Star Wars Dice Mod Apk

star wars dice mod apk

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App Name star wars dice mod apk
Size 69M
Latest Version 2.0.2
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer Fantasy Flight Games
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update March 03, 2023 (1 year ago)
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star wars dice mod apk

Introduction star wars dice mod apk

star wars dice mod apk is coming to theatres next month, but one fan has already gotten a sneak peek at the upcoming film with a new dice mod. The latest version of Dice Masters, the popular tabletop game from WizKids, adds more than 20 heroes and villains that can be used in any Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed game. It also comes with new dice mods that allow players to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie." Though the characters you can use in Dice Masters have been upgraded to include characters from The Force Awakens, their original faces and likenesses have been retained by artist Mark Smith. The gaming world is full of amazing mods that truly make a game stand out. Mods are a way to enhance the fun of an already great game and add more content to keep players coming back for more. New features, gameplay tweaks, and content enhancements make a mod truly worth playing for those who love the game in question.



The popular Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is an online game where players build their characters and fight for galactic supremacy. One of the most exciting ways to play is participating in the storyline, sometimes referred to as a "mod" or "addon." The developers occasionally add mods, which can be downloaded from the official website and installed on your character using a program called Star Wars: The Old Republic Mod Manager.

Several mods provide players with unique advantages — including increased experience points, extra skill points, more inventory slots, and new equipment. Some mods also introduce new choices in combat, such as choosing whether to attack or heal when using a certain skill. In addition, mods often use the same files that provide visual enhancements, such as the ability to see through walls or see-through water.



Light up: 

As the Millennium Falcon in the movie moved through space, it lit up with flashing lights. The Star Wars dice have this feature, just like in the film. When you roll the dice during a game of Monopoly or Yahtzee, they'll light up under your fingertips. The white die makes a blue flash, and the red die makes a red flash.

Sound effects:

To get ready for battle with Darth Vader or Rey's Speeder Bike, press down on the special sound effects side of each die. You can hear these sound effects when you roll your dice during any game that uses them — not just those that use similar dice from other manufacturers like GameScience or Wiz Dice.

Cute symbols: 

The symbols on each die are different, too — one is an X-Wing Fighter, another is R2-D2, and a third is Chewbacca in his furry costume as he appears in

Material. Dice made of plastic won't last as long as those made of metal. But plastic dice also require less maintenance and will hold their calibration better over time.


The color-changing properties of some materials vary based on temperature and humidity, which can impact the accuracy of the material's color-changing properties.

Size and weight:

The larger your dice are, the more likely players will misplace them — either by throwing them down or leaving them in the bag with all their other belongings. 

Dark Side Points: 

This is the most efficient way to level up a character, so if you're looking to get a big head start on leveling quickly, this mod is a must. Dark Side Points can be earned by doing bad things like taking over your base and selling it to Hutts. However, remember that these points expire after two days and are only worth one Dark Side Point each. As such, they have limited use in speed leveling.

Companion Powers and Enhancements: 

These mods allow you to pair up with companion characters and do cool stuff with them (like stripping enemies of their armor). Some of these companions can be difficult to gain access to, however, so be sure to look out for modded companions before you rush out and grab one (but don't worry about it if you don't have the ability).

Experience Boosters: 

These mods increase experience rates in specific game areas, like combat or exploration. More often than not, the boost is marginal, so look for mods that give steep gains in an area that'll


Mod features:

  • 6colorful action-packed dice
  • 6 durable foam playing pieces
  • 2 player mat board
  • Customizable size and color options
  • Multiple fonts styles and sizes
  • Adding new weapons
  • Adding new vehicles
  • Adding new missions
  • Adding new characters


How to download: 

  1. Click on the link below to download the application.
  2. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing the application.
  3. Open the application and enjoy it!



The only thing left to mention is that the mod offers unlimited energy when you want it, which can help you optimize your playing strategy. It's why we think this is one of the best Star Wars games out there. If you're a fan of dice-based RPG games and like the original trilogy, or if you have fond memories of playing Risk as a kid, we think you'll love this game. The tactile sensation as you roll them against your gaming table is great.


Q. Is star wars dice mod apk any virus?

No, no virus at all.

Q. How can I download the star wars dice mod?

First, you need to visit the download page of the star wars dice mod apk and choose the way you want to download it.

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