TREASURE OF NADIA APK Download For Android

TREASURE OF NADIA APK Download For Android

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App Name TREASURE OF NADIA APK Download For Android
Size 922MB
Latest Version 94091
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Indiana Jones is a top-rated adventure film series of its time, which is still very popular among people even after the passage of so much time. If you also love adventure, then this game is for you. You can enjoy your life through this game. It is a game that, while playing, you feel as if you are a part of this adventure. So, without wasting time, I will tell you the complete details of this game and how to download and play it. So that you can easily download and enjoy this game, the name of this game is Treasure of Nadia, which Indiana Jones inspires. 

The treasure of Nadia APK is a hunting treasure adventure in which you play as Nadia, following in her father's footsteps. The prize is fun. And at the same time, we must find our father by gathering the children together. Nadia's father was a famous treasure hunter who died while trying to find the treasure. This game is mainly for youngsters. Children cannot play this game under 14 years of age. This game has many situations and locations, such as a sanitarium, hospital, pallor, doctor, beach, lighthouse, church, gin house, etc. If you are new to this game, don't worry, as the game is well-explained step by step as soon as you start. You can enjoy various adventures in this game, and also you can find clues that help you go to different locations and meet many other people, and also meet 12 women who help you in various stages of the game.


As you must know, this game is not that difficult, and only young people can play it. So many episodes in the Treasure of Nadia  apk which take a lot of time to cover up, so I discussed some of the guides and processes: The treasure of Nadia has a lot to live up to after the success of NLT Media's previous book, "Lust Epidemic." So far, they have provided us with a compelling narrative, gorgeous graphics, and gorgeous women.

Treasure of Nadia apk Guide:

We'll go through it again just in case, but if you've played "Lust Epidemic," you already know what to anticipate from Treasure Of Nadia Mod Apk.

Not because it's poor, but rather because it's outstanding. You take on the role of the son of a well-known treasure hunter and archaeologist who Young people desire excitement, attractive women, and similar things. It's awful that your deceased loved one didn't give you much of an inheritance. At first, it appears that way, but you soon realize that Soul Stone is the only thing that matters to him. 

We feel a sense of mystery and adventure while reading this engaging novel. The main character in this tale must reveal many secrets and take risks. You'll embark on a treasure hunt where you'll discover various artifacts and information about historical kingdoms. You'll also come across individuals with multiple personalities who may or may not share traits with you and behave strangely. NLT's writing has significantly improved since his previous works, but his portrayal of conversations still requires improvement. We should wish for him to work on it.

The writing has also improved in terms of humor. Another character is represented as aggressive and hot-headed, while one is foolish, ignorant, and a touch dumb.

reasure of Nadia APK Snake Puzzle:

The snake puzzle has mentioned in the 39th episode of Treasure of Nadia. 

Treasure of Nadia Switch Puzzle:

As you know, the treasure of Nadia apk has many steps to complete the mission. During the mission, you must collect clues and solve puzzles like switch puzzles and snake puzzles. 

Overall, the story is exciting and keeps the player wanting more, and the latest updates have made the plot much more complicated. However, the writing for conversations could be improved and worked. TON is an excellent story; other than that.



This game has many features that make this game completely different from others:

High Graphics:

The game's graphics are very high, and 3D effects are there with full-color illustrations. If your Android is low, this application has no problem; you can play the full game version.

To play this game, permanently remove caches and RAM.

Free to Download:

Although it's a paid version, you can use this app only to download their official websites and only get 15 hours, but also, if you want all the episodes, then definitely go with the link we have given you.

No ads:

It is the best part of the application because when we play a game, suddenly ads appear, which sounds very irritating, so for this reason, it is the best app

Simple Control:

The best part of this application is that its control is effortless; you can easily control it as per your wish.

Skip the Mission:

It is a very interesting and exciting part of where we exit the application during to suadu

Exiting is the best option if you feel bored or fail to continue the game.

Treasure of Nadia APK money hack:

This hack for the Treasure of Nadia is just a straightforward cheat mod. Give yourself more money, or increase your collection of talismans and chest keys. Let me know if there are any other farmable resources you would want to see included. You will not involve essential materials or items because they'll probably make the game's sequence unreliable. To access the menu, interact only with the pot in your room.


The latest version of Treasure of Nadia APK is 1.2022


The previous version of Treasure of Nadia is V0.1.31 (2020-01-24)


Published date of Treasure of Nadia APK 2020-02-23


NLT Media is the developer of this application.

Download Treasure of Nadia apk:

Now we will discuss how to download this game on your mobile. These are some steps that you can follow to download this game:

  • The size of this file is 1.94 GB
  • The space on the android devices should be more than 48 GB
  •   The required OS of this app is 6.0 and up
  •   For download purposes, go to the link at the bottom of an article.
  •     First, you have to download the APK manager file.
  •     When the APK manager file is downloading, the install page of this app will directly open to your home page.
  •     Then, click to install and wait till the app installs.

Treasure of Nadia apk installation commands:

Some important; installation commands are discussed here:

  • First, you go to your phone settings.
  • Go to phone settings and search for unknown sources
  • Click the unknown resources, then click the “install app” option.
  • After that, enable or allow the option of your installed application
  • Wait for a few seconds, and the application will show on your mobile phone's home screen.
  • Finally, then open your app and enjoy the best treasure hunting game.



  • Treasure of Nadia APK is a game about solving puzzles and collecting treasure. The player gets to explore a world with fantastic underwater creatures, find giant stars and diamonds in the sky, fight against evil enemies and solve various quests.
  • The game has many different kinds of puzzles that need to be solved by the player. These puzzles range from simple ones like finding hidden objects in the environment to more complicated ones like deciphering codes or finding keys that open doors.
  • There are also many different kinds of enemies that the player will encounter during their adventure. Some are easy to defeat, while others are compelling and hard to beat without special items or skills.
  • The main goal of Treasure of Nadia APK is to collect all of the hidden treasures throughout the game world by solving various puzzles and defeating enemies along the way.


To summarise, This game is an adventure-based treasure hunting game. This game is top-rated and trending worldwide. This game is a lust epidemic, and people play it passionately. This game is played by many people who like treasure hunting. If you like it, you will also enjoy this game. The features of this game are also highly interactive. This game has a lot of modes that you will also like. This game has high 3D realistic graphics, and it has full-color illustrations too. If you want treasure hunting, you must try treasure by Nadia mod APK; I am sure you will like this game. That’s all from us for today. If you want to download this game on your mobile phone, even full frame, then click on our link and enjoy this game.


Q. Why is app permission needed for Android's Treasure Of Nadia Mod Apk download?

Certain gadgets' systems must be accessible to apps. It will inform you of all the permissions an app requires as soon as installed.

Q. Is downloading and installing the free treasure of Nadi Mod APK legal?

The developers of The Treasure of Nadi APK did a great job with this game. It is hard to change to the Free Bushing mode. However, you can get the apk file right here for free.

Q. What type of game is the Treasure of Nadia?

The treasure of Nadia is a puzzle game. Basically, in this game, you need to solve the puzzles to find the treasure in hidden areas after defeating the enemies. Treasure of Nadia is a very famous game. The younger generation likes to play that kind of game; that's why the average download of this game is very high.

Q. How can I install Treasure of Nadia on my mobile phone?

The installation process of Treasure of Nadia is too easy. You can easily download this game application to our given link. Follow the instructions which we have already discussed in our article.

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