Sonic Mania APK + Mod Download Android Full Game

Sonic Mania APK + Mod Download Android Full Game

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App Name Sonic Mania APK + Mod Download Android Full Game
Size 12MB
Latest Version 1.0b
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Editor's Choice, SEGA,
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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If you are someone who loves the games from the Sonic series and want to experience an improved version of the game then this gaming application is surely for you.

Sonic Mania APK Gameplay

This game is an interesting arcade game that displays a thrilling storyline. In this game, the player has to build and create new homes on newly discovered stunning islands. Moreover, you also have to establish your lifestyle on these islands.

This game is basically an extension of the older version. All the characters in the newly launched game are the same but one can also enjoy some new features of the game too.

The game starts with the characters who are in search of energy resources while there are also cruel enemies who are constantly in the mood of seizing the island. These enemies are egg robots.

One of the leading characters called Phantom Rubby helps other characters to save the island from egg robots. 

The game is quite amazing and thrilling with an epic storyline. Moreover, the 3D game has attracted players even more.

Sonic Mania APK

Download the application now and feel free to enjoy various unlocked sonic modes in the game by completing interesting yet thrilling sonic missions in the game.

Features of the game

There are many games from the sonic series but all the previous games are available in 2D visuals. The 2D visuals are not enough to satisfy the cravings of the gamers hence this new edition of the game in series is providing high-quality 3D visuals which will enhance the fun and thrill of the game.

Some of the features of the game are as follows :

Graphics and Background sound effects.

In this game, the players can enjoy the game to its maximum level as the visuals and graphics are highly integrated providing the best experience to the gamers. One can easily understand the high-quality software being used in the development of the game. Maybe you like this similar game Jackal Squad Mod APK.

Moreover, the sound effects are quite realistic in the game. Playing the game by turning on the sound effects will make the experience of the gamers more stunning and thrilling.

Download the application and dive into the amazing features of the game from the Sonic series.

Customize your characters.

This game is all fun as there are many fascinating characters in the game. These characters are very alluring making the gameplay more eye-catching.

These characters are unique in their own way as each character has different skills, powers, fighting styles, and other features.

There are many premium characters available in the game which are present in locked form. You can unlock these characters by doing some in-app purchases with the help of earned virtual money.

Totally customize your characters and enjoy the game in a very entertaining way.

Not so difficult levels.

The game is quite interesting as all the levels of the game are very easy to handle. 

Usually, action games in which there is a fight against enemies are difficult and complicated. And one needs to practice for hours to overcome those difficulties in the game. But that is not the case with this game, as all the levels are very easy on the mind. One can play the game with an easy mind, achieving peaceful and relaxed vibes from the game.

Different gaming modes.

There are many different yet unique gaming modes available in the game. Some of the gaming modes are time attack mode and encore mode.

All these modes require different tactics to complete the levels in these modes.

Sonic Mania APK

But we will recommend you first unlock all the characters in the game so that you can easily use all the powers and skills of the characters against the enemies. Utilize these unlocked characters in these complicated gaming modes to achieve success in the game.

Play Online in the game.

The game also offers the players to make friends online and then play the game against them. Download the application and enjoy a healthy competition with your friends and show your creative skills to them.

Earn rewards.

The main goal of the player is to defeat and kill the enemies so that they can regain their hold over the island.

To defeat your enemies, you have to be highly skillful and powerful. Show your tactics against them and make them lose the game. In this way, you will be able to earn rewards or virtual money. Then this virtual can also be used to unlock the premium features of the application too.

The latest version of the game.

The latest version of the game is 1.0 which offers some updated features to the players. These updated features are amazing enough to make the game more exciting for the players. The updated features of the game are as follows :

  • A worldwide leaderboard is added to the game so that you can mark your victory on the board to show off your skills in front of the world.
  • Although the game is already very easy, in the latest version, one can enjoy more easy levels of the game so that players can easily play the game and don't think about quitting the game.
  • New and stunning landscapes are added to the game so that gamers can enjoy the game more.
  • The application has been made safe and secure so that gamers can easily download the application without giving a thought about the safety of the device.

Online Game.

This game can only be played online. With a presence of good quality internet connection, you can enjoy the game with its unique and distinctive gameplay.

Fast pace.

