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Symbolab Pro Apk

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App Name Symbolab Pro Apk
Size 17MB
Latest Version 9.6.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Symbolab
Content Rating Everyone
Requires Varies with device
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Symbolab Pro Apk

Have you ever heard of Symbolab? No, then I will tell you about this amazing app. This app is best for the students who have math in their subject. Symbolab is a math related app and is very useful. It acts as a tutor for the students and helps them solve the math questions. Are you having a hard time solving math problems? No need to worry because Symbolab is helping the students solve math problems and study math. In addition to this, this app is solving questions related to any mathematical topic. We just need to write the question and the work is done. No matter what the problem is, Symbolab will solve them all for you. You can study math and become an expert easily in no time using this app. 

Symbolab has become a famous topic among the students and is used by more than 200 million students for solving math problems and has got a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store.This app has the ability to solve more than a billion math problems and many ways to solve it with understandable explanations that every student can get easily. Using this app is like having a personal math tutor for yourself without any cost. This app solves the math problems step by step . That is why a lot of students understand it better. And this app consists of more than one hundred Symbolab’s calculators that are very powerful and solve any equation.

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How to use Symbolab ?

This app was created by Dr. Boris Kronevogel in order to help students with their studies and subjects and topics of math such as  Statistics, Algebra, Calculus and pre-Calculus. And if you have more problems besides these than you can come and visit the online form of Symbolab app. There are people present who are always ready to help you in any way. 

Symbolab’s Developer

Symbolab is a math problem solving app used by Android users and was created by a mathematician known as Dr. Boris Kronevogel. He called himself a Recreational Mathematician.

Symbolab’s Subjects

Symbolab is an application that helps the student for different subjects to take quizzes and guesses . These subjects include Science, Engineering and Math. But this app was basically made for the math students who want help from the app in solving math problems of any kind.  

Symbolab’s Quizzes

Students go under a lot of stress when it comes to math and math exams. But they will be less stressed when using this app because this app helps solve the problems with explanations. This app solves the problem step by step so that the students can even check the steps from where they went wrong. 

In addition to this, Symbolab also provides the students with quizzes. The students who learn from this app and want to check their ability can take quizzes and do tests. This app even gives the results of the tests so that the student can get a view of their math ability.

Symbolab’s Calculators

Symbolab has many powerful calculators that help in solving math problems. These calculators are 

  • The Fraction Calculator
  • The Equation Calculator
  • The Graphing Calculator
  • The Graphing Calculator
  • The Inequality Calculator
  • The Trigonometry Calculator
  • The Derivative Calculator
  • The Matrix Calculator
  • The ODE Calculator
  • The Series Calculator
  • The Function Calculator
  • The Laplace Transform Calculator

Symbolab Pro Apk

Symbolab Pro Apk Features

The Mod Apk has many features that are very much useful for students and are given below

Derivative Calculator:

The main feature of this app is its Derivative Calculator. It is used to help the students in solving the simple and basic derivatives of math with the help of product rule, quotient rule, chain rule, etc. And if you want to study other topics that are more advanced including implicit differentiation rule , logarithmic differentiation rule, L'hospital's rule, Integration by Substitution method and more of this advanced type.

This app is the best way to understand these basic topics without getting anyone to help you with them . You can simply learn from this app because this app even teaches topics like logarithms, implicit and many more topics of its kind. 

Private Tutor:

This app even allows its users to experience things as a private tutor so you can learn well. You can learn from the problems present there and take tests there and if you are not able to solve a problem you can put it there for other users to solve it for you and you can just see what your mistake was when you were solving the same problem. In this way, you get better in your subjects and even get high scores in your exams. This app allows a private tutor for engineering , math and science students.

Built-in mathematical Keyboard:

This app provides the students to search the answer of a problem by typing from the mathematical keyboard that is built-in to the app . Because some students do not have a keyboard with features to type the symbols or mathematical equations on the keyboard. This app even has mode features and we can select whatever mode we want. These modes include text editor mode, Computer Algebra System CAS , etc 

This app provides all the solved problems in the English language and it consists of tutoring the problems in English and Spanish. You can choose whatever from these languages for tutoring lectures. People can learn or even experience their already present techniques of solving problems. This app is best for these users who are learning Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry and Algebra . You can use this app to its core to study for your exams or anything.

Graphs :

You can draw any kind of graph in the app with the help of intuitive graphs present in the app. You can draw circles, parabolas, hyperbolas,functions and line graphs with this feature. You do not have to type the whole information because with this app you just have to tap the “graphs” and this app will show you the information that you need. This app is very useful for solving and finding answers for math problems. This app is user-friendly as well.

Symbolab Pro Apk Download

You can easily download this app on your devices by following these steps.

  • Click on the “download apk” version of Symbolab Pro Apk on this page.
  • The download will start
  • Then go to settings and allow the unknown sources.
  • Then open the apk file
  • There press the “install” button
  • And after some time the Symbolab Pro Apk will be downloaded on your device.

Symbolab Pro Apk iOS

This app is so successful that people are searching this app on their Iphones as well. That’s why the team of Symbolab is working hard and trying to make the iOS version of this game. So, wait a little bit and iOs version will also be released.


No need to worry about math problems or other subjects at all. You can get anything from this app. This app provides the solution of more than a billion problems and more than 100 million have downloaded this app. This app is very successful and allows the students to study on this app without any worry and be comfortable on this app. They can even give tests to check their performance.

Thanks for reading this article and now you can download this app without any tension of schedule at all. And get ready to study with full determination.

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