Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and IOS

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and IOS

Nowadays, every other person you know is busy in their own life in managing their jobs, work, home, and life. Yes, life is hectic for some people but then there is also Artificial Intelligence that really helps a person in so many different ways. Artificial Intelligence is one of the popular and the most used form of technology. It basically provides you with a personal assistant that will help you in doing your important work and it can also cut your work hours in half.

Sounds interesting right? Well, it is. We all have a smart phone in our hands, artificial intelligence will get your phone to work and it will then help you by doing some of your important chores and by giving you correct information in the right time.

If you are interested in knowing about what these apps are and how they can help you; you need to read this article till the end to know every single detail about all the apps there are that are build for your help. There are so many Artificial Intelligence apps but we have sorted out the top 10 ones that are really useful for everyone and are a must- have. Let’s have a look at these amazingly helpful Artificial Intelligence apps.

Best Artificial Intelligence Apps Build for Your Help

  1. Google Allo

You can’t always use your phone and reply to the texts. There are some days where you have a heavy workload and really want help in sending in all the important messages to people. If that is the case, Google Allo is here for you. You can easily download Google Allo on your smart phone and let it do all the typing for you. With this app, you just have to speak whatever that is that you wanted to type and Google Allo will type and send it for you. This app also has tons of emojis and stickers that you can send to express your feelings. This Artificial Intelligence app also features an Incognito mode that will hide your search and history.

Google Allo is available to download for Android as well as IOS users.

  1. Cortana

Cortana will prove to be the best personal assistant for you, that too for free! With the help of this app, you can always be on top of your game as it has a reminder, sync option, and other useful features. With Cortana, you can easily track down your images, videos and important files and sync it to your PC or any other gadget in minutes. You can also set a reminder for your important meeting, or a deadline and Cortana will remind it for you. This is an amazing Artificial Intelligence app that will get your favorite sport, song or artist whenever you want. Not to mention, Cortana is free to download and is available to download for Android and IOS phones.

  1. Robin

Robin is another amazing Artificial Intelligence app that will do all the work for you. You just have to download Robin on your smart phone. This app features a GPS, so you never miss a way and always be on time. You can also send texts with Robin just by speaking and it will type and send it for you. Robin can also tell you some funny jokes that will surely lighten up your mood after a stressful day. You can also set reminders on this app and it will remind you of it on time. Yes, this amazingly useful app is available on App Store and Google Store as well.

  1. Edison Assistant

You can now download your free assistant and take it around with you. This is a great Artificial Intelligence app for everyone. It is available for Android as well as IOS users. This app is also known as easilyDo Smart app, so you can search that up too. Edison will guide you the way by showing the map, it will also tell you where you can find traffic and will take you to your destination from the shortest direction. With Edison Assistant, you can also book your flight or movie tickets, book a restaurant or save your seat for an event. The best part is, this amazing Artificial Intelligence app is free to download too.

  1. Socratic

So for all the students out there, who are looking for someone who can help them with their daily homework; Socratic is the one that can help. This Artificial Intelligence app is the best for all students. It can solve your Math problems in minutes. Now you don’t have to go to your friend’s house and ask for help, instead, you can just open Socratic app on your smart phone and get your homework done. You just have to take a picture of your homework from Socratic’s camera and this app will provide you with the answer and will also help you by showing new and easy methods for the problem.

So students get your Android or IOS smart phone out and download this useful app now, for free.

  1. Swiftkey Keyboard

It really is annoying when you have to text something important and type something wrong. If this happens to you very often, you should definitely download Swift Keyboard on your smart phone. What this app will help you with is that it will correct your wrong texts with the right ones and will autocorrect your wrong spellings as well. You can also change the text’s font, color, design, and theme and make it even more fun and attractive. Swiftkey is also an amazing Artificial Intelligence app that is available to download for free both Android and IOS users.

  1. Replika

Replika is another useful Artificial Intelligence app that is great for people who wants to know more about their personality. If you don’t have a lot of friends, or if you just want to increase your conversations, you should definitely download Replika on your smart phone. You can actually have conversations with Replika. Apart from conversations, you can also save up your important notes and memories on this amazing app and it will keep it safe for you. Replika is free to download and both Android and IOS users can download it.

  1. HOUND

HOUND is one of the best Artificial Intelligence apps that are pretty useful for everyone. Apart from being the most useful app, it is very easy to use too. You just have to say “OK HOUND” and command whatever it is that you want it to do. It can send texts, make calls, send your emails and do much more. Hound will also let you know the best restaurants, hotels, doctors, and cinemas nearby. Hound also features text translation, so it can also translate your texts in any language that you want. This amazing app is, of course, free to download and is for developed for Android and IOS users as well.

  1. IRIS

IRIS is another useful Artificial Intelligence app that is created by Paint Technology Solutions. This app is best for everyone working in an office, no matter what position. If you are a manager using IRIS, you can easily get a full report of any team member. You can also sync in your important files and images to your PC or laptop in seconds. Another amazing feature of IRIS is that you can share the file with your team members and all can connect with it at the same time. IRIS is one of the best Artificial Intelligence apps that is useful for Android and IOS users as well.

  1. Youper

If you are a fitness freak or just someone who is planning to be fit, you need Youper in your smart phones. Youper is basically an Artificial Intelligence app that will be your personal assistant and will keep you updated about your health. This app features congenital behavior therapy (CBT), medication and commitment therapy. Apart from this, this app also features great stretching positions so you can stretch your body and relax. Youper will also give you very useful and informative tips every day. This fitness is free to download the app, and is available on Play Store and App Store as well.

Here were the best 10 artificial intelligence apps that are very useful for everyone. All these apps are available for both Android and IOS users and are also downloadable for free. You can now make your hectic work routine a little easy with the help of these Artificial Intelligence apps.

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