Traffic Rider Apk Download For Pc

Traffic Rider apk download for pc

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App Name Traffic Rider apk download for pc
Size 109MB
Latest Version 1.81
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Soner Kara
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (22 days ago)
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Traffic Rider apk

Many people love riding motorcycles but they do not ride them in real life because of the accidents and the unsafety. So, to complete their dream of riding a bike these people start playing Motorcycle racing games. And if you are also one of those people who want to experience riding a bike in real life then this game is the best at it. You can ride the bike and even get an experience of driving it in traffic as this game allows the players to drive the motorcycle between traffic to give the players a real and authentic feel. 

The view of you is behind the handlebars that belong to a motorcycle. It means that you are the person who is driving the motorcycle. The Traffic Rider game allows the players to ride a bike on a traffic road and the speed will be very high. The speed can be controlled but this game is usually played at high speed. The paths where the motorcycle can be ridden is a highway that has straight roads. These paths help in crossing over a car without worrying about sharp and sudden turns ahead. But while crossing a car be careful and do not hit them. 

This game is developed by the same developer as the Traffic Racer and that is why its style is the same. A lot of things are similar with the other game. The backgrounds and the structure is also kind of the same as the Traffic Racer. Traffic Rider is a game with many game modes, More than dozens of racing events, Amazing visuals for you to see and gameplay in which the settings and controls are very nicely adapted to the touch screens.

Traffic Rider Apk Download For Pc

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Traffic Rider Apk Gameplay

Traffic Rider Apk is very easy to play and it is easy to control as well. The controls and keys are very user-friendly. In order to accelerate the motorbike you have to press the right handlebar and stop the motorcycle by using the left one. And to do stunts like tilting the bike from one side to other side you just have to tilt your device in the same direction you want to tilt the bike. These motions are built-in the game and will help you to run the vehicles smoothly. 

For extra points you have to make the ride a bit difficult, that can be done with the stunts like cutting the car from as near as possible and you will be given extra points.

Traffic Rider Apk Motorcycles

Traffic Rider Apk provides the player with 27 types of motorcycles to hope and play the game. All these motorcycles are of different types and different quality that means they must have different features as well. These motorcycles are locked in the start of the game and the player has to play on a very low-power motorcycle. Ride on that motorbike and start the race and get extra points through the race and the stunts and get the ability to unlock more motorcycles. As the levels pass by and you get more and more points, you will be able to get new motorcycles. The fun will be doubled because doing stunts on these motorbikes are more fun and will get you to earn more points.

Traffic Rider Apk Different Places

The fun becomes more and more when you get to know that the players can race in different places. The racers can race at different places and go to different cities for the race and enjoy the surroundings. And there is another opportunity for the players to play at whatever time they want. They can race in the night time, during day time or even in the morning or at evening. These options just increase the thrill and adventure of the players when they race allowing these features to make the game more fun.

Traffic Rider Apk Features

The features of this game are very cool and good. The players can get the full access to these features which are as follows

First person view:

This game allows the players to get a very good view while racing and enjoy the racing. This player is actually the first person who is driving the car and we are behind the handle of the motorcycle. The players are provided with such a beautiful view for them to race with. Race on the roads of different places and enjoy the surroundings in the form of a driver and get to acknowledge a driver’s view of a racing motorcycle. This feature is the main reason why people want to play this game. 


This game is also famous for its beautiful graphics. The players enjoy the game while enjoying the graphics of the game. The road is very beautiful and the surrounding is beautiful as well. As the places change , the surroundings change as well. New things come in the view of the driver and it helps the driver to enjoy the game more and more because they can not get bored looking at the same view and their eyes will see different things. 


Another feature of the game that helps the player to get too much involved in the game is the sound. The sounds coming from the game literally feels real as they the motorcycle’s sounds. These come at different times like when the bike is started , the starting sound is produced. A lot of sounds are produced when playing this game and these sounds give a realistic touch to the game and help the players enjoy the game without getting bored.


A big problem is solved, the people playing the game are mostly worried about the language the game allows because sometimes they do not understand the texts written in the game. So, this game is made for these people who want to select their own language while playing the game. This game allows 19 different languages and you can select whatever language you feel comfortable to play with from these languages. 

On-line leaderboards and 30+ achievements.


Traffic Rider Apk Modes

A racing game for sure has more than one mode. This game also has various game modes. These game modes make the game more demanding and a famous talk between the gamers who like to play racing games. These modes are as follows


The career mode is available in this game. And in this mode there are about more than 70 missions for the players to complete. And these missions will make the players earn some points to buy new motorcycles. The career mode is in different forms. It is present in easy as well as hard forms. The players can choose whatever form they wanna choose. 

Endless Race:

The second mode is of endless mode in which there is an endless road and the players will get to race on that endless road. There will be 2 options for the players to run on , They can choose to race on 1 way or even on a 2 way road. Then make a record of the highest milestone you can get by racing. And get more and more points. Beat your own record each time. 

Time Trial:

In this mode the players are given a limited amount of time and they have to drive the motorcycle in this time and set a record. This mode is actually for the players to test their speed in the game. The players have to ride the bike at the highest speed and have to reach as far as they can go in the given time. 

Free Trial:

This mode of game is totally free, which means that the players can ride the motorcycle for as long as they want. There will be no speed limit, no time limit, no records. They can just ride the motorcycle without any worry.Wanting to know which mode is best? Here I will tell you about the modes you should choose. You should obviously choose the career mode and race there to test your speed, controls and skills. On the endless mode, there are all the professional game racers of the country to play the game. They make a very high competition for the other users so you should choose the career mode and become a professional and then come on the endless mode to beat those racers.

Traffic Rider Apk Download For Pc

Traffic Rider Apk Tips

Here are some tips that you can apply to get extra and more scores in the game while racing

  • Want to get more scores? Easy, You can just ride the bike at high speed to get more scores. The faster the speed the more scores you will earn in this game. 
  • To get bonus scores and more cash you can do stunts like crossing the cars over from as near as possible , this will get you to earn more points. But this will only apply after you have driven 100km/h.
  • To get more cash select a 2 way road and drive the motorcycle in the opposite directions , you will get more scores. But be careful of the vehicles coming from the opposite side.
  • Stunts like wheelies are also included when you want to get more scores.

Traffic Rider Apk Download

You can easily download Traffic Rider Apk by following these steps

  • First, you have to click on the “download” option
  • The download will start after some seconds, do not click the  button again and again.
  • After some time, the download will be completed.
  • Then open the file and click the “install” button
  • Then allow the unknown resources from the android settings of your devices.
  • After some time the installation will be completed.


To get the best racing experience of the game you have to download this game on your device. The game has a lot of features for the players to get a good experience. The players can just download the game and get a full realistic experience of riding a bike from the first person view and play the game. They can ride on more than 20 different bikes and even unlock new bikes from the points they get.

Thanks for reading this article and enjoy this game on your devices. 


Q. Is Traffic Rider a free app?

Yes, Traffic Rider is a free app.

Q. Is Traffic Rider for PC?

Yes, you can download and play Traffic Rider on your PC

Q. Is it safe to download this game?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download and play this game on your pc or laptop. We have scanned it with virus software and anti-malware software to ensure that your device is safe while using Traffic Rider apk on pc and laptop.

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