The Escapists Mod APK v1.0.3 Unlimited Health For Android

Who doesn’t know Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows? They are the two lead characters of the exceptionally famous TV show Prison Break. As you can tell by the name, the series rotates around the two sibling’s escape from one of the most highly secure prisons in the USA. How would you like to play a girl with these two characters and the risky plot? Well, this is exactly what The Escapists Mod APK is all about.

The Escapists mod apk

Play The Escapists Mod APK and experience intense gameplay where you have to break free from the harshest prison in the world. You have to plan and execute your escape plan and face different obstacles throughout the game.

Download The Escapist Mod APK 

You can install The Escapist: Prison Escape from Google Play Store for $6.4. If you want to play this game for FREE then get The Escapist APK Mod. So, download the most thrilling adventure game now!

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NameThe Escapists APK
Last updated2019-07-19
Size88 MB
DeveloperTeam 17 Digital Limited
CategoryMod, Play, Strategy
Requires Android2.3 and up
Get it onGoogle Play

The gameplay of The Escapist Mod APK

The Escapist offers players to make an escape plan and break through the prison. You should escape from the most secure prisons on the planet. The severity level of your imprisonment will change throughout the game; you will sometimes face harsh punishments and sometimes they will be unbearable.

The correctional facility you will be held in is going to be strict so be very careful and not get caught. Before the beginning of every level, you pick the name and look of your 8-bit hero. Then the hero wakes up in a tiny cell in the new prison facility.

Despite the prison’s security level, every organization has its limitations. Toward the beginning of the game, you will follow the daily prison routine of having breakfast, leisure time, work, lunch, sports, supper and night move call. When the night hits and you are about to sleep, you start working on your prison break!

It is additionally a role-playing game somewhat and has some great back in your prison character building points. You can hit the loads and treadmill and become the person no one wants to mess with. This will open up chances to intimidate others to help you and even a way to force your way out of the joint. You can even avoid escape to become the ultimate prison power broker and build up a great deal of wealth and inventory.

Multiplayer Game – 4 Players 

When you know, arrange and follow the significant components, planning your escape is a lot simpler. All the more explicitly, you can participate with 3 different prisoners to begin the adventure.

During the “submissive” time in prison, stealthily make and exchange the things you make and hide them from guards. It is useful to have spare time to visit and play sports. Building a decent relationship with different prisoners will help you a great deal in dealing and trading.

At the point when the time is helpful, utilize such chances to discreetly getaway. Things you have covered up add to making mystery ways. So, sneak through the prison watchmen or distract them. Along these lines, you will consistently be in the high ground and will make an uncommon prison break ever. As you break through a prison you will move to the next level.


The Escapists APK graphics are quite simple and basic. The game has just pixel designs with interesting part character creation. You can make a character based on your likings from the earliest starting point. Be that as it may, simulation and scene impacts in the game are extremely astounding. They depict life in prison with endless things to discover. You will feel like you are a part of the Prison Break show.

Is The Escapist APK worth Playing? 

Though the Escapists APK is a paid game, many have already downloaded it. In any case, the difficulties that the game brings are very intriguing. You can also get the game for FREE which makes it a great steal!

On the off chance that you love Prison Break or enjoy the senseless plans of the Dalton siblings, then this is a game you should not miss.

Features of The Escapists Prison Escape APK

  1. Addictive prison simulator game – The game comes with a mind-blowing and addictive prison stimulator. Here, you are in prison and to dig a tunnel out of your prison, all you have to do is find forks and spoons and start the digging mission.
  2. Over 6 themed prisons – With more than six themed prisons, you will have to run from jails with minimum security or fight your way out of fearsome big houses like Alcatraz. The game is not all about running but you have to adjust in prison life by carrying out the daily activities of the life behind the bars too. You have to challenge the other three prisons as well.
  3. Find, steal and trade items – To smooth your escape mission, you need to search many items for stealing and trading. You will get the necessary stuff to escape through trading items.
  4. Find traders (Other prisoners)– You will carry out the trade with the prisoners. And for that, you need to find the right prisoners to get a screwdriver, nails, duct tape, and other useful tools.
  5. Build your muscles– Build your strength and stamina by working out in the exercise as it will be very useful in the game. You can use this strength for scaling walls.
  6. Dodge detectors – Dodging contraband detectors is crucial. If you will pass near the dodging contractor having contraband in the pocket, the heat meter will rise to 99 percent.
  7. Escape Plan – You can break out the prison in multiple ways. But to find the best way, build a solid plan using your intellect, tools and strength.
  8. Prison Life – This game gives you a chance to experience prison life virtually. You can steal a uniform to blend in with the guards or dig an entire tunnel underground. The possibilities are endless.
  9. Strategy game – You are not only focused on winning and clearing each level but your main purpose is to escape through the prison. You will have to make strategies and enjoy this simulator game.
  10. Free and Safe – Escapist APK is 100% free to download in APK form. It is also very safe and you will not face any issues while playing this game. The gameplay, graphics and feel of the APK are the same as the official game available on the Google Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? Download The Escapist APK right now.

Download and Install The Escapist APK Free on your Android Phone

As mentioned before, The Escapist is a paid game. You can visit the Play Store and buy it. If you want this game without paying anything, then we present to you the most recent The Escapist APK download in which you can download and install it for FREE.

If you are a new Android user and do not know how to install it via APK, you can follow the steps mentioned below:


The Escapists Prison Escape v1.1.0 APK Requirements & Compatible Versions are:

  • GB Memory (Ram)
  • 1 GHz +Bread] CPU
  • Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 [Honeycomb]
  • Android 4.0 Ice [cream Sandwich]
  • Android 4.1 [Jelly Bean]
  • Android 4.4 [Kitkat]
  • Android 5.0 [Lollipop]
  • Android 6.0 [Marshmallow]

Note: Make sure you enable “unknown sources” before downloading the APK File of Escapist Prison break APK.

Step 1: Download The Escapist APK on your phone

  1. Download the APK file of The Escapist APK from a trustworthy and safe website.
  2. Go to download in my files or opening files on the device.
  3. Tap the APK file in downloads.

Step 2: Allow app permissions

Different apps have to access different systems of your Android phone. The app notifies all the required permissions to run the app when you are installing the app.

Step 3: Start Installations

Once the permissions have allowed, just let the app completely install. After the installation, The Escapist APK icon will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Play The Escapist APK

Now just open the app and start playing The Escapist APK!

Step 5: Update Settings

Once you start using the application, you will see regular updates on the app. Just allow the regular apps to install and keep enjoying!


The Escapists is a difficult game, it is not simple to escape from prison. It is a profound game also with a lot to learn and discover. You cooperate with different detainees and guards; each of whom has an opinion about you. For example, fighting a detainee can have results later when you need to purchase something from them.

There are a variety of approaches to build up your prison life and make your escape or not, with not a single railroad tracks to be found. If you appreciate open universes, a lot of tactics to win and loads of stuff to play with, The Escapists APK is the way to go.

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