The game is distinctive in its features as it provides the option of fast pace to the users. Now you can enjoy the game at a very high speed but in case, you don't enjoy the game at high speed, you can also adjust the speed of the game to the fullest.

How to Download

The game is available for Android, PC, and IOS devices.

In order to download the application on your android devices, you just need to click on the given clickbait and download the application.

The process will hardly take a few seconds to work.

How to download on a PC.

This gaming application can also be enjoyed on a PC. To download the application on your PC, you just need to search for the application and download it from Microsoft word.

Enjoy the game in a more comfortable zone with the provision of a bigger screen, enhancing the fun of the game even more.

Pass your lazy weekends with this amazing game having stunning features which can make your weekends a bit exciting.

Sonic Mania APK

How to download on IOS devices.

The application can easily be downloaded on your IOS devices by going to the Apple store. Search the application there and download it for free, without the need to pay any charges for it.

No verification is needed

On this application, there is no need to verify yourself while entering the application after downloading it.

Enjoy the straightforward method of using the application and indulge yourself in the interesting gameplay of the application.

Release date of the application.

The release date of the application is 1st week of February 2021.

Review of the application.

Sega developers have provided gamers with the new version of the game due to its amazing feedback for the older versions.

This application is quite popular as it has gained 8.7 out of 10 stars. 

Some of the reviews of the game are as follows :

  1. I am literally enjoying the older zones of the game with the new exciting tricks, says John.
  2. The new version is all set to fulfill your cravings, this one is totally recommended, says Annie
  3. The only issue I faced in the latest version of the game is the presence of little speed bumps in the game. Apart from that, this game will give you the vibes of all the games from the Sonic series.

Trailer of the game.

Sega has proudly presented the best game from the series of sonic games.

The trailer of the game is quite funky, showing all the basics of the game.

From the trailer, one can access the amazing storyline and features of the application.

Icon of the game.

The icon or logo of the game is quite attractive with all the bright colors. The icon showcases three characters of the game with exciting expressions on their faces.

System requirements.

This gaming application is available for Android devices, IOS devices, and PC.

In the case of android devices, the requirement to install the application is 4.0 and above.

In the case of IOS devices, the requirement to install the application is IOS 10 and above.

In the case of a PC, the requirement to install the application is a PC having windows 7, 8, and 10.

Cheats for the game.

There are many websites that provide proper cheats for the game so that the players will not face any difficulty while playing the game.

The applications are available by the name of the cheats. The latest version of the cheat application is 1.0.0

The developer of the cheat application is Shizuka Pro-GameGuide Inc.

You can easily download the cheat application from the internet.

Cheat Codes.

Some of the cheat codes of the game are given as follows :

  • 2-0-1-8-0-6-2-3 is for Force Enforce Mode.
  • 9-0-0-1 is for dropdash, peelout, and instashield.
  • 1-9-7-9-0-8-1-1 is for changing all the animals into squirrels.
  • 4-1-2-6 is for getting all the emeralds.
  • 1-9-9-2-1-1-2-4 is for getting infinite continues.
  • 1-9-7-9-0-8-1-1 is for getting unlocked everything for part 1.
  • 1-9-8-9-0-5-0-1 is for getting unlocked everything for part 2.
  • 0-0-0-0-6-2-1-4 is for turning off super music.

Maps are available in the game.

There are many level maps available in the gameplay to enjoy. These maps have extensive regions and zones which are the green hill zone, Studiopolis zone, chemical plant zone, flying battery zone, stardust speedway zone, Press Garden Zone, hydro city zone, mirage salon zone, lava reef zone, oil ocean zone,  titanic monarch zone, metallic madness zone, egg reverie zone, angel island zone, and blue spheres.

All these zones are available in mania mode, encore mode, and bonus stages.

Sonic Mania APK


The final verdict of the application is that this application is crazy enough to make your boring life a bit happening. With its amazing and stunning features, one can enjoy an interesting storyline while overcoming all the obstacles in the game and defeating the opponents in the game.

Download the application in its latest version from our website and feel free to indulge yourself in the gameplay, if you are already a sonic games lover.


Q. What is the file size of this application?

The file size of this application is 110 Mb.

Q. What is the latest version of this application?

The latest version of this application is 1.0

Q. Is this application free to install?

Yes, this application is totally free to install.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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