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Tower of Fantasy MOD APK

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App Name Tower of Fantasy MOD APK
Size 1.73GB
Latest Version v1.2.78.41297
MOD Features free
Developer Hotta Studio
Content Rating 12+
Requires 5.2+
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Tower of Fantasy MOD APK is an adventurous role playing game created by Hotta studio. In this game you have to explore a new planet where you will build your own specific character. You can create your character in a highly customized manner with every detail you want to include in your character. After creating your anime style character you have to indulge in this magical planet where you will face enemies, discover new worlds and enjoy various stories with unlimited surprises in the game.


It doesn't matter if you are a kid or an adult who loves to play video games. This game is equally enjoyable and exciting for audiences of any age. This game contains an element of science fiction in it, which makes it interesting for everyone who wants to discover the world of the future. In this game, the world of the future is displayed in the form of  stories. These stories are highly engaging and mysterious which triggers the player to find the hidden truth in them.

Tower of Fantasy gameplay

The gameplay of the Tower of fantasy game is like conventional action role playing games. It includes battles, attacks and  combos. In this game you can fight your enemies with simple and easy game controls. The game controls are convenient to use and you just have to tap on the action buttons in order to launch furious attacks and dynamic combos on your enemy. In this game you are provided with multi dimensional cameras through which you can watch and keep an eye on your enemies. You can track the actions of your enemies from various directions through different angles of the camera.

Even with the super easy controls and all useful features in it, this game is not easy to win. As you have to save the universe from evil powers so it may take several hours of continuous gameplay. Moreover, this game includes a collection of resources, extreme battles and unlimited exploration of a new thrilling world.

Tower of Fantasy Trailer

The trailer of “Tower of fantasy” game narrates a story of the human race in the future. It shows that in the future there are no resources left on the planet earth and the humans decided to move on a new planet called “Planet Aida”. On this planet Aida they found a dynamic energy known as “Omnium”. Humans try to make a tower with Omnium, but as a result this new planet is destroyed due to dangerous radiations of Omnium. After that incident, these people are struggling to restore this planet and to bring back some life on this planet.

Tower of Fantasy Characters

The characters of Tower of Fantasy game are discussed below:

Super Rare characters (SR)


  • Ene - She is an excellent decision maker with an anti-social and destructive nature. She is also known as XI and is equipped with an ice hammer weapon.
  • Hilda - She is a kind and adorable character with an ice shell gun.
  • Bai Ling - She is a great arrow fighter with many responsibilities in the game.
  • Manaka -  She is a friendly character on a mission to destroy evil.
  • Pepper - Commonly known as Peppe, she is a medical expert. Helpful for all characters in the game.

Super Super Rare Characters (SSR)


  • Claudia - She is a brave fighter and captain of all heroes in the game. Highly skilled in sword fighting and a cat lover.
  • Zero - He is a 15 years old computer genius with the power of fire flames.

  • Huma - She is an introvert with a flame shield weapon.
  • Hane - She is a very talkative character with an ice arrow weapon.
  • Shiro - She is a great scientist with an innovative mind.
  • King - Very powerful character with unbeatable power and qualities.
  • Coco ritter - She is an attractive lady who loves the snow and penguins.


    Karasuma - He is a wily and clever character who wants to finish all the evils in the game.


    Meryl -  She is a skilled sword fighter and is capable of completing all dangerous missions alone.


    Samir - She is a deadly killer who loves to prank others.

Tower of Fantasy English

The Tower of Fantasy game was launched in Chinese language on december 2021. Its English version is not launched yet and it is expected to be released till the end of 2022 or in the start of 2023. This english version will be released globally on all gaming platforms.

Tower of Fantasy Register

Tower of Fantasy game is now offering all users to pre-register for the game in order to access it earlier than other people. These pre-registrations are open on almost all platforms like Steam, Google Play store and Apple store. If you are an android or ios user, you can pre-register through Google play store and Apple store respectively. If you want to play it on your Pc then you can pre-register for this game through Steam. Moreover, you can also pre-register through the official website of Tower of Fantasy game. 

Tower of Fantasy Release date

According to the official twitter handle of Tower of Fantasy game it is announced to be released in the third quarter of 2022.  Which means it is expected to be released in July, August or September of 2022.

Tower of Fantasy Console

Tower of Fantasy beta version is now available for android, ios and PC devices, but this testing version is not available for consoles yet. So, we cannot say anything with certainty about the release of this game for console. According to the recent tweet replies from the developers we can say that the console version of tower of fantasy game is under development and they will notify us if there is any update or progress regarding this matter.

Tower of Fantasy iOS

Tower of Fantasy is now available for ios devices and you can pre-register for this game through your ios device on Apple store. This game requires iOS 12.0 or above and it can be downloaded on iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Moreover you can play the beta version of this game on your ios devices by Tower of Fantasy CBT recruitments.


Tower of Fantasy system requirements

The system requirements of Tower of Fantasy game are discussed below: 

  1. System requirements for PC:
  2. Operating system : windows 7 - 64-bit
  3. Processor : intel core i5
  4. Random Access Memory (RAM) : 8 GB
  5. Storage : 25 GB
  6. Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030.
  7. DirectX : Version 11

System requirements for Android devices:

  1. Android OS : android 7.0 or later
  2. Random Access Memory (RAM) : 4 GB or above
  3. System requirements for iOS devices:
  4. Operating System : iOS 12.0 or above.

Tower of Fantasy Download

You can download the modified version of the Tower of Fantasy game with its all unlocked features from our website for free. In order to download this game on your mobile phone follow the simple process given below:


  1. Download the Tower of Fantasy MOD APK file by pressing the download button on this web page.
  2. Open your phone settings, go to security and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. Now, tap on the downloaded file to install it on your phone.

After installation, enjoy the game on your phone.

Tower of Fantasy sign up

You can sign up for the Tower of Fantasy by joining its CBT programme. Unfortunately, the recruitments for Tower of Fantasy CBT are closed from 20th may, 2022 on its official website. But you can still sign up for the Tower of Fantasy beta version from Google Play store, Apple store or Steam. 

Tower of Fantasy Login

If you have signed up for Tower of Fantasy CBT through its official website, Google Play store or Steam then you can Login through your registered email address from your device when its beta version will be available to play.


Q. How can I play the Towers of Fantasy beta version?

We can play the beta version of Towers of fantasy before its official release by completing the pre-registration from google play store or Apple store.

Q. What is the release date of Towers of fantasy?

There is no confirmation of any date for the release of this game. It is predicted to release at the end of 2022.

Q. On which devices the Towers of Fantasy game is available to pre-register?

you can pre-register for this game from Android, ios and computer platforms.

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