Teaching Feeling APK Download Latest Version

Teaching Feeling APK Download Latest version

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App Name Teaching Feeling APK Download Latest version
Size 383MB
Latest Version 2.5.2
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Fingersoft
Content Rating Rated for 12+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK Download now

Teaching Feeling APK Latest version

Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling Introduction and Storyline

Teaching feeling is a visual story game about a young girl Sylvie who is mistreated and abused by her ex owner and now the player has to decide what to do with her. This game is all about your feelings for this little girl who is now at your mercy but in order to understand the game you have to understand the storyline of this game.

In this game’s story there is a single doctor who loves to help everyone. One day a person with a young girl comes to his house and tells him that the doctor saved his life once and now he wants to repay the doctor’s fee. The person requested the doctor to keep this young girl named Sylvie because her owner just died and left his property behind, this girl is also a part of his property as a slave. The doctor can see the scars and marks of brutal torture on this girl’s face and body. Now, the doctor has the choices to adopt and take care of this girl or to abuse her like the previous owner.


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Teaching Feeling Gameplay

In this game “Teaching feeling” the player has to play the character of this doctor and to decide what to do with that little girl. The gameplay is quite conversational and includes various tasks and missions. As a player you can help her in recording from the post traumatic conditions and physical abuse done by her ex owner. You can make her healthier by treatment as she is suffering from bad health due to past events.

You can make her feel good by talking to her, rubbing her gently, or by touching her badly. You are the one who makes decisions about what to do with her in this game according to the situation.

If you talk to her she will feel good and comfortable and you get to know more about her, like how she was tortured by her previous owner and how this all affected her mentally and physically.

If you rub her head gently she will feel shy and protected but will not react to it. If you keep doing this everyday then it will surely make her feel better and secure.

But, if you “touch” her it's an inappropriate thing to do and she will be scared but will not react to it because you are her owner now. This act will remind her of the scary past and it is not a good thing to do but this game allows you to do so. Due to this touching option this game is rated as 18 plus.

You have to take care of Sylvie with all your efforts and resources in the game because this game depends on her life. You will lose the game if Sylvie dies, so you have to make her feel secure and happy with you.Moreover, you can also do adult affairs with her smiling consent.

Main Tasks in Teaching Feeling Game

The main task of this game is to take care of her along with your daily routine work. You have to complete your daily professional work in order to meet your expenses and needs. Sylvie is more than just a servant for you as she is a young and beautiful girl and just like every other man you too have all the desires. But these desires should not be only limited to physical relation, as she could be your love of life and a beautiful soulmate for you.

So, you have to be affectionate and caring for her and with the passage of time she will understand you. She will gradually start feeling love for you and gives you certain kinds of looks and gestures. Moreover, like real life you can go out in the town and discover various other aspects of this game.

Teaching Feeling Chat Box Feature

Chat box is located on the right side of the screen in order to communicate with her through actions and words. You can chat with her in these two ways given below:

  1. Live chat - In the live chat feature you can communicate with Sylvie in your words and sentences. You have to type the words in the chat box then Sylvie will hear and respond to your talk or questions. This is the most distinctive feature and is not available in all interactive games.

Random Chat - In the random chat feature you can communicate through in-built quotes and sentences from the game. You just have to tap on the “random chat” button and the chat box will show you a lot of suggested words, quotes and sentences from which you can choose and talk to her.

Teaching Feeling Graphics

Graphics of the game are absolutely detailed and filled with great animations. Your behavior in the game is also displayed through the lights in the game i.e if you are being nice to Sylvie the lights will look bright and cheerful but if you are being brutal with her then lights will turn darker.

Save the Game Feature

This game allows you to save the game status at any stage of the game. You can save the game wherever you want in any of six stages of the game. Simply press the “save” button in order to save the game status in your storage and exit without any worries.

Humanitarian Values

Teaching feeling game is in accordance with the humanitarian values like child protection and feminism. The character of Sylvie is shown as a helpless and weak girl but with great care and attention you can help her in forgetting the bitter past and starting a new life. This game expresses the beautiful message of loving and caring about other human beings and its effect on the lives of people.

How to save Sylvie?

Most of the players lost Sylvie in the first fifteen days of the gameplay due to her weak physical condition and illness. In order to save her in the most sensitive first fifteen days you have to follow certain guidelines given below:

Never ever “touch” her :

As discussed above the touch button is provided in this game in order to fulfill your specific desires by abusing her physically. By directly touching her you will make her even more weak and sick because this shows your bad attitude towards her, you can talk to her or rub her to gain her trust and then slowly she will develop the feelings of love for you.

Keep the intimacy level above 50:

This game contains an intimacy bar which shows the score of intimacy according to your level of closeness with Sylvie. You have to keep this score above 50 in order to keep her healthy and alive in the first fifteen days of illness. You can increase this score by fulfilling her needs and by taking good care of her. So, help her in fighting against the acute illness in the first fifteen days of gameplay.

Teaching Feeling APK Full Version

The full version of the teaching feeling game contains all the premium and paid features of the game which can only be accessed by making in-app purchases.

If you want to buy anything from the game store (game resources) you have to pay real money against it.

The premium features of Teaching feeling apk are stated below:

  • Free to play
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Complete gameplay unlocked
  • Unlimited money
  • Cheat menu enabled
  • Ads free gameplay

Want to know the best part?  If you don’t want to pay for the game store items and other features of this game then you can download the full version of Teaching feeling with its complete premium features and all game store items unlocked from our site for free.

Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK Download 

You can download Teaching feeling apk on your mobile phone by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Download the Teaching Feeling game file by clicking on download button below
  2. Open your phone settings and go to security tab
  3. Enable installation of apps from third-party / unknown sources
  4. Tap on the file in order to install it
  5. When it is completely installed, tap on the Teaching Feeling game icon to start playing it.


Q. Is the “Teaching feeling”game suitable for children?

No, this game is for adults only and contains adult content.

Q. Can we play Teaching Feeling APK with friends?

Unfortunately, the Teaching feeling game is not yet available to play in the multiplayer mode. You can play this game in the single player mode only.

Q. Is it free to play Teaching feeling game?

Teaching feeling game is free to download and play. However some versions of this game may require payment in order to access the game resources from the game store.

Q. can we play Teaching feeling on PC?

Teaching feeling can be downloaded and played on all platforms including PC, android and ios. However, in order to download and play it on your PC you need to install desktop emulators like bluestacks, LD emulator etc.

Q. Is it safe to download the Teaching Feeling APK?

Yes, it is completely safe to download and play the Teaching Feeling game because it is completely virus proof and tested by millions of users from all over the world.

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