Sunrise Village Mod Apk Free Rewards

Sunrise village Mod Apk Free Rewards

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App Name Sunrise village Mod Apk Free Rewards
Size 22MB
Latest Version 1.76.45
MOD Features Unlimited Everything
Developer InnoGames GmbH
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 09, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Sunrise Village

Are you tired of your busy routine? Do you want to skip the noisy life of cities? Dive into the mesmerizing world of the sunrise village, explore its magical land, uncover mysteries, and find hidden treasures and endless adventures. Enjoy the peaceful, pure, and pollution-free environment. Take a breath of fresh air and feel peace in your mind.

Excitement at peak

Enjoy pure village life, meet with the simple people of villages, grow your own farm, and produce food for your people. All this exciting stuff increases the excitement level of players to play this game. 

  • Explore the mysterious sunrise village
  • Build your own beautiful clean village
  • Do all construction works
  • Build houses for your people 
  • Breaks mountains and rocks with a boom
  • Meet innocent villagers and listen to their awesome stories
  • Collect various resources like wood, gems, and food
  • Prepare food to feed your people
  • Dozens of exciting mysteries and quests
  • Help your people to make their workshops
  • Grow chicken and cows to generate revenue
  • Adopt every way to increase your income
  • Sow different food items like corn and peas
  • Build hot air balloons
  • Solve mind-blowing mysteries of your village
  • Discover new lands

Sunrise Village

Breathtaking graphics

Beauty always attracts. A clean atmosphere, green swaying trees, beautiful pathways, kind people, and a lot of tasks engage the payer to play this game for hours without taking any rest. The player can use advanced technology to sow different types of crops. 

Add resources:

In this gameplay, the player has to grow different food items like corn, peas, hay, and many more. Harvest these crops and sell them to generate revenue. Use other techniques to produce versatility in your products. The player has to add more resources for revenue generation. Harvest more crops and store extra products in store rooms, and then sells these additional products to the open markets.

Domestic animals:

You can breed different domestic animals like cows and hens. Get milk, butter, cheese, meat, eggs, and leather from these animals and sell all these products to get money. With this money, you can build your new house or renovate your old home. Cute farm animals attract the players to play non-stop. You will not be bored while completing all the tasks of Sunrise village.

Talk to villagers

This game also provides you with the facility to share ideas and talk with other people. You can speak with the innocent people of Sunrise village, listen to their mysterious stories, solve their problems, and much more. The player can help villagers in building their homes and workshops.

Complete tasks of the game:

This gameplay has endless tasks. Complete the tasks to get money, precious quartz, and many more exciting items. The player needs the energy to collect resources for the production of food. Make a captivating peaceful village, and beautiful, clear, hurdles-free pathways, spread happiness in your village. Expand your village area, and provide every facility to your people.

Sunrise Village

Create your own farm:

The player can create their own farm and use new technology to sow seeds of different crops, flowers, and fruits. Explore your creativity and proves your talent.


Role of honest farmer

Sunrise village is a creative and superb game. Lovely views and greenery have a pleasing effect on the players' minds. Live peacefully with kind-hearted people. Keep good behavior with your neighbors. In this game, you have to play the role of an honest, hardworking farmer who is taking care of his small farm and domestic animals. Sell different products and earn money. Maybe you like this similar Games Dungeon Village 2 Mod Apk

Spend your spare time:

Are you fed up with shooting and action games? Do you need to do some relaxing activities? This game is for you. You can spend quality time with yourself. Do many mind-relaxing activities in this game. You will release all your stress and worries.

Sunrise Village Apk

Importance of farming

This game reveals tons of farming activities and gives you knowledge about different crops and food items. You can get knowledge of various scientific techniques that may be used in agriculture. Feel a soft corner for villagers and farmers. You can get an idea of their hard work to feed us.


All the greenery and fresh environment of the sunrise village give this game a magical touch. You can feel happy and refreshed vibes while playing this game. Building your peaceful dream home is mesmerizing. Build your community as you want. Get a wonderful chance to show your skills and experiences.


Q. What kind of game is Sunrise village?

Sunrise Village is a simulation and exploration game. This game is full of mysteries, events, and tons of tasks. Build your own village, sow crops, and generate revenue.

Q. Is sunrise village a free game?

You can download sunrise village from our website without spending any money. Enjoy all premium features of the game with activated VIPS.

Q. How do I get more energy in Sunrise village?

Complete different tasks, produce more resources, variety of crops, breed animals and generate money. You have to get more energy to complete your assigned tasks.

Q. Is sunrise village multiplayer?

Sunrise village has a lot of different tasks. This game allows you to create your own teams to complete these assigned tasks. Build villagers' houses and workshops and prepare food for them.

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