Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK  Unlimited Money

Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK Unlimited Money
Size 170MB
Latest Version 1.7.13
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Sir Studios
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 15, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK:

Ultimate Offroad Simulator game is a beautiful combination of reality and merriment, especially for those who love driving cars at flying speeds and racing in every place, if it is a smooth road or an uneven rough place. People take it as a challenge to drive vehicles on risky roads. This game has distinct gameplay in which you do not have to compete with anyone. It is only you and your vehicle running on off-roads. It relieves and relaxes the mind of a player, and helps him play with fun. Ultimate Offroad Simulator has many kinds of vehicles, including trucks, cars., muscle cars, tuner cars, off-road cars, or vehicles.

Additionally, the players can also customize their vehicles, cars, or trucks as they want. Their assorted vehicles give them happiness when they drive these vehicles on beautiful roads on a big world map. The map has many cities, places, and roads. It depends only on the player where he wants to go and discover. There are different modes of driving the vehicles, such as Time-Trial and Parkour. There is no enemy in both modes. Players have a chance to flaunt their risky stunts and driving skills.

Ultimate Offroad



The graphics in the Ultimate Offroad Simulator Mod are three-dimensional. These 3D graphics are limpid, crystalline, and realistic. These realistic graphics and colorful visuals give the game an enticing and beguiling look that is attractive to the players. The cities, roads, and places on the map look fascinating.


The controls are easy and depend upon the type of vehicle. It depends if you are driving a manual car or an automatic car. The controls are displayed and you have to touch or tap the screen. 

  • Press or tap the pedals if you want to accelerate the vehicle. 
  • Tap the brakes to decelerate the vehicle or stop the vehicle. 
  • Also, you can change the gears, modify the wheel grip, make use of the ABS, etc.

Ultimate Offroad Simulator Mod APK:

The mod version of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator is more popular among the audience as this version provides the players with the premium features that are paid for. These premium features are free in this version. No one has to spend money to buy these features. These features may include Unlimited Diamonds and Unlimited Money. Some heavy vehicles are included in the premium features, and every player cannot access them. Ultimate Offroad Simulator Mod has provided free premium features for all.

Game Modes:

Two modes can be played in the Ultimate Offroad Simulator racing game

These two modes are the following. 


As the name tells, the time is specifically fixed in this mode. There are different checkpoints in the game. The time is fixed for each checkpoint. The player has to complete the drive and reach the end line of the checkpoint within the given period to win the task. After achieving the task within time, the player is awarded the customization items of the cars, upgrades, diamonds, and unlocked new vehicles. 


In this mode, the time is not fixed. The player has to complete the challenge of driving a vehicle on a road full of hurdles and obstacles. There is no rival in the Parkour mode. You only have to drive passing the hurdles. These hurdles may be the trucks, tankers, and other such big obstacles. The player has to show his flying skills or abilities and reach the other side by flying. 

In the Parkour mode, the speed of the vehicle and the strength of the gear matter. If you do not have enough speed and your vehicle falls while flying, you will lose the challenge. Be careful if you want to win the task. 

Customization of Offroad Vehicles:

The vehicles can be personalized according to the player’s liking. Different parts of cars or vehicles are resent in the game and you can use them to assort a new customized vehicle for you. You can customize the entire look, seats, engine, color, etc. you can visit the garage of the game and discover different parts for your vehicle. You have to buy the items to personalize your car, so you should accomplish the tasks to get these items.


Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are the currency of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator. These diamonds are achieved when you complete challenges. You can also earn diamonds when you drift, drive the car at flying speeds, show some risky stunts, etc. These diamonds are used to buy different spare parts for your vehicle if you have an interest in customizing your vehicle.

But, this earning process is slow and gives fewer diamonds. So, the Ultimate Offroad Simulator Mod has presented the Unlimited Diamonds for the players. These unlimited diamonds can never be depleted as they continue increasing instead of their usage. Players are enjoying this mod feature because they can access it without money.

System Requirement:

Ultimate Offroad Simulator requires android with 5.0 API and above. You must check the compatibility of your device with the game. If your device is not compatible with the game, you should not install it. 

Numerous Cars

Endless vehicles are waiting for the players in the game. These cars are in the garage where you can buy these cars if you have diamonds or money. You will explore the following vehicles in this racing game. 

  • Offroad Vehicles
  • Tuner Cars
  • 4WD Trucks
  • Racing Cars
  • Muscle Cars
  • SUVs

You can also upgrade these vehicles and paint these vehicles with your favorite color. 


A big map is present in the Ultimate Offroad Simulator. This map contains big cities with beautiful places, long roads, off-roads, desserts, and more. You can explore and discover any place that you want, but all these places are not unlocked. You have to unlock them gradually by finishing the tasks or missions. If you ever feel boredom, you can drive your vehicle to your favorite place. 

Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK Latest Version:

The latest version of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK is 1.7.8. This version was updated on Aug 05, 2022, and this version has new vehicles, upgrades, places, etc. 

Ultimate Offroad Simulator APK Size:

The APK size of the latest version of the game is 170MB and it is not light in size. You should confirm the compatibility of your phone before you think of installing the game.

Ultimate Offroad Simulator Mod APK Download:

If you are interested in downloading and installing the mod version of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator on an android device, follow the given instructions carefully. 

  • Tap the above download link to download the APK file of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator.
  • Check the Security option of the device. Enable it. 
  • It will allow the process of installation from all sources. 
  • Open the folder where the APK file has been downloaded. 
  • Tap the file and install it on your device. 


Ultimate Offroad Simulator is a racing game filled with thrill and excitement. This game not only gives the joy but also the experience of driving different vehicles. The game has a variety of cars, trucks, and vehicles that may be driven on off-roads. The ravishing map also captures the players and helps the players get rid of their tedium. Moreover, the hacked version of the game is also available, which has more features for the players. The game is safe and ad-free.

Ultimate Offroad


Q. How do I get the hacked version of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator?

The mod version of the game is also the hacked version, and this version has unlocked premium features for free. You can download the mod version from the above link if you want to enjoy the premium features.

Q. Is the APK file of Ultimate Offroad Simulator safe for android?

Exactly. Although the APK files are not safe, you can trust this website blindly. This website is tested and verified as a safe website so, you can install the APK file from this website.

Q. How to get Free Diamonds in Ultimate Offroad Simulator?

You have to download and install the Mod version of the Ultimate Offroad Simulator to get procure the free diamonds.

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