Surfshark Vpn Apk Premium Unlocked

Surfshark Vpn Apk premium unlocked

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App Name Surfshark Vpn Apk premium unlocked
Size 29MB
Latest Version
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Surfshark B.V.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 13, 2022 (5 days ago)
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Surfshark Vpn Apk

Surfshark Vpn Apk premium unlocked

Surfshark Vpn Apk free download

Surfshark Vpn latest version

SurfShark Vpn Apk

SurfShark Vpn is an application that will help you visit the internet without any security flaw. You will get a chance to “walk around” and roam around on the internet without any problem. Search whatever you want and get unlimited results about it without any geometrical restriction. Use this application and be free and safe. SurfShark is a quality Vpn that will get you at your best and you will enjoy using it. This application will provide you with a very good internet connection without any barriers.

SurfShark Vpn works as a savior and takes the user to the accurate desired place without any limit. Some users think that it may be difficult and hard to search something and get the actual result and their device can get harmed by the viruses that are present on the internet and that thought is very much accurate because this internet is like a river and anyone can get lost in it. So, it is very safe to use this SurfShark Vpn to get safe and get complete privacy from the illegal and the harmful hackers and everything. 

There will be no speed restrictions and you will be able to search the things you want to browse and get a chance to get access to unlimited resources and a safe way. This app provides you with a virtual connection to the internet and will get you to reach the things that were banned or restricted for people in your country to watch. This app creates a great invisible and secure path for you to appear on the internet and be safe. The sites or the links that are restricted in your region or we can simply say that geo-restricted sites and such services can be available for you. Be sure to download this app to get a free-hand in browsing on the internet.

Surfshark Vpn Apk

SurfShark Vpn Features

These are some features of this app that you must know

  • Access to all restricted sites:

This app is very much popular among the people worldwide because of its unlimited access. The users are allowed to get access to almost anything even if that site is restricted in their country. This app helps the user to browse anything at its fullest without any restriction. They make sure that the users of this app are getting full information they are searching on. 

This Vpn is actually developed in the UK and it means that the servers must be mostly of Uk. This app is connected to over 3300 servers that are present in different countries across the whole world. That shows that you are not restricted and can search whatever you want. You can connect to any of the virtual IP present in a country and get the site easily that was geo-restricted before connecting to SurfShark Vpn.

  • Privacy and Security:

This application gives the servers the best privacy and security services that any Vpn app has ever provided. The users get the highest security Vpn services and it will not harm any kind of information that the user has in his/her device. Be sure that your information will be safe and you will be using the best hidden internet connection to a Vpn service. The connection is very secure and anything they do on the internet will completely be secure and that will be kept hidden forever. 

You will be completely secure after knowing the source and the security of this app. This app is based and developed in the British Virgin Island and is in the area that is way beyond the access and is kept safe from the eyes of International surveillance and the alliances of Five eyes, 14 eyes and even 9  eyes. So, now you must be sure that your activities on the internet after connecting to the Vpn services are totally hidden from anyone.

There are a lot of apps that are providing Vpn services but when it comes to the security and the privacy of the customer SurfShark is the best of the types. This app stands out from the crowd because of protection and hidden content plus the security checkups. 

  • Built-in thick Firewall:

Apart from the security and privacy things this app even has a built in thick firewall that hides all the activities of the users from the International Intelligence and the users are allowed to use whatever they want.

This app has a built-in 256 -bit encryption and a IKEv2 protocol and these two technologies combine and work in unity and literally make a firewall that blocks all the activities inside the wall and act as a barrier between the user's privacy and the information leaker or any kind of hackers. The risk of any kind of DNS leaks or hacks are completely removed  because the app will itself encrypt your email.  You are allowed to use whatever source of internet you want (WiFi or any data ) you are completely safe and protected. No one can get access to your service.

  • Diary Function:

There is a Diary Function that is present in this app and is available in almost every VPN application. All information that is used about the users including the gmail, Id, passwords and many more are all used to secure the connection and privacy settings of the users when they browse anything on this application. This all information is then itself encrypted by the thick firewall that is built-in to the app. So, no information about the user can be seen when he/she is using this VPn service. 

