Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

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App Name Truck Driving 3D MOD APK
Size 80 MB
Latest Version v 1.18
MOD Features Free
Developer i6 Games
Content Rating Rated For 3+
Requires 4.0 or up
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Update August 02, 2023 (11 months ago)
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With the advent of mobile video games, masses have transferred from the PC to cellular devices to install the free games available on Google Play Store. However, the games installed from Google Play Store give limited access to its features, but if you install the modded versions of these games, you can enjoy unlimited access to the game features without spending a cent.

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Among video games, the most popular games are racing and driving games. One such truck-driving gaming app named; Truck Driving 3D MOD APK can now be installed from our website.

A Detailed Installation Process

Step 1: In the first instance, tap on the "Download" option mentioned on this web page to download and install this challenging app on your device.

Step 2: Then navigate to the "Settings" option on your device.

Step 3: Then click on the icon "Unknown Sources" option to allow the installation process from third-party sources.

Step 4: Then wait for the completion of the installation of this version of the modded app.

Step 5: You can customize the installed app from the settings option.

Step 6: After accomplishing the above-mentioned steps, the app will be successfully installed on your device. Enjoy playing your favorite game.

This game gives a real-world truck driving experience, the player has to transfer the cargo to its destination within a given time limit. All the to-be-purchased features of the app are available in this version for a lifetime. Various types of game modes are also available to enhance the user experience. You can learn all the features of this challenging gaming app down here;

Features Overview

Adrenaline Pumping Gameplay

The challenging yet engaging gameplay of this game brings a great audience to download this gaming app. The 3D graphics give a realistic touch to the game environment. In this game, the player is assigned a challenging task, to deliver the cargo to its destination within a limited time. The player who surpasses all the challenges and delivers the items to their destination within the given period will be considered as successful. 

Gameplay Of Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

Players can use the GPS guide to pinpoint their exact location. The roadway contains speed breakers at particular places, the player must adjust his vehicle's speed according to these speed breakers. The player can use the steering wheel, headlights, camera view, accelerator, and brakes to adjust his vehicle's position on the road. Most of the features of this game are similar to the Truckers of Europe 3 Mod Apk, which was a record-breaker app.

Huge Truck Collection

This game offers a huge collection of trucks that can be used as transporters or as cargo trucks to transfer goods. The player can also choose semi-trailers and heavy-duty trucks to enhance their driving experience.

Huge Truck Collection In Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

GPS Guide

The current version of this app contains a built-in GPS. The user can pinpoint his truck location by following the GPS location. This system also informs the driver about his destination and the remaining time that will take to reach the final destination. The user can rely on this source to get to know about his surroundings. To enhance the gaming experience you can also check out our previous Truck Simulator USA Mod APK. This similar app also contains dozens of sceneries, breathtaking views of landscapes, and full game control.

Game Control

This adrenaline-pumping app gives full control of the panel to its user. The user must complete his profile to enjoy playing this game. Certain control options allow the users to enjoy the features of this app, such as; 

  • Play Button: Clicking on this option will start the game and it will enable the user to play the game. The user must hold the device horizontally to play various levels of the game.

Navigational Tools In Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

  • Levels: This game contains various unlocked and locked levels. The user must click on the unlocked level to start playing that particular level. Passing each level will result in the unlocking of a new level. 
    • Camera View: On the left side of the screen, a camera view option is available. This option enables the users to get a top-down (bird-eye) and front view of the environment. 
  • Steering Wheel: This option is also present on the left side of the screen but it is located slightly bottom wards. The gaming apps prefer steering wheels over a keyboard or gamepad, as it provides more precise and accurate movements.
  • Headlights: To illuminate the front passage and assist in the safe and secure driving experience. The headlights option is available on the right side of the mobile screen. Headlights are generally used in the night theme of the game.
  • Pause Button: The pause button is also located at the right side of the screen and pressing this button stops the game. This option can be used in case of any interruption. The user can also resume the game to the point where it was stopped by clicking this button once again.
  • Accelerator & Brakes: These options are present at the bottom of the screen. Just like real-world vehicles, using these buttons can increase the speed (through the accelerator button) and decelerate their vehicles (through the brake button) regardless of their speed. Brakes are quite useful while driving in mountains and hilly or snowy areas. The assigned cargo delivery tasks are to be completed in a limited time. Sometimes heavy traffic or Slippery roads can cause delays. In these scenarios, using an accelerator can be helpful to increase the speed and reach the destination.

Game Control In Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

Graphics & Game Modes

The user-friendly interface and a variety of driving options have a tempting effect on the users. The app provides a variety of driving roads where users can enhance their driving skills. This app does not bore its users through repeated driveways. However, users can enjoy;

  • Driving in mountains
  • Driving in rain
  • Driving during sunset
  • Driving at night
  • Slippery mountain snow driving

All that is needed is to change the theme and enjoy accomplishing the assigned tasks.


Users can customize the built-in settings according to their preferences. Although the camera view and steering wheel are generally located on the left side of the screen, users can change this panel to the right side of the screen. All the control buttons can be customized according to the preference of the players.

Pause Button In Truck Driving 3D MOD APK

Tough Assignments

At each level, the player is assigned certain tasks that must be fulfilled timely to pass the level of the game. Passing each level will unlock a new level that will be slightly tougher than the previous one. The player is given a mission to deliver the cargo to its destination in a limited time to pass the game's level. The player who successfully fulfills the mission within the time limit, regardless of the challenges that await on the roadway, will be considered successful.

Sometimes various challenges can limit the speed of the driver, such as; harsh weather, low fuel, heavy traffic, bumpy roads, and heavy snow or rain. But players must surpass these challenges by driving carefully and strategically.

Detailed Environments

The app developers have worked tirelessly to create a realistic driving environment. 

    • Mountains: The Densely packed green tracks and roadside dense vegetation impose psychological effects on the drivers. The roadside vegetation will help the player cool his nerves and it will result in peaceful and frustration-free driving. 
  • Petrol Pump: If the player runs out of fuel, he can refill fuel by stopping at the filling station (petrol pump) to continue his journey. You must have played Truck Driver City Crush Apk 24/7 because of its addictive nature. The petrol refilling stations of this previously published game enable the players to refill all new and old trucks to get real-world truck driving experience.
  • Weather Details: This game features proper sunset, cloudy skies, rainy days, and a night theme to give minute details.
  • Traffic Signs: While driving, various traffic signs can be seen. These signs give a real-world experience to the users.




Download the Truck Driving 3D MOD APK for its adrenaline-pumping gameplay and full game panel control. Fulfill the adventurous tasks in challenging environments. This mod version of the app contains all the paid features for free.

This modded file has all the levels unlocked. The player does not have to spend a cent to purchase new levels. Full access to the customization options also has an appealing effect on the players.


Q. What is the purpose of the Truck Driving 3D Truck Games MOD APK?

It is a truck driving game that gives real-world driving experience to the players through its seamless interface and easy control. This game is based on delivering goods to their destination within a given time limit.

Q. How can I install the latest version of the Truck Driving 3D Truck Games MOD APK?

You can install the unlocked version of this app by clicking on the "Download" button present on this web page. Don't forget to turn on the "unknown resources" option prior to downloading.

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