Top 10 Best Monopoly Apps for Android and IOS

Top 10 Best Monopoly Apps for Android and IOS

Monopoly was and still is one of the most played games. People who once loved monopoly are still obsessed with playing it as it is one interesting game. Monopoly is a board game and back in the day, there was not even a single house hold that doesn’t have the monopoly game.

If you are a monopoly game lover, there is good news for you. Now that fast internet and smart phones have taken over, you can find anything over the internet and enjoy it. As for this time, your once loved and famous monopoly game can now be played on your smart phone or your tablet and iPads. Yes, you heard it right. There are now many Monopoly apps that are available to download for both Android and IOS users. These apps are exactly like the board Monopoly game that you used to play. It is still super fun and interesting game.

If you are an old Monopoly game fan, you are at the right place right now. You can now download Monopoly on your smart phone and enjoy playing it with your friends and family anytime. Now, there are so many apps that will have you confused on which one to download and play. Well, you don’t have to worry as here we have listed for you the best 10 Monopoly game apps that are easy to download and super fun to play. You can download any of these apps and start your Monopoly game now.

Top 10 Best Monopoly Apps

Best Monopoly Games for You

  1. Monopoly BINGO

Monopoly BINGO is one of the best monopoly games that you can download on your smart phone, Android or IOS and start playing it for free. You will find BINGO one of the best Monopoly games as it provides more Bingo cards than any other Bingo game. You can start playing Monopoly BINGO, try your luck and start building houses and hotels.

Monopoly BINGO has both free and paid versions, so for now you can download the free version and later upgrade it.

  1. MONOPOLY Slots

Monopoly is people’s favorite board game and so is MONOPOLY Slots. You can also choose your favorite token to boost your luck. It is your chance to become a billionaire as you have to complete quests to build your own city and to become the real estate champion. MONOPOLY Slots give you a chance to buy new cards, tokens and variety of other slot machines. You will be able to have access to these exciting things as you go up the levels. The best part is, MONOPOLY Slots is free to download and is also available to download for both Android and IOS users.

  1. Europoly

With Europoly, you can play the classic MONOPOLY game with 4 different players. IIt is a fun game as you can play it with your group of friends and family. The second best feature of Europlay is that you can also play your favorite Monopoly offline that is without any internet connection. By playing this game, you can also become a millionaire by attending the auctions or by buying the properties that are not owned by anyone. There are also 9 different avatars with different level of Artificial Intelligence and this feature makes Europoly a better game. This game is of course; free to download and is available on Play Store and App Store as well.

  1. MONOPOLY Cards by Shuffle

Monopoly Cards by Shuffle is another popular and also the most played game of Monopoly. It is developed by Cartamundi Digital. This game is best for the one who is a beginner and is learning to play the game. From this game, you can easily learn how to deal, steal and gain extra knowledge about the game. You will slowly learn how to play the best monopoly by downloading MONOPOLY Cards by Shuffle. In order to win this game, you have to collect three property sets. Monopoly Cards by Shuffle is free to download and is available for both Android and IOS users.

  1. LandLord

Landlord is another addictive monopoly board game app which is free to download for both Android and IOS users. It has an easy and fast interface that helps in quick transferring. The best feature of Landlord is that it is a reality based game where you can actually buy sell and trade digital lands and properties. You can easily earn some extra cash whenever someone visits or checks your property. You can also upgrade your properties from time to time and increase their value.

  1. Shop, Play, Win

If you are addicted to Monopoly, you are going to love this board game app. This monopoly game is developed by Digital Attic, LLC. It is available to download on Play Store and App Store as well, so both Android and IOS users can download it for free. You will have to scan the ticket, find the rules of the game and choose a track before you start playing your Monopoly game. With this game, you can also win prizes. The more you play and upgrade, the more your chances gets bigger for winning.

  1. Crazy Poly

Just like the name, the game is even more fun to play. This is an actual board dice game which allows its users to build your city, earn some extra cash and bankrupt opponents. You can also build your own business by playing Crazy Poly from where you can buy properties, collect rents, play in casinos and even rob a bank. Crazy Poly also has different difficulty levels and it will ask you to choose for yourself which level you want to play with. This is a must download game for all the Monopoly fans.

  1. Monopoly Junior

You can now build your virtual business sitting at your home, through your smart phone by playing this amazing game. Monopoly Junior is another best Monopoly game that is available for both Android and IOS users. It is a simple yet a very fun game to play as you get some cards to match. If you win, you get more rewards and from that you can easily expand your business. You can also connect and play with your friend or any unknown person for fun. The best feature of Monopoly Junior board game is that even kids can play it and enjoy.

  1. Arctopia

Arctopia is one of the best Monopoly games available on both Play Store and App Store as well. It is a game with an amazing UI Interface. This game is all about building your own Monopoly Coffee Empire in the town of Arctopia. You have to keep your coffee shop updated and attractive so that you attract more customers. You also have to strategize your business of how your coffee shop will work in a manner that you will get maximum profit from it. You just have to keep your customers happy. Sound interesting, right? Download Arctopia right away and start building and maintaining your coffee business.

  1. Board Kings

Last but certainly not the least is Board Kings. This is also one of the best Monopoly game with thousands of users who are addicted to this board game. You also get to personalize your own board and use your own photos as well. You can also directly connect Board Kings with your social media accounts and post your scores there. Board Kings has a free and a paid version, so you can also pay and get the full version with new and updated features as well. This Monopoly game app is also free to download and both Android and IOS users can have it downloaded on their smart phones.

That is it for the best 10 monopoly board game apps that anyone can download and build their own town, earn some extra cash and enjoy these amazingly fun games for free.

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