Sword Master Story Mod APK Unlimited Money

Sword master story mod APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Sword master story mod APK Unlimited Money
Size 819MB
Latest Version 4.2.391
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Super Planet
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Sword master story mod APK

If you are someone who fantasizes about the era of the 1800 and 1900 century in which battles were fought between invading armies of two countries with the use of swords and love fighting games full of action, then this game is going to give you goosebumps. The use of swords in battles and clashes embodies the real strength of the warriors.

Sword Master Story

Sword Master story mod APK interface

This game is all about a valorous combatant who is willing to take all risks to help the people of his land who have survived after the war from an evil sect. During the phase of this battle, he has to fight savage and brutal rivals. He will meet with a lot of powerful goddesses on his journey which alternatively increases his power. In this game, he has access to powerful weapons to pursue victory. The access to a number of warriors, saints, weapons, and customized avatars has made this gaming application more popular among youngsters. The inspirational graphics and illustrations of this application provided by the developer give players clarity of the features.

Swordmaster story mod APK gameplay

This game includes a swordsman who is a lionhearted bruiser with his group of warriors. The theme is hack and slash. Each warrior has their own sharp blade-like swords to take part in the fight. These warriors have distinct characteristics.  This game has different levels. After completing some levels, you will find a holy place where you will find the saints. The warriors can choose these saints which will then accompany the swordsman to fight with the allies and make the warriors more powerful.

The option of unlimited money in sword master story mod APK enables the players to upgrade the level of game, rebirth, and transcendence. Accomplishing all the levels of battles, in the end, you will be able to form a group of strong female warriors which will help you combat the enemies with more power. And at this stage, the battle will be more adventurous and brutal.

As this game includes different levels, after some definite levels, the player will be able to find some hidden truth.

The application provides the player with high-intensity weapons. With the use of these weapons, warriors can defeat their deadly enemies.

Swordmaster story mod APK plot of gameplay

You have to collect 40 warriors from 4 classes who will have 5 different characteristics. These warriors will become more powerful with every level being upgraded.You can choose costumes according to your will.You have to choose almost 50 types of deadly weapons to win this battle. To have infinite growth, you have to pass the deadly level like a dark dragon, etc.

Sword Master Story Mod Apk Latest version

The latest version of sword master story mod APK has provided the players with the option of unlimited money and coins which helps them to unlock the upgraded levels. In case you lose the battle, you can also avail the option of rebirth and still enjoy the game.

This latest version also enables the player to have as many warriors as he wants to fight with the enemies in this never-ending war, making the game more addictive and exciting.

Apart from all these exciting features in this new version, this version has also been updated with the level "Belgrad" from where the warrior has to obscure treasure and jewels from the chest of the Abyss and in this way can get 5 star equipment which will ultimately upgrade the level of your game.

Sword master story mod APK guide

There is no guide available for the sword master mod APK premium version. All you have to do is understand the plot of the gameplay and do some practice, then you will find it easy to play.

Sword master story mod APK facebook 

The Facebook page of sword master story mod APK serves as a base of guidance to all the players. You can post your queries or in case you are not able to complete a level, you can ask for help from there. The players from all over the world will give answers to your queries.

This group also enables players to know about updated codes and tips, which will ultimately help the players to achieve access to higher levels of games and unlock deadly weapons.

And if you link your game with the Facebook page, you will be able to earn some points through which you can unlock some deadly weapons.

Sword master story APK download

This game can easily be downloaded on your Android phones, IOS, and PC.

While you cannot download this version by third-party software as you can face the abuse reaction.

To download this app, click the link given below in this article and download the file.  After downloading the file, you have to enable the third-party apps on your device.

Then go to the menu and then settings and then security, from there tap on an unknown location and install the app.

Sword master story mod APK Tips

There are as such no tips and tricks to play this game. You just have to be focused and vigilant. You have to practice this game to become more competent. Remember, competency comes with time, passion, and practice.

Sword Master Story


Q. Is this an online application?

Yes, this is an online application.

Q. Is this the latest version with all the premium features?

Yes, you can have all the premium features in this latest version

Q. Is this gaming application safe for my android phone?

Yes, this is a totally bug-free and safe application for your mobile phones, both android, and IOS.

Q. Should I uninstall the old version before installing the latest version of the sword master story mod apk?

Yes. you cannot have both versions on your device at the same time. For the new version, you have to uninstall the old version to enjoy this latest premium version.

Q. Can I install this game from the google play store?

Yes, you can but then you will not have the access to the unlimited money and coins and unlocked stages of the games provided in this version whose link is already given above.

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