  • Best-quality anti-virus Feature:

The main insecurity as a user when using a Vpn service is the virus or any threat that can hack all the system of the user. And this insecurity is corrected by this app because there is high-quality Anti-virus feature in this app that defeats any kind of virus that tries to enter the system. This is a very useful feature as it protects the system from any incoming virus. You are literally safe and protected from the websites, malware and spyware that contain hidden code that can destroy or hack your device. Your device is now safe in the powerful grip of SurfShark Vpn.

  • Fast Browsing Speed:

It usually happens that whenever we are using a Vpn application our internet connection becomes very weak and shows the results after a long time. The browser keeps buffering and the results take some time to appear on your screen. This irritates a user very much and he can't enjoy the Vpn service fully. But this application has removed all the problems related to the slow connection as this application does not affect the speed of the connection. It keeps on working at the same speed but faster than the actual connection. So make sure to use this application for a better, faster and secure approach. 

Get access to more stable and fast connection and along with this SurfSharks Vpn blocks any kind of ads that try to approach the device and only some ads can be visible on the screen when using this application. It keeps the system safe from the dangerous viruses and fast-spreading malwares and increases the free slot capacity in the memory of the device. These changes will make your device work faster than usual and get you a stable connection.

  • SurfShark Vpn Netflix Feature:

Yes, it is absolutely true that you can access the netflix movies and content using this built-in Vpn connection. You can connect to Netflix as there is a built-in connection with Netflix in this Vpn application and watch the movies, series and shows that are geographically restricted in your area. You have access to all the restricted content on Netflix Platform.

  •  Torrent Feature:

Sometimes, when we search up for a movie we can not get any link to the site because it is restricted in our area. Don’t be worried as you can watch these movies now on online sites by the help of SurfSharks Vpn service. Yes, this app even allows the users to watch the movies on any online site without any restriction.  This feature is very much appreciated among the users of this app.

  • Kill switch:

When we are using this application for some Vpn use, we forgot to turn the site off after looking it up at it and it may be harmful as it can get our data hacked. But by this feature, the device can be protected as it itself closes the browsing webs so that they can not cause any harm on the device. This feature is present on the app and you can turn it on and keep your device safe. And keep your device safe from the unexpected risks/viruses that can harm your system on the internet. 

  • Traffic Split or Split Tunneling:

You are able to use the Vpn service of this app on both public and private data connection. No need to restrict yourself on a single network and get yourself connected to whatever connection is better and this will make your experience of SurfSharks more better. Here, users again can be confused that the use of private data will not be safe as this can cause the leak of their information but it’s not like this at all. As I already told you that this device is totally secure and has a built-in firewall that makes your Ip encrypt totally.

  • Linux Platform Supporter:

You can even set up for the router and be able to support the Linux platform and this will make you a Linux Platform supporter through any Openvpn. 

  • Budget friendly:

Looking at the services this Vpn is providing, you also have thought that this Vpon must be very costly. I also thought the same but I was very much shocked when I got to know about the total friendly bundles that this Vpn is providing the users. You can get the service of this amazing app at a very small price and will be able to enjoy the services to its fullest.

  • Money-back Guarantee:

You can take your money back if you don't like the services of this application which is a very rare cae. As this app provides all the things that it offers to the users. But still if you are dissatisfied with the features of this app then you can get your back in less than 30 days. But the guarantee is just for the first 30 days. This app will give you your money back if you reject the subscription or bundle in the first 30 days. But if you wanna cancel the plans after 30 days then it will be canceled but you will not get the money back as the guarantee time will be over. 

  • Get connected on more than one devices:

Get yourself connected to more than one account and enjoy the services of this amazing app on more than one device with just one account. Yes, if you have paid for an account then you can use the Vpn account on more than on Android devices. Get yourself attached to this application and have fun with it.

  • 24/7 availability:

If an issue occurs then the team of this app is available 24/7 and you can get the help from them and get the connection better. Get the guide and help from anyone in the team with the help of chatting with the cyber security experts. This will guide you and you will be able to use the app properly without any restriction.

