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Sims is the most popular simulation game in the world. This game has gotten immense popularity since its initial release back in the day. Sims was basically a video game that later moved to PC and has released many versions, the latest being Sims 4.

Many people enjoy playing Sims but not everyone can carry around a PC everywhere they go or spend hours sitting on it. So, for those who want to play Sims mobile game, Sims FreePlay Mod APK is here.

The Sims FreePlay mod apk dpwnload free

Experience a total simulation experience as you join your cherished Sims in their own virtual world. Appreciate the world’s most well-known life simulation game with The Sims Freeplay right on your phone. 

Design your Sims, dress them up, build a house for, pick a job and follow each character in their very own life. Continue living with your Sims and experience cool stories as you play the game. 

Download Sims Freeplay Mod APK

Do you want to live a life away from this world on your own terms and according to your own want? Sims FreePlay APK will take you to a world where you can eat, sleep and play as much you like. Download this game today and see the magic for yourself! 

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NameSims FreePlay APK
Last updated2019-09-23
Size33 MB
DeveloperMaxis, Firemonkeys studios, EA Mobile, Blue Tongue Entertainment
CategoryFree Simulation GAME
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
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About Sims FreePlay APK 

Albeit, many of you have known and played the variants of this game for quite a while, there are those who don’t know what Sims is. Sims was first launched by the biggest game developer in the world, EA. The Sims Mobile is a game that simulates the day by day life of the character made by the player. 

You will play as a Sim in daily life, including working, taking an interest in social exercises, dating and more! Although made by players, the characters have various intriguing and realistic characteristics that bring a great deal of fun to the game. 

Gameplay – Make Your Own Sim 

Playing The Sims FreePlay, the principal thing you have to do is make a Sim which will be your primary character throughout the game. Players can modify the sex, body, face, skin and even the entire personality of the character. You can recreate your own image through your Sim or create a completely new imagined individual. 

You can choose from a wide range of dresses, accessories, facial features, and body types. For example, if your Sim is a sporty individual, then you can dress it in sportswear or tracksuits. Or on the other hand, in case your Sims is a Businessperson, at that point you can choose to dress it in a suit.

Different social activities are a huge part of the game. You can turn into a party kid, nerdy student or a socially awkward teen. You can also add tattoos and piercing to your Sims. In short, there are endless possibilities!   

Once you have designed your Sims, the next important thing to do is building a house for your Sim. Players get a specific measure of cash, which they can use to purchase building materials and afterward build the house from scratch however they like. To be honest, the cash provided in the game is barely enough to get everything you need to for the house. 

If you want to build a house exactly like your imagination, you need to get more. The easiest way to that is by getting a mod version of the game. You can get mods to upgrade different items in the game and get cash to buy expensive things. 

Sims FreePlay Mod APK will give you UNLIMITED money and gems! Therefore, you should download the Sims FreePlay APK for unlimited money. 

Features of Sims FreePlay APK 

Here you will discover all the energizing highlights that the game brings to the table: 

1. Choose the appearance of your Sim 

To begin with, you’ll have the choice to make your own Sim characters utilizing different features. Pick whatever sexual orientation you might want for your characters, even LGBT. Express your Sims as realistically as possible.  

Tweak your characters with unique facial characteristics including shape, size and color different features like face, chin, eyes, etc. You can even change the bone structures of your characters. Pick your ideal tallness and weight for your Sim and make any characters that you like.  

Moreover, the game additionally includes individual qualities and attributes for your characters. Pick the personality traits that you would need to have on your characters. 

2. Dresses 

What’s more, the individuals who love dressing up would enjoy The Sim Free Play and find it fun. That being stated, the portable simulation title even enables clients to pick their preferred garments between many various options. Wear a simple T-shirt and jeans in day to day life or glam up in a couture dress for a dazzling party.  

You can also add accessories, for example, caps, watches, shoes, glasses, hoops, etc. Indeed, you can even get your very own tattoo or nose rings if you like. Be what you need to be in The Sim Free Play.  

3. Build your House  

Carry on with your fantasy life and get your very own condo or a massive mansion. Assemble and structure your homes utilizing fluctuated modifying alternatives. You can design the construction plan and do everything from scratch. 

Use your imaginative abilities and pick the correct painting and ground surface for each room. Compose your furniture to coordinate your own topic. Hang excellent pictures and spot plants around the house to carry some life to it. Also, you can get your own pool on the terrace or over your home. Isn’t that cool? 

4. Enjoy a Virtual Life 

In The Sim Free Play, players will get their opportunities to live life on their terms. You can have a family life or live alone. Start by playing as a solitary character at that point get together with new individuals and have some great companions. Experience a few sentiments as you meet and connect with new people.  

Grow your family as you invite a child to the house. Join the mother and father in your Sim’s Pregnancy story. Experience all degree of feelings whether it is love, hatred, regret, anger or happiness. What’s more, toward the end, settle everything with a pleasant family get-together at the end of the week or perhaps take the entire family on a vacation!  

All in all, this is a super realistic game and you will be lost in the Sims world once you play it.   

5. Choose a Profession  

In this game, you can give your Sims a chance to pick any profession that you wish to seek after. Be an entertainer, doctor, legal counselor, singer, and even a gangster. Pick your professions and appreciate working in your dream occupations. Remain inspired and be a determined individual, the achievement will come to you soon.   

Mod Features 

Those who are searching for a total Sim experience would find the Sims Freeplay Mod APK very beneficial. Here, you will approach every one of the highlights on The Sim Free Play, and, get infinite cash to buy all that you need.  

Life has never been so amazing with this astonishing game. Play the game totally FREE on your cell phones without paying anything and avoid any limitation in the game.  The Sims Mod APK will give you: 

  • Unlimited Cash 
  • All dresses unlocked 
  • New physical characteristics 
  • Unlocked home goods 
  • Premium features Unlocked  


The Sims is known as the best life simulation game on account of the gameplay as well as due to its practically stunning graphics. Real 3D pictures, sharp colors and little details are very well structured.  

Plus, the climate impacts and overall settings are very realistic. From spring, summer, autumn, and winter you will face all weather conditions as you progress through the game. You will also celebrate the festivities that each season brings. 

Download and Install Sims FreePlay APK on Android Phone 

You can download Sims Freeplay on Google Play Store for Free but you will not get the additional features. To enjoy the game at its full potential download the mod version of the game.  

Now follow the instructions as mentioned below to get Sims FreePlay APK Unlimited Money. 

  • Instructions 
  1. Download File: Download the APK file from the internet making sure that there is sufficient internal storage on your device. 
  2. Open File: Move to the “Downloads” folder and search for the download APK file of Sims FreePlay APK. 
  3. Install: Install the app giving it all the permissions it requires to install and operate in the device correctly.
  4. Run app: Run the app without the internet for the first time and close once loaded.
  5. Restart: Now, you can restart the app with an internet connection turned on.
  6. Play: That is it! Now you can play Sims FreePlay with unlimited money and unlocked features on your phone without any limitations! 


The Sim Free Play offers amazing simulation gameplay that you won’t effortlessly discover on most Android games. Also, particularly with The Sims FreePlay MOD APK, you will enjoy the game to the next level.  

Download Sims FreePlay APK and live a peaceful life away from all the hustle and bustle of the real world. 

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