Truck Simulator USA Mod APK Unlimited Money

Truck Simulator USA Mod APK Unlimited money

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App Name Truck Simulator USA Mod APK Unlimited money
Size 489MB
Latest Version 5.7.0
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 15, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Truck Simulator USA Mod APK:


If you want to have a new gaming experience and want to explore beautiful and popular places and scenes or if you have a craze for traveling on dusty roads on a bright sunshine day then don’t miss the chance to play this new and unique driving game Truck Simulator USA Mod APK.

Truck Simulator USA

It is a simulator in which you have to manage the business elements, you will become a truck driver and also you have to choose a city from where you have to operate the business. The garage will be provided as a home base for the player. The player has to deliver the currently available load of goods by using the huge truck trailers to the selected destination within a time frame. The player will earn some money and gain points by making the available deliveries to their respective destination, if he delivers the selected cargo within a given time frame then he will earn extra money and points in case he doesn’t finish the task within a time allotted, the points and money will be reduced that will cause a loss to the player. The sum of money and points gained depends on the length and distance traveled to deliver the goods and the sort of goods being transported to their respective destination. If a player owns a garage that doesn’t mean he also owns trucks and trailers, he will be utilizing the company's trailers and trucks for goods delivery in the game. The player has to earn a minimum of $100,000 to purchase his truck, and if he purchases his truck, he may continue performing his quick job consignments.

As soon as the player finishes the deliveries, he will purchase specific upgraded features, like:

  • Carrying fragile and heavy cargo
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Completing urgent deliveries
  • Transporting dangerous goods
  •  Distance of delivery route

The earned money is used to pay back any company’s loan or some other charges incurred for the fuel or maintenance of the vehicle or to purchase additional trucks and trailers for himself. While driving, the player has to stop at the destinations where he can explore some attractive scenic views, landscapes, and other beautiful places in the United States. He will travel on dusty roads to experience the bright sunshine days. This game has various fictitious companies where the player has to perform quick jobs and complete the deliveries of selected cargos to their appointed destinations within an allotted time. This game has 3D illustrations that help players explore the tremendous and massive land of the US.

Truck Simulator USA

Following are the games that are the best substitutes for the Truck simulator USA mod APK: 

  • Truck Simulator: Ultimate Extreme Car Driving Simulator 
  • City Construction Simulator 
  • Cargo Delivery Truck

Features of Truck simulator USA mod APK:

Let’s discuss the following unlimited features of this simulator:

Free unlimited shopping:

This feature allows you to do unlimited free shopping. By earning lots of money in this simulation you shop for anything from anywhere, you can buy your place, your garage, or your vehicle for free. You don’t have to spend your real money to utilize this feature.

Unlimited money:

You can earn unlimited money by doing quick jobs deliveries, once you earn the required amount you will be capable of purchasing additional vehicles, homes, garages, and organizations even you can spend that money for repairing and maintenance or trucks or trailers or you can pay a company’s loan if any. You can upgrade your skills by utilizing the unlimited money in this simulator.

Buying all trucks:

The players can buy all types of trucks and trailers in this simulator by spending some amount of money, for this he has to earn at least $100,000 to purchase some additional vehicles for himself.

Be an ideal driver:

In this simulator, you will experience the life of the truck drivers. You can deliver select cargo such as goods, food, machinery, or risky items to companies, markets, factories, etc. Every driver has a dream to build his own transport company, so this simulator will make you a perfect truck driver.

Beautiful road journey:

You will experience a great journey on the roads of the USA, you will see beautiful mountains covered in snow. The wonderful weather effects will provide you with endless attractive views. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, the vibes of nature will remove all your tiredness.

Truck Simulator USA

New trucks can be unlocked:

In the beginning, you will be driving a normal truck but you will earn a huge amount of money after finishing all the tasks. You even buy trucks of new brands or you can customize your trucks as you want. You will add more trucks when you build your own massive transport company.

Naturalistic graphics:

The 3D graphics of this simulator is very immersive and realistic which will facilitate Android users to relish the rides. The visual elements are very fascinating like amazing animations, refreshing designs of the interior, 3D truck models, and many more. You can customize the in-game quality and resolution settings.

Music and sound quality:

The sound and music quality of this simulator are very realistic and amazing and players can enjoy their rides perfectly. The real and cool audio simulations will give you an amazing journey of roads.

Online and offline mode:

You can play this game online and offline as well, but for upgraded features, you have to play this game online otherwise if your internet connection is poor then you can play this game offline as well.

No roots and no ads:

You don’t have to root your android device to use this simulator, even the third-party advertisements won’t disturb you while playing the game. Android players will experience immense fun through this simulator and can conveniently play this game without any interruption.

Authentic controls:

You will have authentic truck control simulations that give you the experience of driving a real truck. You will be fully accessible to all of the controls steering options, pedals, indicators, gear switches, etc. The detailed indicators will show you all the interesting and amazing locations.

