Soccer Battle MOD APK Unlimited Money, Unlocked

Soccer Battle MOD APK Unlimited Money, Unlocked

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App Name Soccer Battle MOD APK Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Size 102 MB
Latest Version 1.42.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer DoubleTap Software
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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Soccer Battle MOD APK, Published by DoubleTap software, is a brand-new and modern competitive football game with the added physical simulation engine effect that gives players a pleasant and exciting experience. This 3v3  game is a compelling sports game for Android users and it is based on teamwork. The fun part is that you can enjoy your free time by playing it with your friends. By making your friends the teammates. This game is a free purchase and you can unlock new characters by winning tournaments.

Unlike traditional football which is based on 2 teams and each team contains 11 players battling against each other, this game has been modified and made easy containing only 3 players on each team battling against each other. This amazing feature will help you to team up with your friends be more focused, and coordinate to hit the field.

Soccer Battle MOD APK

Features of Soccer Battle MOD APK

The astounding features of this game are as below;

Game mode

You can play this game only in online mode and it is free to download. All you have to do is to select the players for your team and score the goal by passing, trapping, dribbling, and shooting with great precision. So as a teamwork game, it will also teach you the importance of coordination. Just like a traditional football game, the victory of this game is also based on teamwork, coordination, and better understanding between the players. 

Match Duration

Each match will be completed in 3 minutes. So the fate will be decided in just 3 minutes. The team which has scored more goals in the given time will win the battle. By winning more tournaments new characters will be unlocked, and you can choose them as players. Maybe you like this similar game First touch soccer 2021 APK.

Soccer Battle MOD APK


The most enthralling fact is that there are no specific rules entitled to this game. Even there is no fixed position for the goalkeeper. All you have to do is to target for a goal or pass the ball to the other players of your team. There is no specific fence that can separate the field from the boundary if the ball moves toward the fence it will bounce back you have to be actively attentive to take the ball as it bounces back, and pass it to your other teammates.


This game has an amazing color theme with bright and vibrant spellbinding colors that will fully grab your attention. Though the field’s view is top-down it's easy to identify each player. The bright-colored environment suits the game’s overall combat theme. The battlefield is small as compared to classic football games but you can easily recognize each player by their unique identity.


This game has amazing sounds. The applause of the audience, their hootings, the specific sounds of fireworks and their graphics, and the commentator's voice will give you real-world experience. You can hear specific sounds when you hit the ball and score the goal.

How to play the game?

Easy Gameplay 

At the start of each match in the game, players are arranged with two teammates. There is no specific location assigned to the players. There are two simulation buttons on the screen. The left simulation button which is blue in color is to control your player by slowly swiping toward the right corner of the screen. This button will help to kick and steal the ball from other teammates. Use these key buttons to control the player’s movement and speed. 

Soccer Battle MOD APK

The player with the white circle around its foot is you and the players with the blue circle are our team members. The players with red colored circles around them are your opponents. So there will be 3 players with the red circle and 2 with the blue circle and you. The game is based on a bird’s eye view, showing the field from the top to bottom and the colored circles identify specific players. Each player’s name will be shown on top of it. Players will always face the direction of the ball. 

Score the goal

Teamwork is all it needs. Try your best to avoid any chances of your opponents taking the ball and scoring a goal. By continuously chasing the ball and passing it to other team members when they are close to the goal area your chances of scoring the goal are increased. When the ball is in a specific area a white line will appear that symbolizes the ball's path. The secret to scoring a goal is, if you are at distance from the goal area then the best choice is to pass the ball to the nearest member of your team so your opponent’s chance can be missed and your team can score the goal to win the tournament.

How to download it?

You can download the latest version of this game from our website as this game is available for free. If you want to download it on your android device, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Download this game by pressing the “Download” button provided on this web page.
  2. After that, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.

After completing the installation, enjoy the most enthralling game with your friends and get real-world experience.

Soccer Battle MOD APK

Final thoughts 

Soccer Battle MOD APK is an addictive and free football game for Android. In this game, you can team up with your friends and play against the opponent's team. By being proactive and agile you can win tournaments and unlock new characters. It is a very easy and simple game as it consists of just 6 players with players 3 on each team. the match only lasts 3 minutes so it does not take very much time to complete the tournament. 

You can be a winner in just a few minutes. Isn’t it interesting a classic game is being modified into a simple and easy game to enjoy with your friends?

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