Top 10 Best Riding Apps for Android and iOS to Improve Your Ride

Smart phones, internet, and apps have made our lives easier in so many ways. In the old days, you could never have thought of tracking your ride. But now that we have such advanced technology, there are many ways from which you can track your bicycle ride. There are a lot of apps that you can download in your smart phone that can track your ride easily. Top 10 Best Riding Apps to Improve Your Ride will help you in measuring your distance covered, speed, time and they also track your route.

If you are a bike rider and want to track your route and speed, these apps will really come in handy for you. These apps are also not just only for bike riders, but you can select your ride before starting like cab riding, horse or any other and start your route track. Another best thing about these apps is that they also tell you the best route to reach your destination so you don’t have to face any traffic or long routes.

Here are the best 10 riding apps that we all need in our smart phones.

Top 10 Best Riding Apps

Best Riding Apps to Improve Your Ride for Android and IOS Smart Phones


Map My Ride

Map-My-Ride-app-logoMap My Ride is one of the most used apps by riders. This app is not only useful for bike riders, but it will also be the best for you if you want to track your run, walk or any other workout sessions. Map My Ride has a total of 600 categories, from where you can select any activity that you are doing and get it tracked. After you are done with your workout or ride, Map My Ride’s GPS will send you audio feedback about the stats of your pace, time, speed and other.

The best part is, Map My Ride is a ride tracker app that is available for both Android and IOS users and is also free.


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Ride with GPS

ride with gps app logoIf you love your morning bicycle ride, Ride with GPS will be your best friend. This is bike navigation and tracking app that will make sure to track every detail while you enjoy your ride. Ride with GPS is one of the best bike computer apps that you can download, in your Android or IOS phone. You just have to tap that start button and you are off to go. This app will record your time, speed, duration and distance. It will also provide you with GPS, so you can see routes too. You can also login live with this app; this will let your friends know about your ride.

You can also take pictures and share it with your friends and family through the app.

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TransLoc Rider

TransLoc Rider app logoTraveling by public transport was never this easy. If you travel by public transport every day, you should have TransLoc Rider downloaded in your Android and IOS smart phones. With this amazing and useful app, you can easily track whichever bus or train you travel in. TransLoc Rider will give you exact information about where your bus is right now, and how much time it will take to reach to your destination. You don’t have to wait or stand out waiting for your bus now.

The best part is, TransLoc Rider is free to download app so you can get it now and track your buses and trains.

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Bike Computer

Bike Computer is a community of over 100,000 cyclists. You can also join Bike Computer community for free, by just downloading the app in your Android and IOS phones. This app tracks your rides and shows the stats of your distance traveled, speed and time at the end of your ride. You can also personalize your own metrics in this app. This app is also very easy to use and has a lot of useful features that a cyclist will love. Bike Computer will provide you with all the maps and will navigate you to your destination, sharing the best route for you.

You can also share your rides with your friends or family on social media, or with other cyclists on Bike Computer.

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Google Maps

google-maps-app-logoWe all have heard of Google Maps, used it and have it downloaded on our smart phones. Google Maps is useful for every one of us, not just the cyclists. People love using Google Maps as it shows the best routes to your destination and it also alerts you about traffic jams to save your time. You can easily use Google Maps by entering your destination and by following the route. You can also see the distance you covered, time and speed with the help of the map.


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Google Maps are of course, free to download and both Android and IOS users can download it.


Runtastic-app-logoRuntastic is a great app for all the people who love to run. There are many apps that are made for runners, but this one is on the lead and people love using it because of its amazing and easy features. Runtastic will keep track of your time, distance, speed and calories burned, so you can keep track of your run and health every day. You can also set running goals and Runtastic will help you achieve it.



   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

You will also get feedback from the Voice Coach while you run. Runtastic is a free app, which both Android and IOS can download in their phones.


beats-app-logoHave to be somewhere quick? The beat has got you covered. The beat is free to download app, which is available for both Android and IOS users. This app will help you get anywhere you want with just one tap. This is an easy to use app, and is very useful for everyone. To book a beat, you just have to download this application in your smart phone, select your location and see the beat approaching you on the map. You can also choose your own driver and car before you book a ride. Share your ride with your friends and family and let them know when you will arrive.

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Strava-app-logoStrava is one of the best fitness tracking app. There are thousands of people who are using Strava and love it. Whether you run, cycle, walk or swim; Strava will track the distance, speed and time for you. It also has a built-in map; that you can use while you cycle or run. You can also customize your own challenges and this app will help you complete it. You can also challenge your friends through Strava, or challenge yourself by comparing your run with the previous ones. The best part is, Strava is free to download and is available for both Android and IOS users.

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EatSleepRIDE-app-logoJust like the name, this app is a very fun and useful app for everyone who is a bicycle enthusiast. This tracking app can record your unlimited bike rides and will also share the best routes for cycling that are near to you. You can record and track your rides and also analyze your speed and time every time.

You can also make a group in this app and add your cyclist friends in it, you will then be able to share and see their progress and routes.


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EatSleepRIDE is free to download app and is available to download on Play Store and App Store as well.

MTB Project

mtb-project-app-logoIf you are off to somewhere new and need guidance, MTB Project will be of great help to you. MTB Project is a complete guide for you as it offers GPS Map, elevation points, safe routes, photos and so much more. This tracking app will use your location, and then you can see the fastest and best routes to where ever you want to go.

MTB Project is available for both Android and IOS users.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

These were the top 10 Best Riding Apps to improve your ride that can be downloaded by Android and IOS users. These apps are very helpful in tracking your health, rides and for showing you the best routes.

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