Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk All Skins Unlocked

Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk All Skins Unlocked

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App Name Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk All Skins Unlocked
Size 165MB
Latest Version 1.0.7676
MOD Features All Skins Unlocked
Developer パルスモ株式会社
Content Rating Rated for 5+
Requires 4.3+
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Update April 10, 2023 (1 year ago)
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The stray Cat Doors is about rescuing cats who have lost their way home. This is a fun based, an adventurous game with many excellent features. For those who love adventures and want to solve the difficulties by using their abilities, then it is the best game for them to play. Because this game asks you to solve puzzles to unlock new ways and open the next doors, so that you and your cats may find a way to their home, this game is based on a sweet story, where a girl finds many different colorful cats as a gift, and then a door of hope opens for her. But as the players will move on, they will also have to cross some complex challenges in order to save their cats. So remember the rules, use your mind and tricks and carefully play it.

Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk


The stary Cat Doors have very fabulous and stunning graphics and unique architecture. The game evolved with a new and fascinating story. The people who usually get bored and have nothing to do, then they can entertain themselves while playing it. Moreover, while playing, you will have to find some clues to pass the stage. But if you are stuck somewhere, then you can use some cheat and escape tricks. Here you will find different stages and levels to pass, and your challenges will also increase. Besides these all, the sound and display will attract you, and you won’t be able to get rid of the game. The players will get many variations in the kinds of cats with different colors. Moreover, you will have full access to the customization of your room.

Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk

Mysterious Challenges

As the name suggests that this game is about some homeless stray cats who have lost their home. And you have given me the challenge to solve the mystery and bring those cats to their living. The mysterious format will appear in the form of pretty tricky puzzles. Moreover, you can also access some clues that will help you to solve those puzzles. When you pass one stage then, you will be promoted to the next one, which will be prettier difficult than the previous one.

Quite Daring 

It is not a challenging game that will bother you a lot. The sole purpose of the game is to solve the mysterious puzzle and jump to the next one so that you can get your stary cat to its sweet home. But if didn’t succeed in completing the puzzle, you will be stuck there, and it might create some kind of difficulty. Even you need not worry, because the users can also catch some clues which will help you to solve your problem.

Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk

Distinctive Graphics

The people who are playing the game or have just started to play, their remarks about graphics are so stunning. They added that the content, graphics, and sound used are so adorable that they get relaxed when they play this game. There is no doubt that the developers have a good idea about users' tastes; that’s why he has formulated such a stunning masterpiece. When the players start playing, they submerge entirely there, making it difficult for them to stop playing. Maybe you like this similar game Morphite mod apk.

Calm Playing

The play area of this game is built in a room where the users will find quite amazing stuff to deal with. There will also be other things that you can see and touch. All you have to do is to gather the cards and assemble them,m in the correct order so that the puzzle might be completed. While playing, the players will be relaxed because there is no hard science used; they just utilize their skills, solve puzzles and get rewards.

Cheats and Tricks

Stray Cat Doors is an adventurous game that has a puzzle to solve. That’s why sometimes the users might get stuck. So, to overcome this problem, the game is facilitating its users with some tricks and clues to help them get out of the problem and reach the next level. These tricks will be shown at the corner of the menu bar, and you can easily access them.

Stray Cat Doors Mod Apk

Customization and Gifts

The players can access complete customization over their room. The game area is a room where you will also be given different furniture and stuff; the best thing is that you change color and size, and add emojis and stickers to your room. Moreover, when the users pass one level than they are rewarded with many exclusive rewards that will help them to buy more things from the game.


Q. Are stray cat doors free?

You can get a seven-day free trial, but later on, you will have to pay to continue playing the game.

Q. How do you open the door in the stary cat game?

In order to open the door, go near the second control panel, then move to the left side of the door and, be positioned to the underneath box, which will interact with the first panel, and finally jump to the box, which will open the door for you.

Q. How do you solve stray cat door stage 3?

Click on the watering pot area, climb up to the chair table, head up to the birdhouse and go back to stage three and you will finish stage 3 efficiently.

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