Run Keeper Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Download

Run Keeper Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Download

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App Name Run Keeper Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Download
Size 62 MB
Latest Version 14.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer ASICS Digital, Inc.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Balance Matters! Well, what does it mean?

Everything looks attractive, when balanced, whether it is your appearance, health, or lifestyle. Your successful journey starts with you. With RunKeeper you are able to enjoy a happy life because when you are in perfect condition then you are capable of achieving your goal otherwise your retarded condition will continuously make you suffer. Because Health is everything when you are healthy, you are wealthy, and a perfectly balanced approach toward your fitness will make an investment in your old age to keep you young, fresh internally strong, and healthy. To keep you healthy, fit, and internally strong, ASICS Digital, Inc has introduced a fitness app named as RunKeeper. A platform where it offers running, jogging, training, exercise programs, and workout plans.

Running is the major element of this app, running around the world, running toward your goal. Whether you are a marathon or an ordinary runner it offers you a GPS track to run.

From miles to km, along with other members, building a community and linking each other motivationally or spiritually. A companion for your race so you will not be alone in your fitness journey.

Achieving your targets is not an easy game it requires ultimate effort, similarly to maintaining yourself a continuous approach is required where you can slowly work out on daily basis but will reach your goal.

This app will help you in maintaining a record of your workout, the steps you take, the path you choose, and the target you want to meet. It will save your daily progress. Further, if you want to take a chance, an advanced level approach to your fitness, a new track to run will save it.

To discover new paths and to locate a position GPS facility helps a lot it will be your travel guide and this app facilitate you by functioning on smartwatches.

Through its sharing facility, you choose a companion for your walk the global connection will serve as a motivational platform where all runners are connected no matter if you are a professional athlete or a beginner your can share your fitness journey.

Run Keeper Mod Apk

This app will offer walking, jogging, and cycling beyond running a complete package for your training, and your health maintenance. 

It will remind you about workout time to exclude some time from your busy schedule as health matters to function properly.

Premium features are offered by this app it will give access to connect Bluetooth, add a stopwatch, monitor activities like heartbeat checker, offer challenges to achieve goals, rewards, connectivity with others without any ads popups, etc.


Let’s have a look at the features offered by this useful app:

  • Workout Choices

This app will offer you the facility of choosing an option to make your workout plan possible like what kind of task you want to perform, whether you want jogging, running, walking, cycling, etc depending upon your mood.

So, choices are there to pick anyone to keep you on track because these are the steps towards your health growth.

  • Set Goal

Select a suitable option for yourself like you are in a jogging mood now select that option and follow the built-in follow-up plans for your beginning.

If you want to jog a few laps then select the laps to make your steps countable to provide you a record and show your progress.

Little by little but to achieve your target.

  • GPS Tracking

One of the greatest facilities of this app is GPS tracking as it will never leave you alone or leave you on unknown paths. Maybe you like this similar app Komoot APK.

It's a companion of your journey anywhere, any spot from where you continue it will lead to your destination.

So whether you choose a long or short run a map will guide you and also show the landscapes around you to avoid any ambiguity.

When you complete your route short or long it will be saved on your map library and you can visit it again when you cross that path again. It will help you to build different routes and explore new paths.

Run Keeper Mod Apk

  • User Interface

This app has a simple, friendly interface which will give an easy approach to users to access this. Its menu mode is quite easy all contents are beautifully displayed by selecting an option like walking you can start your tracking.

How many steps you have taken?

Is it a Slow walk or a brisk walk?

It will display your progress and you can easily start and end your journey.

  • A Perfect Remainder

It is very difficult to exempt some time from your busy lifestyle but to live a healthy life a continuous effort is required it is not a game of 2,3 days.

In this situation, this app serves as your caretaker and a reminder to notify you about your workout plan that you have to continue.

It offers you a weekly or daily workout schedule to maintain your fitness.

  • Motivational support

Whenever you start your fitness journey it never follows a straight path it has many bumps and reaching your destination makes you tired and demotivated.

To boost your morale and to keep in progress this app motivates you as your training coach it will provide you audio responses, and songs to keep you engaged and also show workouts to keep your motivation level high.

  • Social sharing

This app offers you to connect globally and share your progress and daily workout routine with other users and friends to make the workout important for others.

It will give you a companion, and support to make this fitness journey possible and you will be never alone in your success.

So it also offers the facility of Live Tracking to notify all about the challenges you have made to reach your goal.

  • Associated Programs

Beyond these features, this app provides you the facility of associated programs like

  • The music app Spotify integration ensures motivational, challenging songs, and background music to boost your morale.
  • The Blue Tooth connectivity to operate a wireless medium
  • The other health guiding handouts like My Fitness Pal, provide your diet menus.
  • Access to indoor tracking mode to approach your gym, treadmill tracking, etc. to make the availability of teaching programs to monitor your workout possible.
  • Challenges 

This app offers you many built-in challenges to make you healthy and fit, you have to complete the task and record your progress.

Run Keeper Mod Apk

It will offer you a running challenge like a particular road, or path that you have to follow, so It will display the distance, speed, or time in which you have to complete the task.

You can also customize your plans and offer challenges globally. You can invite friends and create Runner Groups, a live competition to win the race.

It will maintain the attention, and interest of runners, so they will not feel bored and demotivated further these exercises, will keep you healthy and fit.

Rewards are there in case of winning the task or achieving the goal so set a target to win a race, achieve desired body weight, etc whatever ever in your mind, and take the step to start. 

  • Premium Features

This app provides a helpful approach to making your body shaped, healthy, and physically fit. Further, there are some advanced features like

  •  It will monetize your heart functionality with its Cardiac count facility.
  • Synchronization to Garmin watches modes to keep your mind and body in shape
  • Shoe tracker, a reminder to add a new pair of shoes when you are covering a specific mileage.
  • No ads or popups are there that will block your exercising activity and disturb you while running
  • Live free tracking, no subscriptions to make connections.
  • Unlimited access to all features like GPS streaming, and music integrations.
  • Synchronize all activities on smartphones, it will display all your saved progress activities.

How can Install this app?

This app is available on the Google Playstore but to enjoy its all premium, unlocked features you have to download it from this website and it is free.

So, let's consider these steps to install this app:

  • Click on the download button to install this fitness app
  • Through unknown sources choose the installation process
  • Follow these steps and then say yes to install this app
  • Click on the start button to utilize this app

Run Keeper Mod Apk


RunKeeper Mod Apk is a Healthcare Fitness app designed by ASICS, Digital Inc. It offers a platform to make you healthy and active by engaging in exercise, and workout activities, and making yourself strong and fit.

To function properly, a balanced life is required, and in daily tuff time routine exercising, a proper workout is required and this app reminds your daily activity. Beyond running the track this app also offers jogging, walking, cycling, and other helpful activities. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete this app boosts your morale and offers new tracks along with GPS facility and new challenges to explore.

It offers you to connect globally and share your experiences and gives motivation to each other. This app also offers indoor monitoring controls and serves as your coaching trainer and also adds Spotify and other music apps to create an energetic platform to perform. So, let's download this useful app and make your body healthy and fit.


Q. Is this app available on the Google Play store?

Yes, this app is available on the Google Play store and you can also download it from this website for free to enjoy its all unlocked features.

Q. Is this app involve subscription charges?

No, in this mod version there are charges to subscribe all the features are free and updated.

Q. Is this game allow you to connect with the online community?

Yes, this app allows you to connect globally, you can invite your friend and all other runners and share your fitness journey.

Q. On which devices this app is useful?

This app can run on all smartphones and smartwatches, and its user interface is so easy to operate.

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