TikTok Lite APK Download For  Android

TikTok Lite APK Download For Android

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App Name TikTok Lite APK Download For Android
Size 11MB
Latest Version Varies with device
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer TikTok Pte. Ltd.
Content Rating Teen
Requires Varies with device
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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TikTok Lite APK

I am very much sure that you must have heard about Tik Tok. It’s because even though I do not use Tiktok I still know about this app. This app has gained so much popularity that almost everyone knows about it. And if you haven’t heard about it yet then I will tell you about this app here. Tktok is a content creating app where you can create content  of different types and make videos and then post them on this platform. Create a large amount of videos and then gain popularity among the people who are interested in your content.

Create your own videos and then post it online. You can select the videos from the gallery or can just make them right on the spot and post them after editing them a bit. This will get you at your best and you will be able to grow your content on this platform. Share your videos among the friends and ask them to follow you. Make a public account in order to let it grow and a lot of new people will follow and like your content if they like your content. Just make sure to update your videos again and again. 

Tiktok lite is a light and free version that takes less space and is more advanced than the normal version. You will get a chance to view the content that other users and making and are allowed to like and comment on their videos and you are even able to share the videos with your friends by this lite version But you can not upload your own videos as for that you have to download the real  version of Tik Tok. But that version has so much storage and takes so much space in your mobile phones and causes the phone to hang. This version takes very less storage. 

Apart from storage saving this version even saves the data usage. Like we can get some features of the actual TikTok by this version and with less data. We can watch unlimited videos on this platform. We are able to save them but when we think about uploading we can not upload our own video because we must have an account and that is not possible in this version. So, get a chance to use the Tiktok but with less data and less space.

TikTok Lite APK

TikTok Lite Apk Features

Here are some features of Tik Tok Lite Apk 


  • Light Version:


“Tiktok Lite Apk” the name itself shows that it will be a light version and more useful. More useful in a sense that it will not cause any harm to the mobile phone because of its space storage. The app provides the complete optimization and is totally virus free. So, no need to be scared about any virus or threat.


  • Less Data Usage:


The main complaint of the users of the Original version is that all the data is used in the Tik Tok app even if they just scroll and watch videos. The app consumes most of the data and it destroys the data management on their androids. So, this version is created that takes very less data and allows the user to watch the videos with the same quality and same amount. Like the users are allowed to watch unlimited videos and can scroll down and down without any worry. This lite version will not eat all the data. 


  • Fast Internet Connection speed:


This app uses the data at a very fast connection that means there will be no distraction or any kind of stopping of videos. The videos will continue to play without any internet issues. This app allows the users to browse the videos of any type with complete and fast connection.


  • Like and Comment:


Even though this app is a light version of the actual Tik Tok app, this version allows the users to like and comment on the videos they watch. The users can even share the video with their friends and family without any restriction. Be sure to download this version from the link given in this site to enjoy watching the videos without any barrier.


  • Battery Saving:


Yes, this app is even battery saving. How? As this app uses less data and less storage then that means that this app is completely battery saving.  Because the battery of a mobile depends upon the data usage. When the usage is more than the battery will be used more and when the usage is less than it will save battery itself. 


  • Less size:


The size of the Tik Tok lite version has been reduced by almost 30MB from the real version. And this is very useful because it will not harm the storage of your phone and you will have extra storage for other apps as well. So, be sure to download this app not the Tik Tok real version to save the space of your Android.


  • Recommendations:


This app will give you recommendations like it will show you the videos that are based on the video type that you watched before. You will be able to watch the video of the categories you like. New videos will be shown on your feed but all will be of your type. This feature is also available in this lite version.


  • Get inspired:


You can get inspired by the videos you see. This app will show the videos of people who are showing you their talent through this platform. Watch their videos and get inspired and find your own talent. Be inspired and make your own videos and use that talent to earn money online or make a business. 


  • Various Categories:


This app contains videos of so many categories and you will not get bored. You just have to select the category and you are good to go. This feature gets you at your best as you can choose the category depending on your mode. You can watch sad videos by searching up the “Sad Videos” in the search engine and the same goes for other categories. You just have to search and the app will show you an endless series of videos of that category. 


