War Commander : Rogue Assault APK

War Commander : Rogue Assault APK

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App Name War Commander : Rogue Assault APK
Size 144 MB
Latest Version v 7.8.1
MOD Features Free
Developer KIXEYE
Content Rating 7.7
Requires 7.1 or above
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Update September 16, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Get ready for epic wars with War Commander: Rogue Assault APK. It is a multiplayer game with a war strategy. It offers a series of wars where you will be an army commander. Act like a real leader and take hold of the huge army. This game is about collecting resources, recruiting soldiers, constructing hidden headquarters, and attacking opponents. It offers an intense storyline with realistic and detailed graphics. You must improve your cognitive and strategy skills to make the right decisions. The most thrilling task of this game is to attack your enemy’s headquarters.

To control the enemy's attack, spread your troops to maximum locations. This game is relatively similar to Clash Of Clans APK, but the major difference is that you can manually control your soldiers. In War Commander, once you’ve spread your soldiers, you can manually control them by tapping on the screen.

It is a super fun strategy game with outstanding graphics and visuals. It allows you to unlock unlimited troops, vehicles, war tanks, weapons, buildings, themes, and layouts. You will find endless possibilities here. Your main objective is to collect the maximum in-game currency. You can purchase anything using your in-game currency. This game represents the story of the American army, where you will play as the commander.  Its outstanding visuals will give you a realistic feel. It offers human-like characters with detailed graphics. Have you ever dreamt of being an armorer? Your dream can come true with a captivating game. You can participate in the PvP battles to defend your country from enemies.

This game has gained a huge fan following in the gaming community because of its realistic graphics and high-quality visuals. It offers dozens of levels with detailed maps. Each level has a unique and challenging map. You may find easy tasks in initial levels, but your gameplay will become complicated when you reach advanced levels. It has become popular in the gaming community. Must try it at least once. You will certainly get addicted to it even on your first try.

Now, it's time to download this incredible fighting game. Follow the below-mentioned steps to access it.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Press the above download button to download it.

Step 2: Wait for a while after pressing the download link.

Step 4: Move toward your mobile setting if you see any complications while downloading.

Step 5: Now, turn ON the unknown source to access third-party apps.

Step 6: Go to your mobile’s File Manager and open the recently downloaded APK file.

Step 7: Select the required App and tap to install.

Step 8: Open the app and start your game. That’s all.

Main Features

Here are some key features of this game. Keep reading for further information.

Combat System

It offers a realistic combat system for the American army. Your opponents are consistently attacking your country. You must build a strategic plan to destroy your enemies with a single attack. You can also use tanks, jeeps, weapons, and advanced military equipment to compete with your enemies. Its combat system will take you to the next level of thrill. Its war and fighting mechanics are beyond your expectations. You can burn your coins to unlock weapons, tanks, and other beneficial gadgets to defeat enemies. You can also hire extra troops to protect the territory of your country.

Combat System Of  War Commander

Improve Your Military Conditions

Develop a strong army to survive in the War. You have to improve your military condition by conducting proper army training. Hire maximum troops and train them to tackle every situation. You can manually control your soldiers by tapping on the screen. Put the powerful and trained soldiers in the first row to win the war. Also, spread skilled troops at the territories to prevent future attacks.

War Commander_s Gameplay

Unlock extraordinary vehicles, missiles, tanks, helicopters, and advanced weapons to build a strong army. At the advanced levels, you can also purchase nuclear weapons to destroy your enemies with just a single attack. But you may have to spend a lot of money on it. So try to collect as many gold coins as you can. Because you can purchase anything you want using your gold coins.

Customization Tools In War Commandar APK

Start Strategic Battles

Arrange destructive attacks by planning strategic battles against your enemies. Build a strong army and collect advanced weapons to win every battle. You can enjoy PvP battles and multiplayer battlegrounds. You can also add your real-life friends to your multiplayer battles. On the other hand, only two opponents can appear in PvP battles.

3D Graphics In  War Commandar APK

Protect your Country

Adapt a strong defense system to protect your country. As I mentioned above, you have to play as a Commander. So you must protect your people from all the external attacks. Unlock maximum soldiers and spread them in all the territories. You can control the movement of every soldier manually. Launch a nuclear attack to blow out your enemies at once.

Complicated Interface In  War Commandar APK

Customization Tools

It offers lots of customization options. You can change every setting according to your wish. Players are allowed to unlock their favorite theme and layout of gameplay. You can also unlock new weapons, vehicles, tanks, helicopters, and useful gadgets to win battles. It also permits you to customize your character's appearance according to your choice. This game offers you endless possibilities with detailed graphics.

Improve Your Military Condition With  War Commander APK

Complicated Interface

You may find it easy to play at initial levels. But your gameplay will become complicated when you reach advanced levels. You have to handle the movement of every soldier simultaneously, which is a tough task. Controlling multiple characters at the same time is a difficult thing. But you can tackle the situation by enabling command mode.

Strategy Battles In  War Commandar APK

In the command mode, you just have to pass a single command, and all the troops will act accordingly. This is a fun fighting game with lots of adventurous challenges. Each challenge will bring a new thrill and enjoyment. Keep updating your app to access updated features.

Protect Your Country In  War Commandar APK

3D Graphics and High-Quality Visuals

The main reason for its craze among the gaming community is its immersive visuals and realistic graphics. It offers a 3D interface with a perfect color combination. You will see human-like characters with perfect detail.  After joining this game, you’ll feel like a real armored soldier of the American Army. The details and graphics seem so real and impressive.


Get ready to become the commander of the American Army with War Commander: Rogue Assault APK. This game is programmed for people who want to become a soldier. Here, you can enjoy the life of an army commander by conducting commands against enemies. Your main objective is to build a strong army with impressive skills. This game can play an effective role in improving your decision-making abilities. Because you have to make quick decisions to start the war against enemies and destroy your enemies before they approach you. Hire powerful soldiers to win every war. Unlock advanced and nuclear weapons to kill your opponents with a single attack. Try to collect as many coins as you can. Because you can install any upgrade using your gold coins. Now, it's time to try it out. Just follow the download as mentioned earlier steps to access it.

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Q. Is War Commander: Rogue Assault APK Free game?

Yes, it is free to download and play. But it may have some in-app purchase features. You have to unlock those features using your collected coins if you want to use them.

Q. Is War Commander: Rogue Assault APK available on the App Store?

Yes, it has been added to the App Store for its Mac users.

Q. Does War Commander: Rogue Assault APK have any modified version?

No, it does not have any modified version.

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