Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

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App Name Stop Motion Studio Pro APK
Size 92.7 MB
Latest Version v6.0.3.8492
MOD Features For Android
Developer Cateater
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Download Stop Motion Studio, it is a very simple application which can open your doors to a path of movie-making. Are you passionate about making movies like Grommet and upload them on YouTube? If yes, then you should download this app and check it out.

Now with Stop Motion Studio Pro APK, you can make wonderful stop motion vivified movies anyplace in a flash right on your phone. All that you need is directly available in this app. This app is easy to utilize, powerful and madly amusing to play with. Make cute movies that your kids and friends will appreciate or share with them on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram for the whole world to enjoy. 

Let’s explore this app into detail and find how it can help you to create and edit videos without any hassle.

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Download Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

In Stop Motion Studio Pro APK, you can create photos, make stop motions, edit short videos and much more. So, download this application now and easily create stop motion videos containing your images!


About Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

Stop Motion Studio is a video creating app on Android and iOS. It is available for free with a few in-application redesign packs or a full-suite studio overhaul pack ranging from $0.99 - $3.99. These packs give you many audio cues and premium editing tools that you can work with. 

The same app has a full premium version called Stop Motion Studio Pro, available on both Google Play and Apple Play Store which is paid. You can get a pro version video creating software and editing tools to make different motion pictures. 

It is a simple to-utilize versatile application to make delightful still-motion movies. This editorial manager will enable you to make both videos and animation projects utilizing your content. Simultaneously, this app itself is so intuitive to the point that it does not expect you to have pro-level learning and skills, and the intuitive interface will further make the app more functional and efficient. 

Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

How Stop Motion Studio Pro Works? 

Utilizing the application is genuinely simple and easy. Mainly you should simply set your scene and start taking pictures. If you have prior video creating experience, then you will have fun messing around with lighting and angles, however, it is fine if you don’t. 

First of all, you will start taking pictures. A grid overlay is available that will help you to keep the subject right in the frame at all times. Hence, you can use the grid as points of reference but it is okay if you turn it off. The key is to shoot static photos so the perspective and action are not shaky and out of place. 

The key here is following a suitable timeline with a grid for exact positioning frames. This will make it possible to work in real-time with different projects at the same time so you can have access to each frame easily. 

You can edit your videos with an exciting set of different filters, backgrounds, transitions, texts, sound editing, and Illustrations. There are many audio cues like slipping vehicles, lasers, planes, helicopters and door opening. You can record sounds or melodies or even include music from your very own music library. The application underpins 1080p and 720p images that support these resolutions.  

Finally, once your image is done to upload in high resolution on social media or save in the desired format. So, create unique content that you can later share with friends. 


Features of Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

You can create movies and to help in that, the creators of this application have included multiple valuable features in it. Some of these features are:

Modes – An overlay mode is available to provide you the different frames. For animated objects, you can use the grid mode.

Movie Editor – An editor is added to make sure that you can preview frame-by-frame and at different speeds.  For the professional view, you can fade your movie in out. The frames can be deleted, reversed, copied, and selected.

Time Interval Frames – You can capture the frames automatically with the help of a time interval. To make sure that you don’t get lost in thousands of frames, you can zoom in and out on your timeline.

HD –  Make Ultra HD movies with more than double the resolution of full HD K Ultra High Definition, 720p and 1080p, So, import your HD pictures from your photo library in the movies.

Effects – This app provides different effects so that you can create a professional look. Add text, enhance images, create titles, or add expressions, touch up, paint and sketch, wipe unwanted objects with the eraser, and for fast movement, merge the scale together.

Remote Camera – For a unique perspective, connect the second device with Wi-Fi and use it as a remote camera.

Green Screen – The background of your screen can be changed so that you can make figures that you capture or appear wherever you imagine.

Rotoscoping – You can import any video clip and paint over it to make amazing animations.

Themes –With up to eight themes, you can add the title of the movie and credits.  You can also select from 28 provided Text cards and themes. It also provides 22 unique background images and fonts.

Image Editor – Add colors to your movie and make it more beautiful. You can remove any part that you don’t like with the eraser provided in this app. For fast movement, you can link frames together.

Full Camera Control – You have full camera control, exposure and focus control. It also provides you the control over manual or automatic white balance.

Audio Impacts – You can create a realistic effect by adding amazing audios of your choice. You can also choose from audios this app offers. You can also record your voice and add it to your movie or add audio from your gallery. The volume of every soundtrack can be adjusted.

Export – Movies can be exported in ULHDTV, in square format for Instagram or Facebook or as animated GIF,

Share –Share your work online. You can also save it in the gallery of your phone, upload on Facebook, YouTube, or even transfer the file to your PC.

Capture like a pro – Time interval feature is added for you to capture and the second device can be used as a remote camera. The headphones can be used as a remote shutter release.

Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

Download and Install Stop Motion Studio Pro APK on Android Phone

Before downloading Stop Motion Studio Pro APK on your android device first, make sure that it meets all the relevant requirements. 


Stop Motion Studio Pro APK has been released since 2018 on Google Play Store, so the configuration requirements of this game are quite high. It has a complex framework so the latest device is recommended. To download and install this game, you need:

  1. The device with 3 GB Ram and 90 MB of free memory
  2. An Android device running on OS 4 or higher
  3. A fast Wi-Fi connection 
  4. Official Google Play Store Account 
  5. Charged Battery 

Instructions to Download 

Step 1: Download the Stop Motion Studio Pro APK on your phone

Go to download in my files or open files on the device.

Tap the APK file in downloads.

Step 2: Allow app permissions

For installation, you need to permit the app for accessing your system. When you give it all the required permissions, it will start the installation process. The app required the following information to access.

  • Camera access
  • Access to microphone 
  • Get access to the network information
  • Get access to the Wi-Fi network information
  • Storage Location
  • Vibrator needs to be accessed

Step 3: Start Installations 

Once the permissions are allowed, just let the app to completely install. After the installation, the Stop Motion Studio Pro APK icon (which looks like a white vintage recorder over purple background) will appear on the careen. 

Step 4: Use the Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

Now just open the app and start using this amazing app! 

Step 5: Update Settings

Once you start using the application, you will see regular updates on the app. Just allow the regular apps to install and keep enjoying!


Pros and Cons of Stop Motion Studio Pro APK


  • A very functional tool
  • Multiple background options
  • Storage with a high-quality image format
  • Edit videos easily
  • Simple and easy to use interface 
  • More than 28 image effects
  • Use the second camera as a Wi-Fi remote
  • Lots of cool features


  • Can be a little overwhelming for beginners 
  • Not free
  • Contains few ads 
  • Heavy File Size
  • Not compatible with old Android Phones 

Stop Motion Studio Pro APK


Stop Motion Studio Pro APK is the easiest app in the world to help you to make your stop motion movie. With the user-friendly interface, premium tools and plenty of amazing features, this app is going to be the cooler app you have ever used. 

Download Stop Motion Studio Pro APK and test it for yourself! 

Stop Motion Studio Pro APK

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