Speak And Translate Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Speak and Translate Mod Apk premium Unlocked

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App Name Speak and Translate Mod Apk premium Unlocked
Size 28 MB
Latest Version 7.1.5
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Innovative World
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 09, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Speak and Translate

You need help understanding languages or find translating phrases written in your language difficult. By using the Speak and Translate application, you can make it easy for yourself to translate any language in the world. Even if you do not understand the written words, you can understand the sentence's meaning by scanning it, which provides an opportunity for interpretation. This application uses voice-to-voice translation, text-to-text translation of any paragraph, and voice-to-text for any penalty. 

So that you will not be embarrassed in front of anyone even though you can find out the meaning of your words by speaking here. Apart from this, it can be used as a considerable dictionary and can be used as an audio translation of any language. If you have a language you do not understand but also need to know about Thai paragraphs, you can scan it or translate it by speaking while bringing it to work.

Speak And Translate Apk

Download the App on your Mobile

Suppose you want to download a translator to understand languages. Go to the google play store, type this application name, and top up the show because it is the most popular. In that case, you click on the right install button, which requires twenty-seven Mbs waiting a few seconds to open and start any sentence and paragraph translation.

 At the end of the existing page, we added this translator download link. Click and free to download on mobile phones, even four-plus methods you can use besides offering the best dictionary, sentence, and phrase translation systems. You can use the camera for translation.

Unlock Pro Features

  • Used camera translation 
  • Used unlimited voice translator
  • Used free dictionary 
  • Hundred percent Advertisement free

Monthly Package:-

In the monthly package, you can use it without buying the first three days, which offers a free to three days trial when you open this top show pro feature, then below monthly packed buy for only Rs 349.00 per month, after completing the monthly renewal needed. Its purchasing method is simple: click the premium features button to show three packages, select all in one, add a debit card, and write an email. 

Yearly Package:-

The second offers Yearly buy in Rs 2499.00 per year but at any time of least twenty-four hours without renewal of the packers. Otherwise, used day and night any time in one year, not limited open and using the camera transition, voice, and text translation. 

Lifetime Package:-

The last package is lifetime only at 4000.00 rupees; even after purchasing the lifetime package, you can share it with a friend for any translation. This time a maximum of 6802 languages are spoken in this application. You can talk about translation, text-to-voice, and other unlimited features offered in lifetime packages.

Speak And Translate Mod Apk

Other Exciting Features

  • Speak To Translate
  • Voice Translators
  • Useful phrase
  • English dictionary 
  • Used camera translator
  • Speak and Translate the keyboard
  • Speech-to-text form 

English Dictionary

In daily life, most people need an English dictionary; in this dictionary, you can set a language before writing any words because it offers unlimited languages. The dictionary option shows more than four other options for general knowledge solving the daily quiz. Thesaurus also your search history is saved so next time you do not need to type the words. Go to account and click on the already searched sentence. Besides any dictionary word you want to remember and read the next time, click on the right-side heart button.  Maybe you like this similar Apps Talkao Translate Mod Apk

All Languages Translator

These exciting features are most needed in daily life, and we used a premium tool, so if you want to use one for speech-to-text, then that is best for you because it provides a three days trial even if you are a beginner, watch after downloading the tutorial, and read exit page information. For speech, text the mic button and write the text. You're speaking your vice. The speech text is the phrase or sentence that offers a ten-plus platform you want to share WhatsApp, messengers, Twitter, sms, Gmail, and the share button.

Speak And Translate


In this article, we describe the Speak and Translate app with all its exciting features. If any languages do not understand, use what you like, then check the first three days of tutorials before you purchase. It offers three premium packages: first is a monthly package, second, a yearly package, and the latest is a lifetime package at meager prices. Any person quickly buys by using language translation.


Q. Is the speak and translate app free?

The Speak and Translate Application is free but for three days because it provides everyone a three-day free trial for checking and for minimum use of facilities. Then you need to purchase monthly packages only in 350, one year packaged only in 2500 rupees and the latest large offer is lifetime packages bought in 4000 rupees.

Q. How does Speak and Translate work?

The first download on the play store opens; this app shows impressive features. You can use a voice translator, useful phrases, an English dictionary, speak and translate keyboard, speak to text, and Camera Translator chooses one and clicks the mic button to start talking about auto text shown on screen.

Q. How do you speak and translate?

If you want to use this feature, first click after opening, press the mic button and speech the app write in the top box.

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