War Troops 1917 Mod Apk

War troops 1917 mod apk

Additional Information

App Name War troops 1917 mod apk
Size 27M
Latest Version 1.39
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Developer Koco Games
Content Rating Teen
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update May 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
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war troops 1917 mod apk

The war troops 1917 mod apk has been added with many new and unique features. The first one is that you can easily change your character into a girl or a boy by clicking on the "change character" button. It also allows you access to all weapons in the shop. You can buy a shotgun, AK-47 and other armours that are not initially available in the unmodified version. Some new extra maps include a military base, jungle island, night area, etc.

War Troops 1917 Mod Apk

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Introduction of war troops 1917 mod apk

You can keep adding gold to the amount of money you have into your account. But as you do so, it is crucial that you can know the proper steps that you need to follow. This will be much easier if you know the reasonable steps necessary to be followed. If you have a good idea about these steps, then it will be much simpler for you to enjoy the game at the highest level.

Game Play

You can make different kinds of troops to fight against the enemy in the game. The troops you can create are Infantry, Artillery, Tank and Air forces. All these troops are separated in different eras. For example, you can generate tank troops only in World War I. The game also has two types of resources: Gold and Food. You need food to train your forces, but if you don't have enough food, the training will be delayed and will cost a lot more food.

The gold is needed for upgrading your buildings, and it is obtained from the game's buildings." 


Massive land battles (up to 500 units per battle) will last for hours and require careful preparations before and even during the match.

The number of units in armies has been increased from 15-23 men per unit to 40-45 men per unit (depending on the type of unit). This makes it much more difficult to achieve victory in battles without sacrificing large troops, just like in real war.

Infantry units have been given a lot more tactical options since they are now able to fire whilst moving, enter melee faster, charge faster and can hold their


  1. Ability to buy an infinite number of game resources.
  2. Ability to set a limit for the amount of resources in the game, which is bought from you, with real money.
  3. Mod Gold Dust can be purchased with real money and received for free.
  4. Ability to change the parameters of your character. The price depends on the characteristics of your hero, and the maximum value is equal to 99999999999999 coins for one click!
  5. Ability to increase the production of gold (fast mode) - 1 click = 100000000 gold.
  6. Ability to increase the production of crystals (fast mode) - 1 click = 10000000 crystals.
  7. Modifikatsiya Crystals no longer fall out of the chest but are immediately added to your account in total quantity!
  8. Gold is not required to be purchased with real money, and it is obtained in battle!
  9. Modification of Gold and Crystals - 99,999,999,999 Ie their unlimited number! For example, if you buy Crystals for 1 ruble (100 000 crystals), you will have 100 million crystals in your account after payment! This

Mod Features

  1. Unlimited money.
  2. Unlimited Gems.
  3. Unlimited gold.
  4. Unlimited rubies.
  5. Unlimited food.
  6. Unlimited Wood.
  7. Complete stone.
  8. Unlimited iron.
  9. Unlock all equipment and heroes.

How to download and Install

  1. Click Here To Download The Game 
  2. Install The Game From Setup 
  3. Now Go To Folder Where You Installed This Game 
  4. Open Rar File And Copy All Contents To Your Game Directory 
  5. Run and enjoy


War troops 1917 mod apk is the latest android game launched recently by the topmost developers of the world. 

This is one of the best shooting games in town, designed based on war. The game has excellent graphics, making it more captivating than other games. In this game, you will act like a soldier fighting against enemies and moving forward on this battlefield. 

You have to attack the enemies before they reach you. 

You can also use these troops for defence when any enemies attack you. The game contains all kinds of different features that make it more exciting and entertaining for every age group.


Q. What are War troops 1917?

It is an action game for Android smartphones and tablets. This is a war game that you can play against players worldwide. You will have to train your troops using your resources and defeat other players.
You will be given a chance to be a commander of the army and lead your troops to victory. The game has many modes, such as campaign, survival, and multiplayer mode. If you want to become the strongest player in this game, you will have to keep upgrading your units until you face no problem in the battles.

Q. How can I get War troops in 1917?

You can download it from Google Play Store for free or click here.

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