Sonic Forces Mod APK All Characters Unlock

Sonic Forces Mod APK All Characters Unlock

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App Name Sonic Forces Mod APK All Characters Unlock
Size 184MB
Latest Version 4.7.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer SEGA
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Sonic Forces Mod APK

Sonic Forces is the advanced and updated version of the classic game Sonic Hedgehog which we all grew up playing on our PC. In this game you will relive all your childhood memories of playing this game and can enjoy an amazing yet simple gameplay. This game has 38 characters with different powers and skills which you can use to play your game in a better way. Sonic Forces is basically a racing game where you compete with other characters and try to be the first one to win the race. But this is not merely a racing game, you have to defend yourself from the attacks of your opponents and pass through all the hurdles coming in your way very wisely. So keeping all these things in mind, this game is given the category of battle-racing. Because along with running, you will attack your opponents and defend yourself from them which gives the illusion of a battlefield as well.

 In this game you will run along a chosen path and collect golden rings coming in your way to get points. These points will help you to unlock different attacking weapons and can also increase your speed. You can also earn different tactics like long jumps and flying power with these earned points. So you need to be very active while playing Sonic Forces as it requires multi tasking. You have to run along a pathway, attack your enemies, defend yourself from your enemies and collect points at the same time. A classic yet colorful gaming experience is waiting for you in Sonic Forces. You can choose characters like HedgeHog, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow or many more depending upon whose powers you like the most. If you are not satisfied with already present characters then you can even customize a complete character of your own. Your character will have looks, powers and skills of your choice.

Now if we talk about the gameplay of Sonic Forces, it is a simple and easy game where you just need to run along a path by simply swiping on the screen and action buttons are there which you can simply use to hit or defend. The main thing which needs to be focussed is the collection of points. Because your powers will be restricted until or unless you have required a number of points to unlock them. But collection of points is important if you are playing the original or official version of the game. If you want to get rid of all worries of unlocking and restrictions, we have a solution for you.

Sonic Forces Mod APK is the cracked version of this game which is the best alternative solution for all the players. It not only contains all the amazing features of the original version but also offers some additional perks to its users. You can get unlimited points in Mod APK and all premium features are unlocked so you don’t need to worry about how much time will be required for unlocking these features. Mod APK lets you free of all the worries of earning points and other features so that you can enjoy your game.

Sonic Forces Mod APK

Sonic Forces Gameplay

You may have experienced many racing games and you are now bored of them and want to try something new. So we suggest Sonic Forces because it is not just a racing game, rather it has different features. You would have never heard of action and racing in the same game but Sonic Forces is a game of such type. You not only have to compete in terms of racing with your enemies but you can also attack the opponents ahead of you. You can create multiple hurdles in their pathway and in turn, they can also attack you. So you need to defend yourself as well. So this is a beetle based racing game where attacks, defense, weapons, hurdles and damages are experienced.

Sonic Forces All Characters

There are almost 46 characters in the updated and latest version of Sonic Forces. You will get 3 characters unlocked at start but you can unlock other characters by earning points in the game. Every character has its own specifications and powers You can choose a character of your choice depending on your priorities of their powers and skills. You can even create a character of your unique power and skills and get a customized one. Here are a few important characters of Sonic Forces.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Avatar
  • Resistance
  • Infinite
  • EggMan

Sonic Forces Mod APK All Characters Unlocked

This game provides you with 38 characters who have variant powers and abilities. You can choose your favorite character and enjoy your game by controlling the action of your character to make him win. But, you need to unlock these characters by earning points. At first, you will only have a HedgeHog which will help you earn points by running and collecting rings. You can then use those points to unlock other characters. In case of Md APK you can even start your first game with your favorite character as all the characters are already unlocked and you don’t have to wait for your favorite character to get unlocked.

Sonic Forces Mod APK Latest Version/ Update

Constant updates are required by apps or games to be in this competitive pool of newly released games. The developers are constantly getting feedback so that they can fix an issue faced by the users. If we look at all versions of a certain game, we can clearly see evolution and improvement in characters and features. But some people are more comfortable with older versions as new versions are not tested practically or repeatedly. So there might be minor chances of bugs or errors in the new versions. The latest version of Sonic Forces Mod APK was released on 19 July, 2022 with the version 4.7.0. You need to have an empty space of 181MB in order to download this game on your phone.

