Super Quick Settings Mod Apk Paid For Free

Super Quick Settings Mod Apk Paid for free

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App Name Super Quick Settings Mod Apk Paid for free
Size 2M
Latest Version 6.6
MOD Features Paid for free
Developer Super Android
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update January 18, 2023 (15 days ago)
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Controlling various settings on your android can become super annoying sometimes. You can find yourself struggling with some straightforward settings. Not all of them are available in an accessible mode. Some can become hard to sort out from the general setting area.

In that case, you need to explore the "Setting" sections first and then go on a search for your appropriate option. An application like Super Quick Settings can help you do some simple settings painlessly. There will be no complexity and intricacy. 

This application is a feasible option to change some of your phone's most commonly used features. With this application, you will find all those customary elements on a single toggle.

Super Quick Settings Mod Apk

Introduction to the Application 

The make-life-easy application is very helpful for mobile users. It assists you in turning on or off various factors with a single click. The app was crafted and publicized by Super Android developers. They have devised the software in such a way that everyone can use it for its practicality.

Essential Titbits

So, after reading about the supportive app, you might be inquisitive about it. Is it a popular app? How much space would it take? Does it need an internet connection? 

Worry not. All your questions will be answered in the following list:

Super Quick Settings Mod Apk

  • The application is available for both iOS and Android users. 
  • It does not demand any internet connection that can be run offline.
  • It is super accommodating in terms of space, with a size of only 2.3 MBs. 
  • The download count for the application is above five thousand on Google Play Store. 
  • The fundamental features of this application are free.
  • To avail of some more elements, you need to buy the pro version. 

So there you go. Now that you have learned some of the application's primary titbits. Let's discuss its practicality.

Viability of Handling Airplane Mode

Are you planning on traveling somewhere? Does your job demand a lot of roaming? Or do you just want to enjoy your device while turning off the transmission? You can do so by using Airplane Mode. Maybe you like this similar app Physics Toolbox Suite Mod Apk.

It permits cellular phone users to block all the signals so they might not be disturbed by unwanted calls and messages. Moreover, if an airline allows it, you might want to use your device while turning on the same mode. For this purpose, Super Quick Setting lets you do the task with a single tap.

Super Quick Settings Mod Apk

Keep Your Flashlight On Hand

Torches have played an essential role in human life. From burning the sticks to lighting up the place to click on the phone for the same purpose, we have come a long way. Flashlights in cellular phones have made life bright in the darkest places. 

However, with typical mobile settings, it sometimes becomes maddening to use the torch. Suppose you want a vital tool immediately. However, darkness around is a big hurdle. You can either waste time searching for the flashlight option or get it with one tap with Super Quick Setting. What do you think will be the more convenient option? 


Avail of Device Data Option Swiftly

Device data is another vital option that assists users in utilizing an internet connection. No one wants to roam around settings and locate the specified option when they are in a hurry. So what can you do about it?

You can download and use Super Quick Settings. This astounding app will give you the data icon on your home screen. This way, turning on or off data will be the easiest thing to do.

WiFi on a Single Tap

Just like mobile data, using WiFi is also a vitality. However, reaching a suitable option might also be a dull task. However, with our adored application, you are at ease using WiFi. Just a single swipe and relish the connection.

Super Quick Settings Mod Apk

More Elements

Along with the characters mentioned above, the app also proffers some more. That is why it is regarded as the most useful application in the mobile world. The following factors might add the cherry to the cake:

You will have quick access to the following:

  • Ringtones 
  • Brightness
  • Location
  • Eye-care
  • Hotspot
  • Vibrate
  • Auto-rotate
  • Bluetooth 
  • Adaptive Brightness


Q. How do I turn on quick settings?

Hold network or volume option>Edit quick setting>Select Add>Select Done.

Q. How do I use Quick settings?

By swiping down the screen, you can use the option.

Q. What are the options in the quick setting menu?

You can access various options, including WiFi, Hotspot, Data, Ringtones, Flashlight, and more.

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