Them Bombs Mod Apk

Them Bombs Mod Apk

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App Name Them Bombs Mod Apk
Size 70M
Latest Version v2.2.2
MOD Features Full version
Developer Yellow Dot
Content Rating Rated for 12+ Mild Swearing
Requires Rated for 12+ Mild Swearing
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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The Them Bombs Mod Apk is a game that uses the Android engine to allow you to play against friends and opponents online. This application will allow you to play with your friends while simultaneously ranking up your own team, the bomb team. You are given two teams of five members each, and are required to earn points by earning the most hits and making the least number of bombs that explode while you are bombarding. The bombs are called "Bombs" and are shown on an icon that resembles a game that has been selected from the Play Store. When the button on your keyboard is pressed, it will cause a bomb to pop out of the screen, causing the opponents to have to find it and destroy it before it explodes.

 If you are playing this game on the Android device, you will not find it very difficult to install Them Bombs Apk Full. In fact, this is one of those games that can be easily installed on any Windows Vista PC or Mac OS X machine. You can simply locate it, download it, and install it onto your android device.

 Once you have it installed, you simply need to find the enemy and then do a quick attack. This action will cause the bomb to explode and if your team makes it to the opposing side without using the bomb to defuse, then you lose your last man standing. If you manage to make it to the other side successfully, then you earn points based on your skills and the time that you took to stop the timer. The trophy will then be yours.

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Be the part of the great bomb defusal squad

This game them bombs full version apk is very much like the old arcade style bomb defusal puzzle games where players had to find the enemies and kill them without letting them escape. In the Them Bombs Apk, the challenges are a lot harder as the objectives you must hit and stop the timer with bombs that can be planted on certain items to make it explode. However, as the game progresses, the challenge gets easier. When you finally reach level ten, the game comes to an end and you have won. In this game there are two modes and you can select either to play against the computer or versus each player individually.

 In this game, the controls of the game are simple and easy to understand. You need to use the mouse for most actions. Holding left or right trigger will trigger an explosion as well as using the space bar for zooming and tapping backspace will cause the bomb to self-destruct. As for other controls, you can also use the keyboard for movement. To defuse the item, just click on it. It is possible to use the keyboard arrow keys to move and the Space to stop.

 You can find a bomb defuse in many websites if you want to download bomb defuse for free. This is a popular application and is usually found in paid or free versions. You should not download apk from illegal sites, as it may put you at risk and give you a virus risk. There are many legitimate websites where you can find the app.



You or one of different players find a bomb, and you need to eliminate them to try not to jeopardize individuals. To have the option to do that requires a saint and a group of subject matter experts. The saint is the one in particular who utilizes the Ipad, and most of them will assume the undertaking of the master group. This group will approach and guide the gallant method to eliminate the bomb. Be that as it may, they can not perceive what the legend is doing on the screen. The legend can not see the substance of the teacher. The solitary way they can collaborate and speak with one another is through radio or discourse.


How to download and install Them Bombs Mod Apk?

  1. First of all click on the download button, the apk file will automatically start downloading.
  2. Search the downloaded apk file in the download folder of your mobile and open it for installation.
  3. Go to your mobile settings, click on security, and click on unknown resources.
  4. Now open the app and Enjoy.



We have mentioned all information of the Them Bombs Mod Apk. We are imparting you the mod version of the app. In this mod, you will get all of the app's top-class functions free of fee. Get all gear unlocked for you and enjoy a unique experience. If you want any further help from us or face any troubles at some point of setup or have any vital queries, provide us your remarks with the whole info. Thank you

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