Top 8 Scientific Calculator Apps For Android And iOS

For most of the college or university going students, scientific calculators are one of the most important things that should always be in their bags. There is also this possibility that you forget your scientific calculator at home, or in case your calculator just stops working; you should always have an alternative. Now that we all carry smart phones, let us put our phones to some work.

You can now download scientific calculator apps on your smart phone and use them whenever you want. There are so many scientific calculators apps that are build, that you can download any of them in seconds and rush to your class. With these apps, you don’t need another external scientific calculator as you have already got a good one downloaded on your smart phone!

Here we have a made a list of the top 10 scientific calculators that you can download on your Android or IOS smart phones right now and start practicing.

Best Scientific Calculator Apps Every Student Should Have

  1. Classic Calculator

Let’s start the list with the best one. This scientific calculator is called Classic Calculator. This app is basically a working emulator of the famous Casio calculator. Classic Calculators allows you to do all basic as well as advanced mathematical operation in no time. With this calculator app, you can easily calculate percentages, take the square root out and do other operations with just a click. The best part is, this app is free and easy to use app for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Natural Scientific Calculator

NSC or Natural scientific calculator is developed Stultus Studios Pty Ltd. This app is build to be downloaded by both android and iOS students. With the help of Natural Scientific Calculator, you can easily solve different mathematical operations on your smart phone. With this app, you can easily solve full equations, you just have to write down the equation on the calculator and with just a button, you can solve the equation. NSC is one of the best scientific calculator apps and should be downloaded by all students as it supports all trigonometric functions as well.

  1. Graphing Calculator

The next best scientific calculator app is the Graphing Calculator app. This is a powerful scientific calculator app that can be downloaded by android and iOS users, that too for free. With the help of this app, students can solve different arithmetic functions and equations in seconds. You can also calculate the square root, cube root, log and other operations on this app. The best part of Graphing Calculator is the fact that it has a powerful function of graph, from which you can get different graphs solved.

  1. Smart Calc

SmartCalc is one of the most intuitive calculator apps which will solve all of your equations and mathematical problems in seconds. You can also look at your calculation history on Smart Calc. Along with natural scientific calculator, this calculator also supports all trigonometric functions such as exponents, sin, cos, tan and others. You can also plot graph for different functions and solve your problems. You can then later share that graph on an image for better understanding. Both Android and Ios smart phone using students will get all of these options and functions for free!

  1. Clev Calc

ClevCalc is another scientific calculator app with a great interface. This calculator app supports all the four fundamental arithmetic operations as well as trigonometric functions. Clev Calc is a gret app that also has a unit converter, so with the help of that you can easily convert different units. Apart from being a easy to use scientific calculator, this is also a currency converter. You can convert currencies of 117 countries in the world with the help of Clev Calc. This scientific calculator is build for Android and IOS users and is free to download as well.

  1. All in One Calculator

The All In one is a scientific calculator that is build for both android and iOS that they can download for free. This calculator has all of the arithmetic as well as trigonometric operations.  With All in One Calculator, you can also see all of your previous history as well. This calculator is one of the best scientific calculator apps that contain more than 75 calculators operations. Apart from basic and advanced functions, this scientific calculator app also works as a unit converter with more than 40 different themes. Along with these amazing features, this app also has an option of currency converter, so with the help of that you can convert currencies of 160 countries online as well as offline.

  1. Panecal Scientific Calculator

For the best scientific calculators that the students can download is the Panecal Scientific Calculator. Panecal is a free scientific calculator app that is build for both android and iOS users. Students can use this calculator app for both simple mathematical and technical work. This is a useful calculator app that is not only for students but engineers as well. This app has all the advanced features that can be used to solve complex equations. Panecal scientific calculator also has a built in copy and paste option. It also helps you understand and also shows you different formulas that you can use in your problem. With this advanced scientific calculator app, you can also calculate inverse trigonometric functions, powers and other functions as well.

  1. Handy Calculator

Handy Calculator is also one of the best scientific calculators with a functional, convenient and stylish theme. This is a handy calculator app developed for both android and iOS users. The best One of the best features of this app is that you can copy and paste your equations and answers on any other document. You can also change the theme and the style of this calculator as you like. This calculator app has all of the mathematical functions that you can use. It is also very easy to use and is free to download.

Final Words

These 8 were the best and the top scientific calculator apps that can be downloaded by Android and IOS users. All of these apps have advanced mathematical features that can be used by every student.

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