Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK Unlimited Money

Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK Unlimited Money
Size 66 MB
Latest Version 6.2.17
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer TutoTOONS
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Are you a struggling mother who finds it hard to entertain her toddler? Do you want to own a pet, but your parents are too strict to allow it? Are you a student living away from your family, feeling alone all the time but cannot afford to bear the expense of a pet? Well, I have some good news for you.

Smolsies is a world of cute creatures where you can have your virtual pet. The bonus point is that there is no limit! Yes, you heard right. It’s a world where you can have as many pets as you like.

This game is a super simple and uncomplicated app to use, a house where your new adorable virtual pets live, as sweet as sugar they are!

 The game starts with one egg that hatches, and your first friend comes out. As the games begin, you have only one pet, and your first job is to take care of that small fluffy creature. It is easy to take care of one pet, play with it, feed it with favorite food, and put it to bed. With every chore you do, the game will reward you with coins. You can buy more eggs with coins, play more games and buy other house accessories to entertain your pet. It is easy to take care of one pet but to take care of many different pets, you need to be more focused. Look after them and watch them grow even cuter.

Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK

The graphics of the game is another treat to watch. The house, animals, plants, games, and furniture, looks super adorable.

The game is simple to play, and even a kid can play easily. Some features of the game include: hatching from the egg, keeping your pet clean, taking care of your pet, making their wishes come true, feeding your little animal, playing fun games with it, merging, and getting a new egg.

Hatch from the egg

The fun begins with hatching the egg. With a satisfying sound of a crack, the egg breaks, leaving the user in suspense about what's in it. But taking no time, a cute and tiny ball of fluff comes out. You can blame the graphics for the extra cuteness of baby pets, it is understandable :>

Now you have your very own baby pet, let’s say it is a kitten. The upbringing of baby pets is now your responsibility. 

The surprising fact is that this game comes with many different pets. Nobody says “too many” when it comes to pets, right? You can unlock and buy new eggs with the coin you earn as the game progresses. You can collect as many as 15 pets in this game. Sounds exciting? IKR.  You can have cats, dogs, baby elephants, unicorns, zebras, goats, unicorn cats, bunnies, bears, pandas, hamsters, horses, dragons, and more.  You can watch these cute creatures interacting and talking with each other. Their soft voices are too adorable to bear. You can play and feed your pet as you like.

Keep The Smolsies Clean

The pets like to live in a clean environment. And as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to help your little friend clean and ensure their house is tidy. The game rewards you for keeping the house clean and doing house chores. Baby pets like to play, move around and make a mess in their home, and without cleaning the house from time to time, the mess may get out of hand. House chores include cleaning the playing area, couches, and living room of your cute pet’s house. It’s a simple task, and you can earn more coins with every cleaning. The coins will help you unlock more features of the game. Maybe you like this similar game Which Youth-Friendly apk.

Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK

Feed Your Little Friend

The baby pet requires love, but in order to survive, it can not solely depend on love, right? You also have to feed baby pets from time to time. The game provides you with two options milk and a meal. You can access these features by clicking on the milk bottle and bowl of snack “signs” at the top right hand of the screen. When baby pets want food, they’ll ask you by the sign over their head representing either milk or food, as per their need. Make sure you fulfill their need timely. It is easy to take care of one pet, but as the game progresses, you’ll have to take care of different pets, satisfying their needs. As they say, being a pet mom is not easy, but the process itself is rewarding.

Tuck Them in Bed

It's very satisfying watching your cute virtual pet falling asleep. These adorable creatures love fun activities, and as you play, you’ll see how much they love jumping and messing around. Because of all these activities, your cute fellows need a nap break to regain their strength to make more mess. When they need to sleep, they jump into their bed and close their eyes. And the cutest fact is that a 30-second nap break is enough for this bubble of fluffs to recharge their energy. So cute, right?

