Sport Car 3 Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

Sport Car 3 Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

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App Name Sport Car 3 Mod APK Unlimited Money Download
Size 191 MB
Latest Version 3-v1.04.061
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer SportCarGames
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Start your adventurous journey of driving and flying your favorite model with freedom. Don’t hesitate and choose the vehicle that you want. Sport Car 3 game is fulfilling the dreams of the people who love sports cars and want to fly to show their driving expertise. The game presents hundreds of vehicles that will be available on every corner of the street. You can switch it anytime. The gamers have to strictly follow all traffic directions and rules. 

The beautiful map has many areas where the players can change their vehicles or redesign them. Consider all signs, so it becomes straightforward to find the destination. The changing weather and the enchanting graphics influence the gamers, and they will enjoy the gameplay. Amuse yourself with an attractive interface and an adventurous trip. Race with other players and overtake them to be the titleholder.

Sport Car 3 Mod APK


Choose your vehicle from a variety of cars and trucks. Redesign it in a garage and customize its engine or interior. After completing all the customizations, jump into your vehicle and control the steering to drive it. Start completing your missions which may be to pick up the passenger or to provide the cargo service. The mission depends upon your vehicle like if you have chosen a car, you have to offer the passengers. If you drive a truck, you have to provide cargo services. Maybe you like this similar game Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK.

The missions will let you earn the rewards, and you will use these rewards for further upgradation of your vehicles. Participate in different modes and events to get bonuses that will level up your account. The gameplay resembles another racing game named Sports Car 3: Taxi & Police.


Follow the below steps to install the game on your android device. 

> Tap the link which is present above this article and download the APK of the game. 

> The above steps take 2-3 minutes, and you cannot close the page. So wait for the completion of the step. 

> Check the phone's security option. Enable it to permit the installation of apps from all sources. 

> After granting permissions, open My Files. 

> Search the file in the folder where you have downloaded the APK file. 

> Press the file to install it on your device. 

> The installation is instant and gets finished within a flash.


Improve Your Driving Speed

Practice more to enhance your skills and speed. Don’t get stuck where you see the hurdles. Expert enough to tackle all the hurdles and pass them to reach the final location. The obstacles that you face may be curbs, trees, and cars. Avoid your vehicle to hit other cars on the same track as the hit or damage to your car will end your race, and you will lose the race. 

Sport Car 3 Mod APK

Basic Tasks

The game presents two types of basic tasks. These tasks depend on your vehicle. For instance, if you have selected a truck or cargo vehicle, your task is to load the materials and offer the cargo facility. If you have chosen a passenger car, you will give the pick & drop service to others. You will pick the passengers that are standing at each corner of the street. 

Notice All Signs & Follow Traffic Rules

The signs and different symbols are visible on roads, and the drivers have to follow them. Otherwise, you will get captured by the police. You will see a red tank symbol where a gas station is present. The parking areas are shown with P. A repair tool picture will be posted on the outer wall of the repair garage. The yellow mark shows the location where you load the materials. The green mark will be the last line, and you have to stop there. 

Exceed Other Players

The players have to beat others in multiplayer game mode, in which you have to be the fastest driver who can fulfill the task and reach the endpoint. You are not alone on the roads. Other players will be on your side, and you have to exceed them all. This success will make you earn the title of the best driver or racer. 


The game has many missions and tasks for the gamers that he has to complete daily to unlock achievements. These missions are regularly assigned to the gamers, and these missions will give compensation money that the players use to get upgraded parameters of the vehicles. These missions keep you clear about driving goals and knowledge. These missions are the training sessions that help you a lot in learning. 

Variety of Cars

The vehicles, including trucks and cars, are varied, and the gamer has to select one according to his skills. The models of cars that are available in the garage are Samand, Peykan, Pars, Peugeot, vans, and others. The tracks and the tasks depend upon your choice of vehicle. All models are not accessible when you start racing. Your achievements and your scores will unlock models. 

You can design your car's appearance and modify the interior of each car with accessories available in the garage room. Choose the vehicle which is convenient for you. 

Weather Changes

Select, adjust and set your favorite weather condition and choose the timing that you love. You can race in day timing or at night. You may select any of the morning, afternoon, noon, & night timings. Further, you can also pick one condition from sunshine, snowfall, storm, and rain. The environment gets changed with the gamer’s activities and choices. 

Improve Driving Skills

Get acquainted with each vehicle and its steering. Practice and become an expert driver who can drive on all roads and tracks whether the tracks are smooth or steep. Enhance your expertise by completing the small challenges and learning the details of driving. You must know the tricks and the options that are available on the game screen, so you can swiftly drive your vehicle without getting stuck anywhere. 

Sport Car 3 Mod APK

In short, your experience and practice will help you in beating your opponent players. 

HD Graphics

The graphics of the game are of high quality, and the visuals are in vibrant colors to entice gamers. The fantasy world will captivate the players, and they enjoy racing on smooth roads. Moreover, the weather and environmental conditions will impress you giving a beautiful twist to the hectic races. 

Enormous Game Modes

The gamers experience various modes that offer different missions or challenges. The players have to complete these challenges to get rewards and gifts. For instance, you will enjoy Cargo, Hunter, Car delivery, RunWay, and Enter City modes. 

> Drag Mode: 

This mode has time events in which the player has to complete the race within time. The race has other players with you, and you have to win the title before others and reach the destination before the given time. If you win the race within the allotted time, you will obtain bonuses or money. 

> Parking Mode: 

This mode demands gamers to exhibit their parking skills in different parking areas on the map. The map has various parking areas, and you can implement your practice expertise to improve your experience. 

Customize Your Vehicle

The cars or trucks that you use for races have different models and varieties. You can customize these vehicles anytime. The garages are available in the game, and you have to use the parts to tailor your car or truck. The customizations will be available only when you have bought these customizations with your game money. 

You should use the gems or money that you obtain with the achievements to add these customizations. For example, you can modify the car controls, interior, and driving system. 

Multiplayer Game

This game permits the players to play in both offline and online modes. With the online game, the player has a choice to join the races with other players. The player can invite others and allow them to join your multiplayer race. In this multiplayer game, you have to exceed others and become the first to reach the end line of the destination. On the other hand, you cannot include others in your race, and your achievement will not be counted in your overall game progress.

Sport Car 3 Mod APK

Mod Menu

> Unlimited Gems

> Unlocked Cars

> Unlimited Money

> No ads. 

Supported Devices

This game requires android devices with operating hardware of 5.0 or above. You don’t need a rooted phone to install this game. So your device is not at risk with this game.


Become the best racer with the combination of skills and concentration. Sports Car 3 has a platform to test your expertise and to give you the experience of driving unique vehicles. You will enjoy the thrilling moments and exciting tours with this game and your passion to drive high spec. vehicles also get fulfilled. Moreover, the controls are handy, and the tutorial is also available for beginners. Choose your favorite terrain and join events to fulfill your dreams.


Q. Is the APK safe for android phones?

Although the APK files are not safe, this website gives a safe APK file. The APK files on this website are uploaded after complete testing.

Q. Does the Sports Car 3 demand real money?

No way. You can install and play the game without paying money, even premium features are also freely accessible now with the mod update.

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