RTS Siege Up MOD APK Unlimited Resources

RTS Siege Up MOD APK Unlimited Resources

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App Name RTS Siege Up MOD APK Unlimited Resources
Size 65 MB
Latest Version 1.1.106r5
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.1 and up
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Update December 03, 2022 (8 hours ago)
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If you are familiar with human history, then you must know about the Medieval era of Medieval. It was the most revolutionary and challenging era in human history. You will see many films and clips that were made to reproduce that era. Today’s topics are also about such a type of game that has the situation and challenges of the Medieval Period. RTS Siege Up is basically a strategy game in which you have to face a lot of challenges and tasks. You will play as a roman king who has the strongest army. But in the beginning, you will be king of a small town. Your main task is to build a huge kingdom. Try to collect and generate Resources for the improvement of your economy. Use your wisdom and tactic to deal with the cold weather. You have to fight lots of enemies in snowy cold weather. Arrange some warm clothes and firewood to keep your troops warm and safe. Arrange a strong defense system by unlocking more troops from the store. Train your army to become the strongest king of your era. Explore the game by reading the below description.

RTS Siege Up


Simple and Friendly Interface:

This application was developed and published by Abuksigun which is a small organization in Japan. They are known for their high-quality games. 

The developer has programmed this application as very simple and user-friendly. Its 3D graphics will bring a real experience to its users. The gameplay contains greenery, trees, rivers, canals, bridges, boats, houses, buildings, mansions, and castles. It will give you a complete setup of the middle age of Roman kings. It has many levels and sessions. And each level is related to the progress of your Kingdom. Your land is covered with snow and you have to arrange a proper defense system for the people of our Kingdom. Your enemy can attack at any time, so try to be conscious about every moment of your enemy. You have to fight with your enemies in the bad weather and snowfall. Arrange some warm clothes for your troops and soldiers. Its bad weather and critical situation of war make it attractive and addictive for its users. 

Build your Kingdom and Defend your People:

Start your gameplay and try to become the most generous and kind king of your people. As you will play as the king of Romans, so you have to become a king of principles and strict roles. Your first task is to explore the land to collect maximum resources for the people of your kingdom. In the beginning, you will be the king of just a few people. But gradually and steadily, you will become kind of a huge kingdom.

Collect Resources to improve your economy:

Collect as many resources that are useful for your people. At the same time, you have to be aware of the pirate because they will snatch your resource and kill you. Sow seeds and harvest crops of rice and vegetables.  Try to produce more food and vegetables for your people. Arrange a proper shelter and enough survival resources. Protect your crops by unlocking some troops and soldiers on the boundaries of your land. Perform challenges and daily tasks, collect coins, and spend that money on the progress of your kingdom. You can also use a shortcut to become a powerful king in a short time. You can download its modded version to get unlimited coins and money. Because you can unlock anything you want by spending these unlimited gold coins.

Construct Buildings and Shelters:

You need a lot of bamboos and strong wood to construct warships, houses, bridges, boats, and many other things. Collect stones and rocks to build a protective shelter. You can also purchase houses for your people by spending your gold coins. But if you want to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest then perform all the hard tasks. It will teach you about the hard work of middle age.

Your kingdom is basically located on an Island. So, being the king of an Island, you have to be aware of unexpected attacks from pirates. You can build an army to protect your land from dangers. Train your soldiers and make them powerful. Place your trained soldier on the boundaries of your island. In this way, your enemy has to fight with your soldier before attacking the internal area of your town. Try to conquer as many battles as you can. Because you will get many rewards and chances to unlock new gadgets and weapons.


Expand your Kingdom by Unlocking new Lands:

It also offers you to conquer more lands. You can attack other kingdoms to enhance your land. On the other hand, you also have purchased some more land directly from the store. If you are a user of its modded version, then you will be able to unlock anything from the store without paying any cost. Because it offers you unlimited gold coins. You can purchase anything you wish with these gold coins.

Upgrade the Buildings:

You can upgrade your buildings like houses, shelters, and castles. Try to make your house stronger and more protective. In this way, you will be able to build a powerful and unbeatable kingdom. Place strong iron doors for the houses of your people. You can also upgrade your building after constructing it. Keep your kingdom updated by using its update option. You may get the update options weekly or monthly basis. 

Build a Strong Army:

A strong army and trained soldiers were the most important part of the Middle Ages. Roman history is incomplete without Roman soldiers. As you have to play as a Roman King, then you must have to build the strongest and unbeatable army. Unlock maximum troops from the store. Train your troops and build the strongest army. Place your powerful and trained soldier on the boundaries of your Island. Also, place them on the front line during the war. In this way, your enemies have to face the strongest giant soldiers before hurting your people. 

RTS Siege Up

Fictional Atmosphere:

As I explained above, you have to fight with the armies of your enemy in bad snowy weather. Arrange some warm clothes and firewood for your soldiers because they are the only persons who can protect your kingdom. So being a king or leader, it's your responsibility to provide them with all the necessary survival resources.


Enjoy the gameplay with 3D graphics and a hooking interface. The pixel patterns and highlighted colors make a perfect combo. You will love to play the gameplay because of its vibrant and eye-catching interface.

Sound effects:

The background sound of this application keeps you involved in the gameplay. You will hear the soft sound of birds, harvesting crops, and chopping wood. In the situation of war, you will clearly hear the sound of swords and weapons. The sound effect is so smooth and sometimes it may become a little bit dramatic and sharp.


RTS Siege Up APK Download:

If you want to get this application on your portable devices, then just follow the listed steps.

1:First of all hit the above option of download.

2:Wait for a couple of seconds.

3:Tap the install option.

4:If you see a popup notification on your screen then just turn on Unknown Source.


Latest version:

The updated version of this application is 1.1.106r4. It was launched on 26-10-2022.

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Try it once and share your thoughts about this strategy game. Try to build a huge kingdom by collecting maximum resources. Build up a powerful army because the Roman kings were known for their strongest defense systems and powerful soldiers. The link to download it is given below. Just hit the download icon and get it on your portable device without any restrictions.


Q. What is the updated version of this application?

The updated version of this application is 1.1.106r4.

Q. What is the storage required to download it?

It required storage of about 63MB. It may increase because of the consumption of cache memory.

Q. Can I download it from the Google Play store?

Yes, this application can be downloaded from the Play store. But its modded/ free version can be downloaded only from internet sites.

Q. Can I download this application for iOS?

Yes, its standard version is available for the App store. You can download it directly from the App store.

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