Silent Castle MOD APK Download For Android

Silent Castle MOD APK Download For Android

Additional Information

App Name Silent Castle MOD APK Download For Android
Size 100M
Latest Version 1.3.10
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer BEP1C STUDIO
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
Get it On Google Play
Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Silent Castle MOD APK:

If you love to play horror and thrilling games, then you must try this game. In this application, you will get lots of horror adventures and mysteries. You can select the role for your character. It's your choice to play as a brave survivor or either as an evil soul reaper. If you want to play as a survivor, then you have to protect yourself as long as possible. Lock yourself in a protected room and set some traps to defeat the soul reaper. Build a strongly ironed door that cannot break by the soul reaper. 

On the other hand, you can also select the role of the evil soul reaper. Become the worst version of yourself and destroy everything that comes your way. There are lots of hidden secrets and mysteries in the castle. Try to unlock as many places as you can and discover more challenges. The graphics and color combination are so hooking and horrible. The interior of the castle is similar to the typical haunted house. You will certainly enjoy this game. Stay connected to get more about this application.

Silent Castle MOD APK


Multiplayer Mode:

Playing your favorite games with your real-life friend makes the gameplay more addictive and exciting. That’s why the developer of this game provides you to play with different online gamers as well as your buddies because of its multiplayer mode. Visit the silent and horror location of castles with your buddies and discover mysteries. Compete and beat the evil soul reaper together.

 Choose a bedroom close to your friend’s bedroom. In this way, you can compete together with the evil soul reaper in any period of the dark stormy night. It is a horror game full of suspense and exciting tasks. The funny and horror facial features of your enemies make it more addictive. The whole castle is full of dark and evil secrets. Your main task is to discover and solve the hidden mysteries and secrets of the castle. Be careful before taking any step, because there are so many evil spirits and traps spread everywhere. Upgrade and enhance your powers to compete with such types of supernatural evils. You can also get some magical powers to make your character more powerful than your enemy.

Silent Castle MOD APK

Traps and weapons:

As I mentioned above, there are lots of traps spread everywhere to take you down. But it also gives you the opportunity to set traps and hurdles in your enemy’s way. In this way, it will be difficult for your enemy to reach your room. Try to build a powerful ironed door for your room that cannot be broken by anyone. This act will prevent your enemy from killing you. 

Moreover, you can also purchase weapons and traps for the evil soul reaper. But you have to collect money in the currency of gold coins. Because gold coins are the only source of purchasing anything from the store. You won’t be able to get anything if you are running out of gold coins. After winning each challenge the algorithm of this game will automatically add gold coins to your ID. Feel free to purchase useful gadgets and weapons to beat your enemy.

You can also purchase gold coins by spending real money. But if you don’t want to waste your money on such types of expenditure, then its modded version is also available for you guys. The modified version of any app is basically a cracked version. That's why most modded versions are free of cost. It gives you all the paid features of the default version completely free of cost. You will find everything already unlocked in its modded version. Moreover, an infinite number of gold coins, gems, and diamonds are available for you. In this way, you can purchase anything directly from the store without any limitations. 

Choose your role:

It completely depends upon you either to play as an innocent survivor guy or an evil soul reaper. Both roles are too full of excitement and thrill. If you choose the role of a survivor, then you have to protect yourself from the soul reaper. Lock yourself in a protected room and start creating traps and weapons to beat the soul reaper. But if you want to play the role of the villain soul reaper, then you will be able to splash and destroy everything that gets in your way. Try to kill as many survivors as you can. You can make several upgrades and promotions if you do so. In simple words, both soul reapers and survivors are real players. You just have to select the role you want to play, and your gameplay will start. I suggest you try both the evil and survival modes. Discover your skills as a survivor or find out yourself in the worst and cruel character. 

Discover mysteries and Treasures:

The whole castle is filled with numerous mysteries and hidden treasures. Try to unlock as many locations of the castle as you can. There are thousands of mysteries to solve. By reaching a certain level, it will also give an interface for treasure hunting. You have to discover the treasure by following the map. But you have to face many traps, hurdles, and hassles to get the treasure box.

Silent Castle MOD APK

Unlimited Money and Gems:

As you know, this game is a paid application and involves premium features/game items. It also requires some amount of money as its subscription fee. Gold coins and Gems are the primary elements to purchase anything from its default version. That’s why you must have enough money and gems to unlock any useful gadget or weapon from the store. But you have to perform step-by-step tasks to collect coins. It may take too much time. But if you want to save your energy and time, then its modded version is highly recommended for this purpose. 

The modded version of this application offers you unlimited Money and gems through which you can get anything available in the store.


The standard version of this game may interrupt your gameplay with its irritating ads and sponsored videos. Because many software engineers intentionally allow ads to fulfill their marketing strategies. But its modded version does not allow any external or internal interference. Because ads and popup notifications can spoil all your suspense and the tempo of the gameplay. 

So, go and download its modded version to get rid of annoying and irritating ads.

Download Procedure:

Gently scroll up and click on the available download button. The download will start automatically after pressing that link. Tap the install option. Grant permission to an unknown Source if you find any warning message and that’s it.

Silent Castle


If you want to get this application without paying any amount of money, then try its modded version. The modified version of this application is completely free of cost. It provides each and every paid feature of the standard version without charging any amount of money.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try its latest modded version by clicking the above link. Share your reviews in the comment section.


Q. What is the latest version of this application?

The latest version of this application is 1.3.10. It was recently updated on 26 September 2022. The link to download its latest version is already given above.

Q. What is the download size required for this application?

It takes the storage of about 62.47MB in your android. However, the overall size of the app may increase by the accumulation of cache memory. It can be used on all types of androids above 3.

Q. Is this application available on the Google Play store?

Yes of course. Its standard version is available on the Google Play store. But the modded version does not exist on the play store because of third-party strategies. But you can access its free version directly from our website.

Q. Can I use this application on my iPhone?

Fortunately, the default version of this application can be installed directly from the App store. But the free version is still not available there. This opportunity is still limited to its android users. But Aliboo Studio will launch its free version for iOS soon.

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