Truck simulator USA evolution system Requirements for Android:

An immense amount of experience will be gained by you while driving the heavy trucks and trailers along with amazing graphics, authentic controls, and realistic huge vehicles, you will wander on the roads of the USA and this simulator is compatible with the android device OS 5.0+ and it holds up to the file size of 615MB, means you must have that much storage to download this simulator.

Truck Simulator USA Mod APK

Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK download:

The truck simulator can be downloaded by following these downloading steps:

  • First of all, you have to open our website and search for the truck simulator USA evolution mod APK. 
  • Once you found it, scroll down to the link to the APK file. 
  • Click the link to download the APK file, and make sure you have a stable internet connection. 
  • The file will be downloaded after some time, have patience while downloading.

Installation commands of truck simulator USA evolution mod APK:

Before installing this simulator on your device, first, go to the phone settings and enable unknown sources to install the simulator from a third-party source. When the file is downloaded, go to the download manager of your phone. Search for the APK file of the simulator, and click on the file to install it on your phone. Wait till it installs on your device. After the simulator is installed, open it and start your game to play it with full enjoyment.

Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK Latest version:

The latest version of the truck simulator USA evolution mod APK is v5.7.0, in which you can be a real and perfect truck driver, you have to travel from city to city and can be able to earn a large amount of money that can be used in the future to purchase additional trucks and trailers, for upgrading premium skills and features, construct your own transport company and to spend some on the repair and maintenance or the fuel of vehicles. This money can be earned through doing quick job deliveries. 

This simulator game gives amazing 3D graphic effects that make the game unique and realistic. The trucks and trailers can carry huge cargo so you have to deliver the selected cargo of many goods to many parts of the USA, because of this you will explore the landscape and scenic views of different parts of the USA. The simulator is compatible with Android OS 5.0 and above, also this simulator requires a file size of 615MB.

Truck simulator USA Evolution mod APK Old Version:

The oldest version of the truck simulator is v1.6.2, this version holds a file size of 152MB and it is compatible with Android OS 4.3 and 4.4. The oldest version was released on January 18, 2017. This version provides the real experience of driving a truck while you can explore amazing and interesting locations. The old version has realistic sounds of engines, truck brands, and many designs of detailed interiors. The player has to transport several different goods to their final destinations, such as food, gasoline, machines, and much more. The player can make his career in this old version of the simulator.

Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK Release Date:

The truck simulator USA evolution was released on January 18, 2017, and later, the mod version of this simulator was updated on July 11, 2022.

Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK Developer Name:

The truck simulator USA evolution was developed by Ovilex Soft and published by Ovidiu Pop, Ovilex Soft, and Alexandru Marusac.

Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK Reviews:

People have posted numerous positive reviews about this simulator, this game is being loved by all the users around the world, as this game will offer you to explore immense attractive locations. 

This game runs on android devices flawlessly so it doesn’t lag on your device. This game won’t mislead as it is completely based on trucking. People are loving its new graphics, new upgraded features, engine modifications, and improved controls. Even though it is a little bit complicated, it is fairly interesting and has gained plenty of attainability.


Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK Ratings:

The latest version of the simulator has achieved top-level ratings of 4.0 out of 5, therefore, this simulator has gained so much popularity that it has a maximum of 10 million+ downloads. The consumer acceptance of this simulator is so high that it is preferred by everyone all over the world.

Truck simulator USA evolution mod APK Advantages:

  • The game is completely free and you can download this game from our website or the Google play store. 
  • This simulator creates new opportunities for its players, eradicates weaknesses, and offers you many resources. 
  • In this game simulator, you will be traversing the places of the USA. You will be constructing your organization. 
  • You will have the opportunity to earn lots of money to spend on various things. 
  • You will be performing many quick delivery jobs. 
  • You have to transport the massive or small cargo to their final destination. 
  • You will have your vehicle. 
  • This simulator is bug-free and doesn’t lag while using it. 
  • If you download this simulator from our website, the third-party advertisements will never disturb you while playing because it is an ads-free simulator. 
  • You can play this game online and offline as well. 
  • You don't have to spend real money to play on this simulator.


It is complicated and hard to become a truck driver but the truck simulator USA evolution mod APK will provide you with a vivid and realistic experience while driving huge trucks on vast and long roads. The players will get a chance to experience the artistry of trucks and trailers and also, and they will explore the life of professional drivers and the beautiful places of the USA. So, what are you waiting for!! Just visit our webpage, go through this article and search for the simulator to install this astounding truck game on your device and enjoy playing with your friends and family.


Q. How many types of modes are there in this simulator?

There are three types of modes that can be selected: single-player mode, multiplayer mode, and professional mode.

Q. In what places does this simulator fully operate?

It can be fully operated in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Q. What type of game is this?

The genre of this game is based on simulation.

Q. What kind of goods are transported through trucks and trailers?

Different kinds of goods will be transported, such as gasoline, machinery, food, sand, etc.

Q. What is the Mod feature of this staggering app?

Hey users! The Mod feature of this fabulous game app is its Unlimited Money.

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