True Skate MOD APK

True Skate MOD APK

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App Name True Skate MOD APK
Size 101M
Latest Version 1.5.44
MOD Features unlimited money/ Unlocked all features
Developer True Axis
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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True Skate MOD APK v1.5.44 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

True Skate is a top-rated skateboarding game. Developed by True Axis, this game was released in 2012. This game is a skateboarding simulator, and you get a very realistic skateboarding experience in this game.

Enjoy a lot of exciting features. Ride your skateboard with style and look cool. Do you like skateboarding? Do you know what it feels like to ride a skateboard? Well, you can enjoy this sport in this game.

Become the skateboarding king and enjoy a lot of different environments. The gameplay experience is very unique and completely captivates the player. Download True Skate MOD APK to have fun with unlimited money and unlock all.

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True Skate Mod Apk Specialty And Features

Despite the game’s age, there is a lot to be enjoyed in True Skate. It’s a soothing way to pass the time and as you practice you’ll definitely notice a difference in your skill level. As you progress, you’ll unlock new skateparks and decks to try out. Some are available through in-app purchases although you can also get a sizable chunk just from playing the game. That’s the way mobile games should be, and True Skate does it well. Whether you want to try and master all the skills or are just looking for a laid-back mobile game, download True Skate today.


  • Touch-Based Skate Mechanics


One of the best things about True Skate is how effective the touch-based controls are. It’s quite a delicate process - the touch of a finger guides the skateboard around the skatepark and allows you to pull off pretty interesting tricks. Moving one way or another has an effect on the deck and you’ll quickly pick up how to play the game. There is a tutorial at the start and then it’s up to you to explore all the different parks!


  • Realistic Deck Wear


If you’ve ever tried skateboarding you’ll know how quickly the deck picks up to wear. The everyday use, bumps, knocks, and knockouts all add up to a pretty damaged board over time. Just like in real life, the skateboard in True Skate also takes on realistic wear damage. This keeps the player informed of when some repairs are necessary, or maybe even an upgrade to a new deck entirely. That’s up to you!


  • Free Roam On Multiple Skate Parks


Where you skate is a massive part of the skating culture, and that’s represented well in True Skate. This game allows you to traverse multiple different skateparks, all with their different layouts and places to try out your tricks - half-pipes, bowls, and much more. The first skatepark is pretty large, but you might get bored of it quickly. Thankfully, you can unlock more as you play - either through completing missions or taking part in an in-app purchase.


  • Addictive Gameplay


Even years and years later, the game still has an active player base. There has been no need for an upgrade because this game ticks all the boxes, but it would be great to see a graphical update at some point. While the first map is small, purchasing new maps isn’t expensive, and these unlock a lot more potential fun! Careful, this game is addictive, and you might miss a few bus stops while you’re engrossed in the compelling skating gameplay.


Note: True Skate only comes with a single skate park and includes additional content available only by in-app purchases.

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Amazing New Features Of True Skate Mod Apk

  • Enjoy the ultimate skateboarding experience.
  • A lot of skateboarding environments to enjoy.
  • Swipe your finger to control the skate.
  • Compare yourself to other players in Global Leaderboards.
  • Complete challenges and earn rewards.
  • Enjoy slow-motion features.
  • Have fun with realistic graphics.
  • Become the skateboarding master.


Skateboarding is a very famous street sport. The players perform different cool-looking stunts and jumps. Although it seems like an incredible sport, it is equally as dangerous. Learning skateboarding in real life needs a lot of patience and practice.

But if you really wanna play this sport, just play this on your mobile. Do heroic and dangerous stunts on your skateboard. You will find a lot of different places to do your stunts like parks, stairs, and streets, etc. Visit famous spots and test your skills.

Each location is unique and gives a distinctive gameplay experience. The gameplay is so much fun. And it is not hard at all to play this game. All you need to do is just swipe to turn the skateboard and flick your finger in any direction to make the skateboard jump in that particular direction.

This game is all about jumps and styles. It is so amusing to see the long jumps, and the feeling you get when you land perfectly on a narrow surface is amazing. Try to jump as high as possible for more scores and more fun.

Do backsides and kickflips. When you first start playing this game, you might have a little difficulty in playing this game. The controls, even though very easy, sometimes take some time to be learned.

You will need some practice to know the physics of this game. Then, after you have learned all that, you will be a good player. The key to becoming a good player in any game is to just keep practicing.

The graphics of this game are fascinating. They are one of the main reasons why this game is so popular. The level designs and the 3D models of different environments are perfect. They provide a very realistic gameplay experience.

The sound effects are also second to none. They are very lifelike, and they definitely add to the charming gameplay. All these features combined make this game so wonderful to play. That is why True Skate is on a whole another level.

You can also enjoy the slow-motion in this game. The slow-motion lets you enjoy your jumps and kickflips in slow motion. There is also a rewind feature in this game. If you made a wrong jump or didn’t land properly, you can just use the rewind to go back a few seconds in the game.

This is a very good feature that allows you to play the game and test your moves and jumps without any pressure. Press the replay viewer to see the replay of your last move. It is useful if you made an impressive jump and want to see that again.

True Skate is one of the best skateboarding games out there. Do you want unlimited money and all unlocked in this fantastic game? If yes, then download True Skate MOD APK to enjoy these features.

With unlimited money in your hands, you will be able to buy anything in the game. Buy different skateboards and have fun. True Skate MOD APK makes the game easier for you, and you can play it and spend your money without having to worry about running short on money.

True Skate MOD APK also gives unlocked all features which give you access to all Skateparks unlocked and all the Skateboards which are normally locked.


So, if you are a fan of skateboarding games, True Skate will replace the top game you have on your list of skateboard games. You will definitely love this and become addicted to it. The controls of this game are very realistic. This is 100% working and tested by many users.

You can control the skateboard with your two fingers, and the fingers will act like they are the legs. It is a great game to kill time. So, download True Skate MOD APK to enjoy this game even more.

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Q. 1. How to download True Skate for free?

Ans: To enjoy this game free, download the modded version.

Q. 2. How to get free True Skate maps?

Ans: Get the free True Skate maps by downloading the MOD.

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