Sausage Man Apk Obb Download For Android

Sausage Man Apk obb download for android

Additional Information

App Name Sausage Man Apk obb download for android
Size 72MB
Latest Version 13.19
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Sausage Man Apk

Have you heard about Sausage Man Apk? No, then I will tell you about this game. Sausage Man is a 2D cartoon- type , contentious shooting game that allows a player to shoot in the game with a lot of features. You are the player in the game and your role is of a sausage who is the main protagonist of the game. There will be royale battles in the game. This game is full of fun and allows the users to play a competitive game of shooting. Have fun playing this game in your free time. The sausages are so funny that you will laugh at their appearance and you can play the game anytime and anywhere. These funny sausages look adorable and they fight very actively and there are so many battlefields that are away from your imagination. In this game, you have to be very competitive in order to win because the gameplay is kind of difficult and the battle system offers very hard rounds. You can play this game and win because of its breathtaking amazing features and play the game to its fullest.

The players (you) will be given Flare Guns that helps the player to blaze flames with the help of gun towards the enemies, Tactical Covers that protect the Sausages (player) from the blazing flames of other sausages and these covers are with high strategy in order to keep the sausages safe from fire at all cost, Resurrection Machines that help the sausages to come back to life because these machines are designed in such a way and lastly ID card system that only allows the known sausages in the areas that are restricted and stops the enemies when they show their ID. These ID cards will test the friendship of your team-mates among each other and your understanding with other teammates.


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Sausage Man Gameplay

The players are in a sausage and are looking super adorable and will make you laugh because of their body. The game is easy and the sausages will be given Flare gun, Id Card system, resurrection machines and Tactical covers. The game not only has fighting Tactics but also provides the users with cute things and a very cute and joyful vibe from the surroundings. 

Except for fighting, do many more different things such as singing and jumping in the game. This game allows the users to target a rubber ball and shoot the fire at it and even sing while playing the game. They can jump to avoid the bullets or shots of their enemies. And if the shots are a bit higher than you can double jump yo avoid them and it is super easy and protects you from dying because of enemies bullets. 

Save your team mates from dying when they are drowning in the water by using a “Come on” action and they will come with you and get saved because of you. Get into water by putting on a Life buoy and fight with your enemy a daring battle by being face-to-face with them. This life buoy will protect you from getting shot even when you are not jumping from the shots and are standing in front of the enemies. Make a good team and protect them from water easily.

Sausage Man Appearance

This game is very thrilling and hard to play, which increases the interest of the players but appearance is  very important in every game. The appearance of the player is a sausage that is super cute and looks adorable when he shots the enemies. You will be very famous there just because of your appearance. Your appearance will play a great role in your popularity in the game. For this purpose you must have a Unique Party Card system that helps you record the system and all the information you have for you. This information includes the game data you have, your appearance and all your achievements that you got by putting a lot of effort into the game.

Other sausages will get attracted to you and will love you.

Sausage man Costume

This game allows the users to change the costumes of your sausage. The sausages themselves are very cute and the costumes will be a cherry on top for their cuteness and appearance. Customize the costume of your sausage and get love from other sausages. These costumes include

  • Maid
  • Koi
  • Cyberpunk

And make cute poses of girls that will attract more and more sausages towards you and you will eventually become famous. Do actions like blowing kisses, make cute poses and transformations among different magical girls.

Sausage man Bubbles

Want to communicate with other sausages of the game? Yes, you can because this feature is also provided in the game for the users to use. You can communicate with other sausages with the help of Bubble Emojis and these Bubble Emojis include “Whine About Injustice” and “Raise White Underwear Flag” and interact with those sausages. 

Sausage man Battlefield

If you are worried about how you will perform a good play in the battlefield then do not because this game has a very easy setup that you can easily understand. You just have to be essay and cute in order to win the game against the enemies. Show your cuteness and naughtiness in the battlefield and slay over many of your enemies and wun the battlefield easily. Fow this purpose, your outfit must be very cute and attract others.


Sausage Man Unlimited money and Unlimited candy

The normal version of this game does not give enough money and candy to play the game and the game is very hard to play without these things. But no need to worry because the apk version of the game always provides the users with unlimited things. These things can be unlimited and unlimited candy. And the users do not have any tension of money to play the game. Apk version  is better than the normal version because it solves the problem of money for the users and they can play the game non-stop. 

In the normal version of the game, the users have to earn the money by themselves and then they can buy candy, and this takes a lot of effort as this app does not give enough money. And the apk version provides all these things for free. So, just download this app from the link and get unlimited money and candy.

Sausage Man Logo

Sausage man Logo is cool and has “Sausage man “ written in a very cool way. “S” in the logo is stretched on both lines and the whole text is compressed and almost merged into each other. The logo is in black and white and  can easily be made by pencil on your paper. This logo is used in different places and modes.

Sausage Man Latest Version

Sausage man was developed by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd. Sausage man has gained popularity worldwide and a lot of people are downloading this game. So, the team of this game is working on this app to make it updated and change a lot of things to match today’s requirements. A lot of updates have been done in this game. The latest version of this game was released on January 3, 2022. The latest version is 12.29(1238) . The size of this game is 1.02 GB.

Sausage man Download

You can download this game easily on your androids by following these steps

  • Click on the “download” button present in this page.
  • Do not click the button for more than one time as it creates more than one file.
  • Now, after some time the download will be done.
  • The game is ready to be played by you.


If you wanna enjoy a shooting game with a good plot and amazing features then you must download this game. This game gives the players a lot of control and they are a sausage that is the main protagonist. The sausage has to shoot the enemies with the blaze gun and protect himself from other sausage’s fire with the help of Tactical covers. You can customize the clothes or costumes of the sausages as per your liking and become famous among the fellow sausages because of your amazing style and vibe. Rock the beetle field by slaying over a hundred sausages. 


Q. Can we customize the costume of our Sausage?

you can customize the costumes of your sausages as per you want. These costumes make you stand out from the crowd and help you get popularity among fellow sausages easily.

Q. Will we get unlimited money in the apk version?

Yes, you can get unlimited money in the apk version of this game. The apk version even provides the user with unlimited candy.

Q. Is the game easy to play?

Yes, the game has a very user-friendly interface that will make you win the game easily. You will be able to learn the game rules fastly.

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