Whatfinger News Apk Latest Version 1.2 For Android

Whatfinger News APK was first started as a news blog a little before the US Presidential election where Donald Trump won. Today, Whatfinger has fully established News websites as well as an app for smartphones.  

Whatfinger News Apk Latest Version

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App Information about Whatfinger News APK

App Name: Whatfinger News APK 

App Download Version: Latest  

Last Updated: Dec. 5, 2018 

App by: Whatfinger News 

APK Size: 1.0M 

Category: Free News & Magazines App 

Support Android Version: Android 4 and above 

App Package: com.whatfinger 

Content Rating: 4/5 

Get it on: Google Play 

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NameWhatfinger News APK 
Last updatedDec. 5, 2018
Size1.01 MB
Developer Whatfinger News
CategoryFree News & Magazines App

About Whatfinger News APK

In our undeniably divided country and world, it is always great to have restricting perspectives readily available to give yourself a progressively adjusted and common understanding. It is fascinating to see the titles of a news thing and afterward observe what the individuals who disagree are thinking and saying. It can be very uncovering, and disturbing. One such platform where you can get unbiased and honest news is Whatfinger News APK.  

Whatfinger News was established by military individuals who are 100% committed to sharing honest news with the citizens of the state. Whatfinger News APK shows contradicting perspectives, locales, and papers.  

Whatfinger News APK gives you: 

  • Breaking News alerts 
  • News Feed and Customizable content 
  • Top Stories and journalism  
  • World News and US updates in politics, business and more 
  • Live Tweets and commentary  

What Whatfinger News APK is about?

Whatfinger has a slogan that says: 

The Relentless Pursuit of Creating the Greatest Aggregate Link News Site on Earth.”  

It is pretty clear from this statement what this app is all about. Whatfinger APK is a news aggregate platform to keep you informed of the latest local and international news.

Whatfinger pulls and sources its news from an extensive range of right-leaning websites and try to keep factual reporting. Some of its main sources include the Daily Wire, Reuters, and Breitbart.

However, they also source from some questionable sources, for example, the Gateway Pundit and the Geller Report. Hence, this may affect the credibility of this app.

Features of Whatfinger News APK

1. Quick  

Whatfinger News is quit to post any latest news. They are normally quicker than many other sites out there. So appreciate the news, the tips, and the blog articles and video news from all sources everywhere in the world.  

2. Share your Response 

This is a very unique feature of Whatfinger News. You can share your response to the news in one of the following ways: 

  • Thumbs up: If you agree with the shared news and the quality of the information shared  
  • Thumbs down: If you disagree with the news and the quality of the information shared  
  • Middle Finger: If you are completely biased against the shared news and the quality of the information shared 

1. Aggregated News 

Whatfinger News features a combination of all the latest news from big news channels like: FOX, CNN, Rebel MediaMark DiceBlack Pigeon and many more! 

2. Videos  

Whatfinger also features a lot of news channels clippings, videos, and commentaries for your entertainment. You can enjoy videos from different sources on a go.  

3. Fake News Quarantine Area 

This feature allows you to access news that is based on anonymous sources and almost always put out by major so-called mainstream news to hurt Trump or Republicans. 

How to download and install Whatfinger News APK?

To install Whatfinger News APK, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

Step 1:Download Whatfinger News APK 

Download the APK file of Whatfinger that we have provided at the link below. 

DownloadWhatfinger News APK here 

Step 2:Enable Third-party Downloads 

You need to do this step if you are not downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store. Go to Setting > Security. Enables the “Unknown Sources” option. This step is to allow your device to install games or applications from APK files that are not downloaded from Google Play.  

Step 3:Start Installation 

Now you can open the downloaded file without any problem, tap Install to start the installation. 

Step 4:Open the App 

Now just wait until the app icon appears in the App Drawer. Yes, you have successfully installed the app now. Simply open it and start browsing. 

Step 5:Enjoy the latest news! 

The steps above are easy and anyone can do them. Hope you guys easily install Whatfinger News APK on your Android smartphone.  


Read top stories, latest breaking news, tweets and all the commentaries with Whatfinger News APK. This app gives you access to all the latest politics, entertainment, business, tech, and sports news.  

To discover and explore the best stories in the news, download Whatfinger News APK today! 



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