Siren Head Survival Forest APK

Siren Head Survival Forest APK

Additional Information

App Name Siren Head Survival Forest APK
Size 52.3MB
Latest Version 1.3.39
MOD Features Free
Developer Lotus Games Studios
Content Rating 7+ (Fear)
Requires Android 6.0 and Above
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Update August 15, 2023 (10 months ago)
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If you enjoy horror-related experiences more than anything in the world then you must install the latest version of the Siren Head Survival Forest APK, a horror-based game that is famous among the masses. In this game, the spooky sounds from the haunted forest will take your soul away for a while. The unique horror-based gameplay, spooky sounds, and graphics, plots & twists, the passion to kill the monster, the user-friendly app's interface, and the suspense are the key factors for the success of this gaming app. 


A Brief Minutiae Of This Scary App

The main theme of this game is the scary situation in which the player is trapped and now trying to get out of it. A small village that is located near a scary forest, is terrorized by a creepy creature named Siren Head. This monstrous creature does not like humans and it is always hunting humans in the nearest villages.

One day a group of friends went to the spooky forest for camping and they made a camp outside of a cave. A specific mission was assigned to everyone, the player (you) had to bring firewood to lighten the fire.

However, when the player came back after accomplishing the task, his friends were gone. "Siren head must have taken them", this is the only thought that came to the mind of the player. Now the player's mission is to find his friends, save himself from the monstrous creature, and send a message to the troops to save him and his friends.

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Features Overview

Horror Based GamePlay

This scary game is known for its unique gameplay and scary night theme. The player has complete control of movement by using the joypad. Joypad allows the player to navigate in all directions and stop wherever he wants to. I hope you have downloaded the Awakening Horror 1-5 Mod Apk. You can indulge yourself in the world of dragons, goblins, and ghosts.

Siren Head - Save Yourself


This app has 3D Graphics that are of an exceptional level. Although the game is based on a night theme, however, all the visuals are crystal clear and of high quality. The visual representation of the characters and tasks will let you hold your breath for a few seconds.

The color theme, a pinch of texture, text representation, and overall game theme are all involved in this game's success. The overall look of the monster increases the terror in people who have faced him personally. The monster has two sirens in the place of its head and a tall & thin body that looks terrifying.

Siren Head - Runaway

Sounds & Music

The realistic sounds and music will scare your soul away. A siren music is played whenever the monster comes. Whenever the player moves a specific sound is played and that sound stops on the stopping of the player. These sounds increase the scary element of the game. 

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Offline Access

You must have an internet connection while downloading the game, however, you don't always need a wifi connection to play this game. This game can be played offline without the internet. You can get access to all the game features without an internet connection.

Siren Head - Joypad

Strong Plot

The game has an appealing effect of a strong storyline, twists, and plots. The assigned tasks are simple and easy yet difficult to manage because of the presence of the monster. The player must not be caught up by the monster and save his life while accomplishing the given tasks. Moreover, you can also install another enthusiastic game named Horror Brawl APK. In this game, the player has to kill enemies by participating in horror-based battles.

Siren Head - His Territory

Text Appearance

The tasks are assigned in the form of text and when the player accomplishes his assigned tasks, he is informed about the successful accomplishment in the form of text too. Text is displayed in white color with a back and golden background. This color scheme highlights the written text from a dark background.

Siren Head - Don_t Get Caught

Newly Updated Features

  • Adjustable UI layout anchors for different screen resolutions.
  • Additional Sensor in the settings panel.
  • The Sprint button now contains a newly added stamina bar.
  • Improved interaction with the environment and physical objects that can be picked up.
  • A lot of small details are added that highlight certain features from the background such as; the written text, characters, and the environmental objects that needed to be picked up.

Installation Guide

If you want to install this version of this scary app, you must follow the guide that is mentioned below;

Step 1: To begin with the installation process, tap on the "Download" option mentioned on this web page to patiently download and install this learning app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Then navigate to the "Settings" option on your device.

Step 3: Tap the icon "Allow installation from unknown resources".

Step 4: Then proceed further to complete the installation of the app that you have previously downloaded on your smartphone.

Step 5: In the next step, finish setting the settings of the installed app.

Step 6: Once you have completed all the above steps, the installation will be accomplished.

Step 7: Enjoy this free-of-cost game and save your friends from the monster.

Game Requirements 

  1. This app can work on rooted and non-rooted devices as well.
  2. You must have an uninterrupted wifi connection to download it.
  3. If you are downloading the app on your cellular data and it is taking a million hours to download the app, you must switch to the wifi connection to increase the downloading speed. (Sometimes mobile data doesn't work properly at certain places).
  4. If you don't have enough storage then the game will not be downloaded until you clear some storage.
  5. Don't uninstall the previous versions before downloading the updated versions otherwise, you will lose your precious data.
  6. Your Android software must be updated before downloading the game on your device otherwise it will not work properly.

Final Abstract

You can enjoy the scary gaming app Siren Head Survival Forest APK, by downloading it free of any cost from our website. In this app, you have to be prepared to confront a monstrous creature that doesn't have a face but two sirens in place of a head. This creature hunts humans and kills them, you must kill it before it kills you or your friends.


Q. Why is the download speed slow?

There must be a problem with your internet connection. Check the Internet speed, and bandwidth, or switch from wifi to cellular data or cellular data to wifi to increase the downloading speed. If your problem is not solved even after doing all these steps, contact our webmasters.

Q. How to update an APK File without losing the data?

Just don't uninstall the previous versions. If you do so, you will not receive any updates.

Q. Is there any difference between this new version and the old version that I already have?

Yes, certain new features are added in this version such as; adjustability to various screens, stamina bar in the sprint button, updated UI layouts, and improved interactions.

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