Shadow Fight 2 Max Level Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 2 max level mod apk

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App Name Shadow Fight 2 max level mod apk
Size 141MB
Latest Version 2.26.1
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer NEKKI
Content Rating Rated for 10+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk is a game in which the player is an indestructible samurai warrior who loves to travel around the world in search of his opponents. And when he wins from the said opponents he gets more arrogant and he starts to violate the laws of Samurai that eventually results in the breakdown of the seal of GATE OF SHADOWS. In order to test your reflexes, explore your creativity and tactics you have to play some fighting games. Because playing these types of games is very difficult because it needs quick reflexes and smart techniques at the same time. But if you do not do them at the right time you will be caught in a tough situation and from there you will eventually lose. You will obviously need time to learn them and make an expert out of yourself. But these games are the most useful way for that thing.

Shadow ban 2 has become a popular game among its players that are mostly teenagers and adults as well. It is a very amazing game among the games of the same genre. Because all these games do not provide you a secure platform and all the things you need including a thrilling experience of a war. That is the reason why Shadow Fight 2 has gotten more than a 100 million downloads. That is a big success for the game and its team. Shadow Fight 2 is a mixture of classic fighting and RPG games. This game will allow the users to experience a role play with a lot of characters. This game needs a great potential to be played. The timing must be good while fighting the opponents or you are a goner.

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Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

People who have played games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat can play this game very easily because the gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 is very familiar to these games. The player who is actually a Samurai travels around the world and finds his opponents and there is a 1vs1 match in which the samurai has to win against the opponent. 

You can control the samurai by using the keys used for moving, attacking and avoiding the attacks of the opponent. Not only this , you have to use two or three keys at a time to balance and manage the attack and protection at the same time. By doing this, you will get experiences on these skills and this game will eventually become easy for you to play. 

You have to be cautious in order to get less loss or extra damage . To win the battle make a perfect combo by playing the moving and attacking at a right combo and the battle will result in your favor. Battles will be more fun if you get to know how to win a fight . The game will turn upside down in a blink of an eye but you should be pre-prepared for it. That is absolutely easy when you follow the following guidance.

  • For hitting or using the weapons use your Hand
  • To attack the enemies use kick of Legs
  • You can damage the enemy from afar by casting Dag
  • You can also use magic to attack enemies known as Mag

 The starting levels are kind of easy so that you can easily beat the enemies and get some experiences and adapt the keys . But as soon as you move to the next level the game eventually becomes difficult . The next levels are actually the real game. They are super difficult and have very daring and deadly dangerous opponents . So, you better gird up your loins and be prepared for the wild and smart opponents.

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Features

The features of Shadow Fight 2 mod apk are really worth it and are given below


  • 2D Graphic and REalistic Physics:


This game is very popular for its anime-like graphics. The graphics are designed in a way that on whatever device you play the game you will have so much fun. The anime lovers would probably love this game because of its 2d graphics that catch the eye of most game players. These graphics provide the player a very thrilling background and Samurai which is obviously a plus point of the game along with the best fighting skills. 


  • Unlimited money and gems:


This mod Apk version solved the problem of money and gems for the players. There will be unlimited money and gems in this version. The player can play whatever level he wants and choose the weapons because of the unlimited amount of money he has. He can also choose different characters to play and different modes to play in and win. 


  • Ads free:


Most of the time the main reason why players do not get fun playing a game is the ads that pop up on the screen . These ads are a big obstacle and are highly disliked by the users. So, to stop these video or audio pop ups you need to worry . This mod apk version is free of any kind of ads that act as a barrier in the game. Sometimes, players are about to win but are distracted by an ad and losos the winning game. So download this mod apk version and get to play with full interest and  without any worry. 


  • Max level:


This mod apk version has many of the levels already unlocked. In normal version the levels unlock oly when you play and win the previous level  but thai mod apk version has almost 99 levels already unlocked for you to play and enjoy any of them without any worry of playing the previous level or winning it. 


  • All weapons unlocked:


Mod apk version also provides the player with the unlimited weapons which are absolutely free to use. In the normal version , the player has to buy the weapons by playing in the different modes. But this version gives you all the weapons in advance so that you do not have to work hard for unlocking and then using them. 


  • Customize your own Character:


Moreover, you can also customize your own character in this game by going into the main bars and then selecting the Samurai. There will be more than one character with different characteristics. You can just open the bars and select whatever Samurai you want and even customize your own Samurai. 


  • Play online with friends:


You can even play this game online with your friends and show them your amazing skills by challenging them and then winning from them . For this purpose you must be prepared first. So, play the game a lot first and get experienced and then challenge your friends to fight with your character in the game with a wireless connection. 