  • Trusted by Million users:

This app is trusted by more than a million users and is used by a lot of people worldwide because of its security, privacy and other features. So, be a part of those million users and enjoy the features. 

SurfShark Vpn Free Trial

The free trial of this app is for 7 days only. You can enjoy the service of free trial and egt to use all the features but just for 7 days after that you must pay for the monthly subscription. You will love the features of this app and will pay for the subscription. Get an account by paying for the subscription and you can use that account on more than one Android device and have the same features on every device. Get a secure connection and unlimited results by this app.

SurfShark Vpn Price

The price for SurfShark Vpn for a month is USD12.95 per month. Pay this amount every month and be able to enjoy Vpn services. If you want to take a subscription for 12 months then you will get a discount as you will have to pay USD 3.99 every month. This is such a big discount and a lot of users prefer this bundle over the monthly one. And if you want to have the subscription for 24 months then the discount is much bigger and you will have to pay just USD 2.49 per month instead of USD12.95 and this bundle is the best among all the three bundles.

SurfShark Vpn Countries

Get a chance to choose between an everlasting of countries. As this application is connected with 3300 servers of more than 65 countries. Once you get a subscription you can choose a country where you want to connect your device and enjoy the services of that country. The list of countries is ever-growing. 

SurfShark Vpn iOS

You can download this app even on your iOS with the given link  as this app is available on the apple devices.

First download the link given on this site and then allow the third party downloading and now install the app on your iOS device and now enjoy the Vpn service without any barrier.

SurfSharp Vpn latest version

The latest version of this app is available on the play store and even on this link. The details of the latest version are almost the same and you can download it from the link given on this site and enjoy the features to its fullest.

SurfShark Vpn Logo

The logo of SurfShark is grayish blue and we can say that the color is very attractive and dark themed.  “S” is made on the logo and a 3D representation of “S” is made on it. The logo is made by graphic designing tools and the shape of the logo is not square at all. It has four curved sides and are unequal in size.

SurfShark Vpn Download 

This app is very easy to download just follow the steps given below

  • First, you have to tap on the “Download” button that is present in our site
  • The downloading will take some time and when the downloading is completed
  • Now allow the “Unknown Sources” from the setting of your Android
  • Now open the apk file that is downloaded and tap “Install” button
  • The installation will be done in some time.
  • Now open the app and enjoy the most secure connection to the internet without any restriction.

SurfShark Vpn Review

Here are some reviews about this app and you will know if other users are satisfied after using this app or not.

“Brilliant VPN service and is very easy to use. The list of countries is very long and I can choose any of them to connect your device with.” 

“The Vpn service is faster than my previous Vpn and the money is also very exceptional , must use this app”

“The customer service is very good and made me happy. This saved my time so much, I am very thankful.

SurfShark Vpn Ratings

This application is rated 4.4 stars on the Google play store and is very much used on an international level. And has more than 5 million downloads worldwide.


SurfShark Vpn is an amazing application where the users can get the Vpn services with a lot more features. The users can get connected to servers of other countries in a very sneaky way. They will never get caught and their identity is totally hidden by the app as it contains two amazing technologies that work together and make a hard and thick firewall that stops the data and information of the user from being hacked. This app is very much efficient and saves the user’s time as it has a very fast connection. This app saves your device from getting hacked and also protects it from unknown and hidden viruses on the sites as it has an anti-virus feature in it.



Q. Is the SurfShark Vpn app safe to use?

Yes, this application is completely safe to use as it is providing a high quality privacy and security system that encrypts the user’s personal information itself. This app does not even create any space issue as it is a very light app.

Q. Will I get my money back if I don’t like the app?

Yes, you can get your money back if you do not like the features of the app but you must cancel the subscription in less than 30 days for the pay-back feature.

Q. Why does the SurfShark Vpn require our email and password?

This app requires some information like email and password in order to secure your connection. But when you are using the Vpn service this app itself encrypts your Id details.

Q. Can we download this app on our iOS devices?

Yes, you can download this app on your apple/iOS devices by the link given above. Just follow the steps and the application will be downloaded on your device.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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