and the moments you made are excellent and feel realistic. In addition, the sound is great the background music, songs quality enhance the environment's beauty. 

  • Premium Features

This game has introduced premium features like

  • Unlimited Diamonds

This mod allows you to have unlimited money in terms of jewels, diamonds, coffee, etc which works as club currency and make you capable of purchasing things you need.

  • Premium Choices

You have access to unlimited choices over your story, character, looks, clothes, jewelry, and fashion to make your couple attractive.

You can select any theme in which you can start your journeys like the vampire love stories Moon Born a scary one or a detective one, etc.  

You can also start your journey again and again from the start to preview the choices that you make. 

Because life has unexpected challenges and turns and you will never know what will happen next.

  • No ads

 This game facilitates you with ads-free content so you will not be disturbed by the pop-ups that will block your creativity and spoil your mood.

Romance Club Mod Apk

How can we Download the Game?

This game is available on the Google Play Store but to enjoy its premium feature for free you have to download the game from this website. 

  • Click on the download link 
  • This file will be saved in your download folder
  • Click on this file and install the game
  • After the installation of this game and the requirement to be fulfilled
  • Click on the start button and play this game.

Summing Up

The Romance Club Mod Apk is a virtual novel-based game introduced by the Your Story Interactive. This game is designed to create your romantic love story in your desired theme and convert your dreams into a realistic simulation. 

You will be provided 4 major lovely tales as well as other tales so you can choose whatever you want. This game allows you to become a writer of your fate, and make the decision about what is right for you. You can accept or refuse the proposals.

This game will provide options so that you can control the emotions or moves of the characters.


Q. Is this available on the Google play store?

Yes, this game is available on the Google play store but to enjoy the premium features you need to install it from this website.

Q. Is this game allow you to create your story?

Yes, this game allows you to create your story in your desired environment. This game has unlimited story themes you can select whatever you want.

Q. Can we customize the characters?

Yes, this game allows you to customize your character according to your dream. You have the right to make choices that are best for you.

Q. Can you control your actions?

Yes, this game provides you options to make the decision that you want to make whether to accept or reject depends upon you. It will give you authority over your actions and then make the progress.

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