  • Latest Videos:


When you open this app it will always show you the latest videos and you will be able to get to watch the latest videos. It also gets you to know what is going on the internet these days. Be updated and know about the world. New trends can be seen through this app. The music that is famous these days will also be seen on this app.

Tik Tok Lite Apk System Requirement

The system required for this Apk version of Tik Tok lite is Android 4.1 or any system of Android that is higher than it.  This app will not run properly on any system that is lower than the required one and it will be a big mistake if you try to download it on any lower version as it will only destroy the system and will cause the hanging of the device. So, it is always better to download the app on the required system.

Tik Tok Lite Apk Latest Version

The latest version of Tik Tok Lite Apk is 25.8.4 and was updated on July 13, 2022. This version is 33.21Mb which is very small as compared to the real version of Tik tok. The app is being used worldwide as a lot of people are using thai app so the team of this app is continuously working on this app and is updating the version more and more to keep it updated and according to the current requirements.

Tik Tok Lite Downloads

This app has been downloaded by 500M+ people worldwide. That means that this app is very useful and is worth it. You can install this app and start watching videos of your liking without any barrier. It is rated 4.3 on Google Play store. Even that version does not allow the free features and is still appreciated by millions of people.

TikTok Lite Login

Yes, you can easily login to your Tik Tok account but for that you must have an account. You can login the account by putting in the information they ask for and they mostly ask the “username” and “password” that you fill when you made the account. But if you forgot your username or password no need to worry because you can recover them using your email that you put in as information. Now, login and watch amazing videos of various categories on this platform. All the features in this apk version are completely free and you do not need to pay for them.

Tik Tok Lite Developer

Tik Tok Lite was developed by TikTok Pte. Ltd. This version is very much appreciated among the people who like watching videos on a daily basis. If you are one of them then you are at the right place. Be sure to download the app and enjoy the features for free.

Tik Tok Lite Link

What is the Tik Tok Lite link? It means when you share the video or the account name to anyone on another social media platform it will be shared in the form of a link. And the other will get to see the things on the same app with the help of the link. You can share videos with the help of that link. Or even share the TikTok Lite link in order to get them to download this app. The link for downloading the app is given in this site.

Tik Tok Lite Online

Yes, we can download this app and then use this app online. By Online it means that you must have a data connection in order to use this app. You are not able to see content when being offline. You must have a stable data connection to run this app on your device.

Tik Tok Lite Apk Download

You are able to download the app on your device by following the given steps

  • Firstly you must click on the “download” option present in this page.
  • The download will be started and after the downloading is completed.
  • Now allow the “Unknown Sources “ from the settings of your Android.
  • Then open the already downloaded apk file in the file manager of your device. 
  • Tap on the “Install” option and the installation will start.
  • When the installation is completed, now open the app and get ready to watch a hell lot of videos in this app.

Tik Tok Lite Safe

Yes, this app is completely safe for the users to use as it is providing a privacy policy. They can save their data and it will not get harmed if they are using the original version that is being downloaded from the Google Play Store or App store. The download of this app from any third party does not provide a clear privacy policy and there might be a chance that the data of the users can get harmed. But it does not happen so don’t be worried.

TikTok Lite


Tik Tok Lite Apk is a version that allows the users to get a chance to watch a hell lot of amazing videos of different categories without any restriction. They can watch videos of different countries. They are even able to like and comment on the videos/content they like. They can even share the video with their families and friends. The users are able to enjoy all these features for absolutely free. This app saves the data and is battery saving. This app is even a fast connection user. This app requires less space than the original version of the app.


Q. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, this app is safe to use and apart from being safe this app even saves the battery and uses less data and requires less data that automatically keeps the system safe from any kind of hanging.

Q. Can we upload a video on Tik Tok Lite apk?

No, the users are restricted in this feature and they can not upload a video on this app but they are allowed to like and comment on the videos they like.

Q. Does this app show unlimited videos?

Yes, this app allows the users to watch unlimited videos of whatever user they want. They can watch the videos of whatever country and category they want. They are free to watch videos and are not restricted at all.

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