Valorant Mobile APK Free Download For Android

Valorant Mobile APK Free Download For Android

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App Name Valorant Mobile APK Free Download For Android
Size 150MB
Latest Version 1.0.3
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Valorant Mobile APK:

Gamers appreciate shooting games because of the thrill and sensation that these games put in them. These games always keep them entertaining all the time. Some games provide shooting gameplay with unique scenarios that are different from each other. So, a developer Riot Games has designed a quirky shooting game Valorant Mobile which has presented gameplay depicting the Fire Light scenario future. In Valorant Mobile, the gamer has told the possibilities that can happen in 2039. The developer tells that the Fire Light has created the Radiant matter.

Valorant Mobile

This matter will make the mutations and provide the equipment for the change of the world into technology and science. The game has mainly two sides: One for Attackers and the other for Defenders. The Attackers will save the Spike before they are going to explode it. While the Defenders will do the opposite action and will not allow the Attackers to place the Spike. Moreover, Valorant Mobile has many agents that will fight and will act as the playing character in the game. Almost six beautiful and idiosyncratic maps are available in it to present an exploring thing for the players. 

The gameplay has some similarities with another shooting game Counter Striker: Global Offensive, but it is not the same. 




These agents will attack the defenders and try to place the spikes. These spikes will be destroyed later. 


The defenders will defend the Attackers and stop them from placing the Spike. 


Six maps with different themes are offered in this game. These maps are added to avoid the player from boredom. The maps will be available with your achievements, and you cannot select which map you want to play. 

  •  Fracture
  •  Breeze
  •  Icebox
  •  Haven
  •  Bind
  •  Ascent

Among all, the Breeze is a difficult and annoying map. It is very large, and the player needs a lot of time to complete it. 


Every match has almost 13 rounds. These rounds must be won to get the victory. The last round will be decisive, and the victory will be dependent upon this round. 


Agents are the characters and champions. Almost eighteen Agents are available in the Valorant Mobile, and these agents play four roles. 

  • Initiator
  • Controller
  • Duelist
  • Sentinal


Five modes are offered in the Valorant Mobile game. 

Valorant Mobile


It will not show the points table and the best for practicing the matches as much as you want. 


This mode will make you win when you have won all rounds. It will show your progress in points and scores. 

Spike Rush:

This mode is to inure or warm up the agents. 


This mode is for warming up the player. You will practice the matches here. 


It organizes tournaments and events. This mode will allow you to play with your friends. 

Other modes include Escalation, Replication, and Snowball Fight. These are not always available. 


The skins for the weapons and the agents are available in the Valorant Mobile. These skins may be purchased or obtained in the rewards. 

Night Market:

This Night Market will give six skins with discounts. This Night Market will be available after every two months. The available skins are randomly selected. 


The graphics of the Valorant Mobile are three-dimensional and pellucid. The maps are beautiful and bright-colored. The colorful arenas and the roads give the game more serene and attractive visuals. These graphics play a role in captivating the audience. 


The game item store will offer you the weapons that will help the players to defend or attack. These weapons may include snipers, guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, SMGs, Mele, and Machine Guns. You can upgrade these weapons whenever the upgrades are available in the store.         


The download of the APK file is instant as compared to the download of the applications from the Play Store. 

The file will always remain safe in your card or device storage, and you can get it at any time. 


  • The application will not be updated until you download the new update. 
  • The APK files sometimes may steal personal information and the data in the device. 
  • It will harm the android as they are not verified by Google.

Device Requirements:

Valorant Mobile demands:

  • An android with 5.5 API (Application Programming Interface) and above. 
  • Cleared space of more than 1GB. 
  • No root. 

You must match the compatibility because the game has a large size, and it will not be played on low-end androids. 


This game offers 5v5 gameplay in which both teams have different actions. One is Attackers, and the other is Defenders. One will attack to make a Spike, and the other will defend to destroy that Spike. Different rounds are present in each match, and the player has to win the match. The thirteenth round is the most crucial round that will decide which team will win. The Agents will make the game more interesting.

Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile APK Release Date:

The Valorant Mobile has been released in 2021 with impressive features to entertain the audience. 

Valorant Mobile APK iOS:

This game can't be directly downloaded on iOS because it is an android application. To install on iOS, 

  • Download the APK file from the above link. 
  • Install an emulator which plays the role of android. 
  • Open the emulator and install the APK file through this emulator. 

Valorant Mobile APK No Verification:

This game provides a simple and clear interface. There is no hurdle in playing matches. It will not demand any verification or registration from the player. It is not even protected by any passwords. 

Valorant Mobile Wallpaper:

The wallpapers for this game are available for iPhones and androids. The wallpaper has two colors. The red is the background and the black which shows the color of the agent. 

Valorant Mobile Early Access:

The early access in Valorant Mobile is Beta access. If you get Beta invites, you have access to play the game. These beta invites will permit you to invite your other friends.

Valorant Mobile APK Latest Version:

The latest update of the Valorant Mobile was v1.0.3, and it was uploaded to the players on Mar 5, 2022. This version has many new things in this recent update. 

Valorant Mobile APK Developer:

The developer of the game has designed many games for the entertainment of the people, but the Valorant Mobile is an amazing one, and it is developed by Riot Games. 

Valorat Mobile APK Size:

Valorant Mobile APK size is large, and the game is heavy. It will require 1.3GB for its download. So, You must clear the storage before installing the file. Otherwise, you will not be able to run it.

Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile APK Download:

  • You can download this amazing game by following the given steps.
  • Use the link which is given above to download the Valorant Mobile APK. 
  • After downloading the APK file, you can decide the location of the file. 
  • Enable the security option of the android device to allow the installation of applications from all sources. 
  • Open the folder in which you have placed the downloaded APK file. 
  • Click the file to start its installation. 
  • Launch the app when its installation gets completed.

Valorant Mobile


Valorant Mobile offers the players the best shooting game showing the battle between Defenders and Attackers. They fight oppositely. The application has shown the evolution and power of the technology. The game has no advertisements and malware. The game has somewhat different actions comparatively. It will show you the Radiant matter, which has mutant mining abilities. Valorant Mobile will introduce you to some unique gameplay, like the consequences of the Fire Light. In short, you will know many more features when you play the game yourself. So, download the app and enjoy. 


Q. Does Valorant Mobile APK give the full security of the android?

Yes. This game will not steal the data of any device. It will not access any data or personal information. Only the things that you allow will be accessible.

Q. Is the Valorant Mobile APK safe for all android devices?

Of course, yes. The APK file on this website is tested and felt secure. It will not damage or harm any device.

Q. Why do the APK files need permissions for installation?

APK files are harmful and unsafe, so they always need permission from the device to get its installation. But, this website will give you a fully safe APK file. You can get the link to any file from this website, and APK files of almost all applications are present here.

Q. Does the Valorant Mobile contain any malware?

No. It does not have any malware that will harm your device. So, you don’t need to worry about any harmful viruses. Feel free to get this APK file on your device.

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