Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Unlimited Money

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Unlimited Money
Size 748MB
Latest Version 1.2.33
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (18 days ago)
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Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Latest Version

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK For Android

Taxi Sim 2022 Unlimited money

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK:

Do you have a passion for driving a taxi? Many people in this world love to drive a car and take it as a profession or occupation. They can become a rented-taxi driver or a private taxi driver to accomplish their wish of driving a car. Taxi Sim 2022 offers a great experience of driving different models of cars. This game amuses the players with its realistic gameplay and controls. The car controls, car features, and latest models are all making the Taxi Sim 2022 a captivating game. The game has different modes to play to not let the audience get bored. These modes may be Free Roam, Career, and Multiplayer with completely different gameplay from one another. In Taxi Sim 2022, the players have to give their best services to their customers or clients if they want high ranks or levels. You can pick up customers and drop them at their required place or destination provided that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the customer. You have to care about the convenience and ease of the clients. The map contains many cities with charming and beautiful environments. Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is a podium for getting experience of driving different taxis or cars in all directions. So, get ready to enjoy all.

Taxi Sim 2022


Graphics and Controls:

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod has 3D graphics and backgrounds. The cities and the streets all are pictorial and clear. Everything is so so amazing that if you join the game, you will never be able to leave it. Controls are just touch screens. You do not need to learn anything for driving or playing. 

Unlimited Taxis:

You will find almost 30 different models of taxis or cars. You cannot drive all the cars when you start playing Taxi Sim 2022. You are given a cheap car, and you can unlock others by winning competitions and missions. These taxis are customizable and can be personalized. The color, steering, mirrors, and engine can be changed.

Beautiful Cities:

Beautiful lightning cities are present to give you merriment. You can drive a taxi or a private cab in any city that you like. Every city has similar look in reality. You have to unlock the places or cities with your performance. 

Some cities are: 

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  •  Rome
  • Miami

Different Modes

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod has three modes that are different and distinctive. 


In Career game mode, you have to complete the tasks that are given in this game. It occurs when you first start the game. You will offer services with a cheap taxi and then will gain points of dropping the passengers at their endpoints. Your car and your career will be upgraded. 


If a player wants his friends to play with him, multiplayer mode is available. You can add companions from the game or the life. Play, compete and win on the leaderboard. 

Free Roam:

This mode presents the rides in different cities and entertains the user by driving on the roads of beautiful cities. The weather, lights, and structure of the city will amuse the player. 

Removed Ads:

The players will see zero advertisements in Taxi Sim 2022 Mod. All ads are restricted and banned to provide comfort to the players. This feature has come in the mod update.

Destructible Items:

Some racing games are not based on reality, and the vehicles will not be damaged even if they hit something or another vehicle. But, in Taxi Sim 2022 Mod, if your vehicle will hit another vehicle, you will see damage to your car. The damaged car will have to be repaired as you cannot drive a damaged car and cannot fulfill the driver's duty as the customers require comfort. 

Realistic Weather:

Weather conditions in the Taxi Sim 2022 Mod are close to real life. You will see rain, clouds, drizzling, scorching heat of the sun, and a soothing breeze. The changing conditions of weather help the player feel joy and fun. It will not bore the driver, and the player will enjoy the changing climate while driving a taxi.

System Requirements:

The heavy size of the application shows that the game will require a high-end device. It requires androids with 5.1 API (Application Programming Interface) and above. The compatibility must be matched between the game and the device. Otherwise, you cannot play the game smoothly. If both are compatible and you are still unable to play the Taxi Sim 2022, you should download the previously released versions.

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Developer:

The famous developer of Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is Ovidiu Pop, who is known because of his authentic games. Ovidiu Pop has tried to make everything realistic and capturing.

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Latest Version:

The latest update had come on July 23, 2022, and it was 1.3.2. This time the developer has released the hack version of the game with all mod features. 

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Removed Ads
  3. Unlocked Cars

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Size:

This taxi driving game contains 838MB. This large=sized file shows that Taxi Sim 2022 will require a device with high operating systems. Low-end androids will not work with it. 

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK Download:

The complete procedure for downloading the Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is herein below and you can follow it if you have an interest in improving your driving skills and abilities. 

  1. Uninstall the old version of Taxi Sim 2022 if you have already downloaded it on your device.
  2. Open the settings of your device and reach the App Permissions. 
  3. Enable the security of the device to permit the installation from all sources. 
  4. Now press the link of Taxi Sim 2022 Mod APK to start downloading the APK file. 
  5. Stay on the download page. 
  6. After completing the download of the APK, move to the Files. 
  7. Click the downloaded file to install it on the android device. 
  8. The installation process will get finished within an instant. 
  9. You can now enjoy driving cars.


This simulation game is the most acceptable choice for all car lovers. People, who cannot afford expensive cars in real life, can use this game as a platform for driving the latest models of cars. The game has presented enthralling gameplay with clear 3D graphics and colorful visuals. Zero advertisements in Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is capturing the audience and present uninterrupted driving fun. You can play it offline too. Numerous cities and weather conditions avoid the players from boredom.

Taxi Sim


Q. Can I play Taxi Sim 2022 Mod without an internet network?

Yes, you can drive a car offline in free mode. Taxi Sim 2022 Mod will not demand any internet network if you are playing alone in single mode. You will need a strong Wi-Fi connection if you want your friends to play with you.

Q. How can advertisements be restricted in Taxi Sim 2022?

If you are sick of interrupting ads, you can install the modified version of Taxi Sim 2022. This version will not show any ads as all ads are banned in this update.

Q. Does this Taxi Sim 2022 Mod damage the device?

Definitely, not. It is fully secured as it has been tested many times and found secured. So you can install it tension-free.

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