This War Of Mine Mod Apk

This War Of Mine Mod Apk

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App Name This War Of Mine Mod Apk
Size 21M
Latest Version 1.5.10
MOD Features Unlimited Resources Android
Developer 11 bit studios
Content Rating Mature 17+ Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Use of Drugs and Alcohol, Strong Language
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update October 26, 2022 (3 months ago)
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The plight of Syria and Palestine is well known world over. The internet is rife with harrowing images of civilians trapped in war zones. But for those of us born and raised in socioeconomic security it is difficult to grasp the experience of living through a war in its entirety.

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This War Of Mine Apk reddit is a survival game that takes place in a war torn nation. However the game comes with a surprising twist. Instead of handing users rifles and helmets to battle the enemy on the frontline, the main player is an emaciated civilian trying to survive as the war rages on.

The user has to lead a pack of civilians as bombs and bullets fly over head. The main goal is not only to ensure your survival but look after the others in your group and make sure they make it out alive as well.

About This War of Mine Apk Mod:

This War Of Mine Apk Mod gives players a chance to experience life in the time of war. It shifts the focus from the soldiers fighting on the battle lines, to the suffering civilians enduring war time atrocities.

The missions are different for day time and night time. During the day players can not venture out in the open because of snipers hiding in nearby buildings. So during the day the characters stay inside their makeshift shelters and craft tools from the materials at hand.

During the night players can go outside in search of food and supplies. They may even find other civilians and can decide whether to help or rob them. Through out the game the main player has to keep a check on the hunger, mood and health levels of the people in his group.


Each character has different sets of abilities that may aid or hinder survival. For example one character may have the skill to cook in less time using less water. Such a skill is useful for other group mates and ensures survival. The ultimate goal is to keep group members alive until a ceasefire takes place.

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The game lets players experience firsthand the devastating effects of war. This heartbreaking tale is sure to leave a mark on its audience.

Features of This War of Mine apk mod:

Some features of This War of Mine apk mod are listed below:

  1. The game is based on true events.
  2. The main player looks after the other survivors and manages the shelter.
  3. Make tough decisions.
  4. You get a random world and characters every time a new game is started.


How to install this war of mine apk:

You can download this incredible app by following the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Download Link given on this page.
  2. While the file is downloading go in your Settings > Additional Settings > Administration.
  3. There you will find Unknown Source toggle button. Enable it to successfully install This War of Mine.
  4. Once the download completes tap the app and start the installation.

Final Words:

This War of Mine apk gives users a civilian’s perspective on war. The heart rending story rattles one’s conscience as users realize the scope of the devastation caused by war. The charcoal stylized aesthetics complement the overall theme of the game and create a gloomy desolate ambience.

This War of Mine Apk pure gives an incredible game experience and a gut wrenching story. It stands out from all the other survival game because of its focus not on the heroic soldiers but the civilians who persevere even in the most difficult of times.

It sheds light on the many atrocities that people stuck in war zones have to endure. The game is very well executed with excellent graphics and sound quality that sets the pace of the game and creates the right mood. This and many other factors have brought this game critical acclaim and wide popularity all over the world.

Do you have what it takes to survive in a war ravaged land? Find out in This War of Mine Apk. Download now and get playing.

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