  • Auto-updates:


This game is very famous but that does not mean that the team of the game has left it untouched since the time it got released. The team of Shadow Fight 2 is working so hard to make the game more good and up to date . For this purpose, they continuously make updates in the game. And these updates are themselves installed in your devices because the game is connected to the internet 24/7.


  • Free elements:


In this game the elements are full and are present in unlimited amounts. The player can use whatever eminent they want to play and the elements will remain refilled.

Shadow Fight 2 Modes

In addition to different levels this game also has different modes that make the game very interesting and more thrilling. You can select whatever mode you like. These modes are the following

  • Challenges, Duels and Survivals:

The first mode is to complete challenges of the game and have fun . This mode also contains suvivals that means you have to fight with the opponents in order to survive and continue the game. 

  • Tournaments:

The other mode of this game is about tournaments which means that there will be a battleground of a local type in every new chapter and you have to fight and win that battle in order to get some extra credits.

  • Secondary Mode:

This mode is to get more and more credits by fighting in order to buy new weapons and upgrading new kinds of equipment. 

  • Ascension:

This mode is for you to play and win to get rewards. These rewards are special and will help you in the game very much 

  • Special Mode:

This is a special mode that the game provides to the players. The special thing about this game is that it will be Underworld as well as eclipse. That means the opponent will be very powerful because of the provided environment. This environment makes the opponent more devilish and powerful in front of you.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk Unlimited everything

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk has everything in unlimited amounts. The layers will not feel any difficulty playing the game because everything is already unlocked in this apk version. They can choose whatever they want and play in the game with amazing 2d graphics.

  • Unlimited Money and coins
  • Unlimited titans
  • Unlimited weapons
  • 99 levels unlocked
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlimited shadow energy
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited power

Shadow Fight 2 Level max 52 nad level 99

Want to have all the max level 52 and max level 99 level unlocked ? Then you are at a perfect place because this mod apk will provide you with almost 99 unlocked levels. You can play whatever level you want. 

 Shadow Fight 2 all weapons and magic unlock

The apk version of this game allows the player to have all the weapons free even in the start of the game . This game permits the players to use the heavy and very upgraded weapons even in the starting levels as they all are unlocked. In the normal version , the player has to fight in different modes to get coins and gems and after getting these coins and gems he is able to buy the weapons but this version provides these weapons and coins for free. So, download this version to get access to all these weapons and coins.

Magic unlock? Obviously this game allows the player to use magic even in the start. This game is an apk version which means that almost everything will be free in this version. The player just has to choose and fight with the premium features .

Shadow Fight 2 Butcher and Blood Reaper

Butcher and Blood Reaper are the titans and characters of this game. These two are the most famous titans of this genre. These two Samurai are famous for their fighting skills and are well known among the Shadow Fight 2 players and are very hard to unlock but this version gives you a complete access to these characters. 

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats

This game can be played easily by the help of its cheat but these cheat are almost useless when you are playing Mod apk version cause they eventually give access to all the things without spending a single penny on them. 

Shadow Fight 2 Wallpaper

The wallpapers of Shadow Fight 2 are present in their best quality and you can easily download them. These wallpapers contain a shadow of a Samurai who is standing in a fighting position in a green battlefield. Seems like the battlefield is in a forest . This means that the game is actually thrilling because of the forest battlefield. 

Shadow Fight 2 Online 

You can play this game online with your friends and challenge them to a fight. Show off your amazing skills to your friend group and become a cool guy by wireless connection.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk New Updates

The Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk keeps on getting updated because of its new features and to keep it attached to the latest generations and up to date. These updates are always better than the previous ones. 

The update include

  • When you get in the first place you can collect many items or even all of the items . 
  • You can fix the bugs in the new version
  • In the new version there is the Son of the Heaven and Lunar New year
  • All the things got optimized, powerful and better than the previous version.

Shadow Fight 2 mod apk Titan

Titans in the mod apk version are unlocked. The apk version allows the player to choose whichever titan they want to play with and have fun in their own chosen level. This version will provide a lot of titans that have their own properties and different fighting styles.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Download 

You can easily download the mod apk version of this game from this page by following these steps

  • First , you have to click on the download button on this page
  • The file will start downloading
  •  Then enable the “Unknown Source “ from your device’s setting
  • Now click on the install button
  • Now the app will be successfully installed on your device and is ready to play by you.


Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing fighting game that allows the players to be more reflexive and thrilling and give them a perfect experience of a Ninja Samurai game. 

This game has amazing features like 2d graphics and unlimited money, gems, characters and 99 unlocked levels for the player to play and have fun online. Thanks for reading the article and get ready to play the best fighting game of this genre on your android devices.

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