Make Their Wishes Come True

The pets live in an adorable world. As the game begins, you become the manager of all the actions and activities occurring in that world. The app gives its user all the control, so the happiness of your little animals is in your hands. You make all the changes in their life, you decide the time to play, sleep and eat. So, ensure you keep your little puppies happy and healthy by fulfilling their needs and wishes. So don't be mean, okay?

Play Fun Games:

You can play a mini-game full of fun and excitement with your pets. The game allows users to play different games with their pets including jumping, basketball, playing with colors, and postcard designing. You can score higher and beat the past highest score in the games. In the beginning, you can play classic games like jumping from block to block, collecting coins along the way, and winning the surprise gift at the top block. As you progress in the game, you unlock other game options like basketball and coloring, which is super fun and rewarding at the same time.

Collect Coins to Unlock More Features

The game provides many opportunities for its user to earn rewards, at different stages of the game. It is simple and fun to get coins for your pets. You can earn rewards by cleaning the house, feeding your pet, and playing games. These coins are super beneficial in-game, you can buy more eggs, unlock more games and buy more accessories and toys for your pets. You can also collect all 15 cute and soft pets. With coins, you can get house accessories and toys for your pet babies, such as slides, trampolines, a ball pit, and more fun toys.

Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK

Magical Pet Merging Machine:

Here comes another exciting part! You can put two pets, or any of your favorite pets in pet merging matching, and Tada!  A new egg with a unique pet inside is waiting for you. These eggs contain new pets in terms of their color, designs, and their species.

Popular Among Toddlers:

Kids, toddlers, boys, and girls found this game very interesting. Parents find their kids very invested in their new pets, experimenting with smolsies to create new and unique characters. Playing different games with different pets is also very entertaining for kids. This app is free and easy to use, which makes it more convenient for parents to get their kids to play this game. Different characters attract the kids into playing. 

Positive Effects on Mind:

The app is also very effective to reduce stress and anxiety. Watching cute creatures from the point of hatching eggs to them, all grown up.  It has a relaxing effect on the human body and helps to calm down in stressful situations. In the age of technology, we are all exposed to all kinds of content. But some of these contents is unhealthy for our minds, so it’s important to detoxify our mind from time to time. Consuming content, like smolsies can help your mind detangle and relax.

How to download this game?

It is very easy to download the modified version of this app. The process of downloading is fairly simple and costless. You can download this game with all features unlocked from our website. To download this game simply follow the instructions given below;

  1. Firstly, press the “Download” button to download the APK file of this game, provided at the top of this web page.
  2. After that, install the game on your device by clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. Lastly, allow “unknown sources” if any message appears on the screen.

The app is now downloaded to your device. It is a perfect combination of cuteness and excitement, enjoy playing with your new pets. 

Smolsies - My Cute Pet House MOD APK

Final Thoughts

The game is a simple and informative app for toddlers and kids as they learn new objects and their use when playing games. The game contains amazing graphics which leave users mesmerized, the colors, and design of the game and its characters, easily attract the attention of toddlers and kids. They find different pets, moving and jumping around, very exciting! Which helps their moms a great deal of rest and relief as they can do their chores. Taking care of cute creatures like puppies, kittens, unicorns, and baby elephants helps us to develop a bond with these virtual pets. And ensuring their needs are satisfied, including, sleep, food and games can help us to feel a connection with them.  It is like taking care of friends.


Q. Is the game free to play?

Yes, this game is free to download and play. However, if you want to access all features, you have to purchase, such as unlimited coins, mini-games unlocked and all pets unlocked.

Q. How to get the full version of this game for free?

it is very simple. You can download the modified version of this game from our website containing all features unlock, including unlimited coins, new pet characters, and access to all mini-games.

Q. Is it safe to download?

Yes, the unlocked version available on our website is 100% safe to download as we have scanned and tested it for all kinds of viruses before sharing here. During the scan, no virus or malware was found in this APK file.

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