Sonic Forces Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The main purpose of every player is to enjoy himself while playing the game and to get higher ranks in that particular game. For this purpose, multiple aspects are required which help the player to become a pro in his favorite game. IF everything is already unlocked in your game, then you can achieve success in a much shorter period. In Mod APK money, points and weapons are unlocked and unlimited.

Sonic Forces Unlimited Money

In Sonic Forces you can earn money by collecting points and by winning levels. This earned money can afterwards be used to get more updated weapons which can be more harmful for your competitors. You can even get a customized character or character of your choice with this money. In Sonic Forces Mod APK you will have unlimited money so you just  need to focus on running and saving yourself from opponent’s attacks.

Sonic Forces System Requirements

Every game has its own requirements regarding which version of phone’s software supports the running of this game and how much free storage is required to download this game on your device. So Sonic Forces also has its requirements regarding your device which should be fulfilled otherwise you cannot enjoy this game on your phone.  This game requires Android 4.0 or above and you should have 181 MB free space in your phone.

Sonic Forces Cheats

Cheats are tactics or additional tasks which are performed  by the players in order to get houses, extra rewards or to earn additional points. For example, 

  • In the case of Sonic Hedge you can get free red rings by continuously checking for the loot chests which will appear in the game after every four hours. 
  • You can also activate the Super Sonic by using 50 points and then tapping on the jump button for two times. 

You can get cheat codes from different websites which are continuously uploading all the updates, hacks and cheat codes about Sonic Forces. But if you don’t want to waste your energy in doing so, you can get Mod APK where everything will be unlocked and unlimited and no cheats will be required.

Sonic Forces Logo 

Logo is the first impression of any app or game on the viewers which gives them the basic idea behind the game. Logo should be simple and clear enough that the viewers get the concept at first glance. Sonic Forces comprises a metal logo which consists of ‘Sonic Forces’ written in the form of text. At some places, the logo of this game may consist of the comic characters used in this game such as Sonic The Hedgehog or Avatar.

Sonic Forces Review

Sonic Forces is receiving mixed reviews as some peop;e are liking it while some are not much impressed by this game. This game has an overall rating of 3.5 stars which is an average rating. Depending on the feedback and reviews, we have concluded that this might be a fun game for kids or teenagers but it failed in getting a huge fan base.

Sonic Forces Mod APK Download

Sonic Forces gives you the best gaming experience through amazing graphics, features and scenes. This can be one of the best games that can be your best friend in your boring or spare time. Now if you want to download the original version of Sonic Forces then it will be easily available on Google Play or Apple Store.

  •  You simply need to open your Store and search for Sonic Forces. 
  • Click on the download button and wait till the game is downloaded.
  • Now tap on the install button and enjoy your game.

 But if you are looking for something more premium and free then you should go for the Mod APK of this game which will have additional features as well. The process for downloading Mod APK is a bit different but is still very easy and simple. Mentioned below are steps that you can follow to install the Mod APK of Sonic Forces.

  1. First of all, you need to download an APK file on your phone. The APK file supports the downloading of Mod.
  2. Now open the file manager to give your APK file a specific location.
  3. You can download Sonic Forces APK from the given link.
  4. Now allow unknown sources because the Mod APK is released by a third party.
  5. Install your favorite game and enjoy playing it.

Sonic Forces Release date

Sonic Forces was released on 7 November, 2017 and since then developers are making all updates and fixes to provide their users an amazing experience. This version was released for XBox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

Sonic Forces Trailer 

In order to attract users and get attention, the trailer of Sonic Forces was released on 22 September, 2022 which was liked by thousands of people and it gave people the idea of how their gaming experience will be and which amazing features are included in the game.

Sonic Forces


Q. What is Sonic Forces Mod APK?

Sonic Forces Mod APK is the cracked version of this game which has all the premium features and characters unlocked for free.

Q. Is Shadow available in Sonic Forces?

Yes, Sonic Forces gives you the benefit of playing as a shadow which most of the games don’t allow.

Q. Will there be another Sonic Forces game?

Yes, another version of this game called Sonic Frontiers is expected to be released in 2022 which is this year.

Q. Is Sonic Forces available on mobile?

Yes, Sonic Forces is available for all Android and iOS devices.

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