Vanguard Zero Mod Apk Auto Battle, Dumb Enemy

Vanguard Zero Mod Apk Auto Battle, Dumb Enemy

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App Name Vanguard Zero Mod Apk Auto Battle, Dumb Enemy
Size 72MB
Latest Version 2.81.0
MOD Features Auto Battle, Dumb Enemy
Developer Bushiroad International Pte Ltd_
Content Rating Rated for 5+
Requires 4.3+
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Update April 10, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Card games are based on techniques and intelligence; players can test their abilities by playing such games. Nowadays, there are a lot of card games trending, and Vanguard is one of them. In this game, the story revolves around a significant character known as Aichi Sendou. He is a schoolboy and somehow finds a TCG card which changes his life. Before this, he used to live an ordinary boring life, and he was a shy boy. But after finding this card, his life turned thrilling and interesting. He used to participate in card battles and learned to show his skills. During these battles, he also met other companions with whom he could have adventures in life.

Vanguard Zero Mod Apk

Terrible Game Quest

This game was developed by Bushiroad and was released in 2019. This game is based on the card battle genre. Here the users will be provided with different cards which have various powers which they can use during battles to defeat their enemies. Vanguard Zero can be played all over the world, and it is an online and multiplayer game. The game facilitates its users whether to play it alone or with other players. The cards are very important because your success lies in them. If you are damaged, then try to change your master card; otherwise, you may lose the level. You will enter the game as Aichi Sendou, but later you can also change the character and its name. Moreover, the gameplay and graphics of the game are so unique and fascinating.

Vanguard Zero Mod Apk

Action Adventurous game

This game is built on card battles in which users must select any card to fight against its opponent. The players will get some specific characters with which they will be represented. The cards are of different types; they will be displayed below the game corner, and their abilities will also be displayed. You are also facilitated to replace the damaged card with a new one.

Use Powerful Cards to defeat Opponents

During the battle, the users will get many cards with various powers, and similarly, your opponents must have such types of cards. So here you need to make some strategies for which card will be more effective against your enemy. You just have to check the nature of your opponent and attack his weak point. And try to shuffle cards during the match because it will help you to live long in the battle.

Available with Trading Card Qualities

This is TCG based game, as clear from the start because the central character of the competition receives a trading card, and then his life is completely changed. So those who start playing this game will also get trading cards so that they can also get a chance to put some sort of entertainment in their lives. Moreover, these cards have unique type of qualities which can be used during different rounds.

Vanguard Zero Mod Apk

Enjoy the Match Alone or With a Group

Sometimes the players are in such a dilemma that they set their targets and want to achieve them on their own. That's why they prefer to play matches by relying on their own capabilities. Keeping this thing in mind, Vanguard allows you to test your abilities. But if you are a social person and enjoy friends' company, then you can also play this game with your companions. This part will increase your intelligence and attacking power and brings you closer to victory.

Live Card Battle at Home

Many people prefer indoor games because they are easy to play and do not need much physical strength. But many such games are not available at home, like cards game. But Bushiroad has solved this problem by creating a magical card game as Vanguard, which features an online game so the players can enjoy card battles while sitting at their homes.

Vanguard Zero Mod Apk

Form strategies to Test Your Abilities

Every game asks its users to make up plans by using their intelligence, which will further help them for a convincing win as this is a card battle game, where the user will fight by using their magical cards with various powers. But with these, the users must set their tasks and make strategies to attack their opponents. And also, keep an eye on your enemy walk, which is also part of the good strategies.

Thrilling 3D Animations

Though this game has simple gameplay, which is so attractive, its animations are so fantastic that everything seems to be excellent. The visuals are heart-touching and are created in a smooth form. Moreover, the sounds used in the game are soothing and relishing, which will keep you at ease, and you can peacefully focus on your target.


Q. Is Vanguard Zero a Gacha Game?

Yes, Vanguard is a Gacha or a trading card game TCG in which the players will fight with the help of these magical cards.

Q. Is Vanguard zero on pc?

Vanguard Zero is a TCG game that can be played on android devices or pc after downloading the game.

Q. How long will Vanguard zero last?

It takes five minutes to reset the game. But the match will last until the winner is declared.

Q. What format is Vanguard zero?

The Vanguard is an RPG card battle game that contains a TCG battle arena. Here the players will choose the best magic cards and fight with their opponents.

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