Whatsapp Tracker Mod APK For Android

Whatsapp tracker Mod APK For Android

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App Name Whatsapp tracker Mod APK For Android
Size 17MB
Latest Version 3.1.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer ITamazons
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Whatsapp tracker Mod APK:


In this modern age, almost everyone uses social media. Wherever, we see, almost every other person is engaged on social media, from a kid to an old man, everyone is busy using his/her phone. And our youth, even can’t live a second without using social media. All social media platforms have now become a mandatory part of our lives. Social media platforms have caught all of our attention, and now our every work is almost incomplete without them.  

Among all platforms of social media, WhatsApp is the Most trending and popular one. Every other person uses WhatsApp in order to get attached to their loved ones. WhatsApp is an application that is accepted worldwide. And now, it is the biggest medium of conversation. 

So, our WhatsApp users! Are you getting bored with the same conversation application? Do you want to have some modifications to your conversation medium? It is a fact, that we human beings get instantly bored with the same thing. And want to modify or alter that. But WhatsApp is that precious medium that no one wants to alter, although wants to modify. So, users! If you were searching for some modifications on your WhatsApp, then kindly stop your searching here. Because your search has been completed here. Now, you have landed on a very legit and authentic platform, from where you can find all the things related to your queries. So, let’s start!

Our precious users! We are talking about a new launch in WhatsApp, which surely you want to know. So, first of all, let us tell you the name of that new launch. Users! Our new launch is named, “WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK”.

But, now the question arises here is, Why will you prefer WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK over WhatsApp? So, users! The simplest answer to your query is because the WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK has many new and updated features, plus it also has those features that simple WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Whatsapp Tracker

What is WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK?

Actually, the WhatsApp tracker is a new tool introduced in the WhatsApp version. Through this tool, you can perform all those tasks that a simple WhatsApp is unable to do. You are now able to see who has saved your number, also you can now save the status of other people even without knowing them, plus you can even check the last online status of any person, moreover, now you can monitor any of your preference’s profiles. 

The WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK is a very crucial application, especially for parents, as now they may have a strict eye on their children by monitoring their profiles. Consequently, they may restrict their children by going on the wrong path.

Why do we prefer WhatsApp Tracker over WhatsApp?

Dear users! There are several reasons that provoke you to download this amazing tracking application. So, let’s proceed:

  • The WhatsApp Tracker is not only a conversation application. But it also helps you to keep track of anyone.
  • This application allows you to monitor at least 10 profiles of your own choice.
  • This application will help you in tracking a number, even if that person had blocked you. 
  • You can still see the profile and even the online status, even if the person blocked you.
  • This app will send you frequent notifications, as the person gets online.
  • Through this app, now parents can easily monitor their children. They can have a strict eye on their children.
  • Parents can even know what are their children doing on this App. 
  • Also, how much do the children spend time on this app? This application will give each and every update to their parents, by notifying their cell phones.
  • Besides this, you can also keep a record of any person.
  • This app is crucial in showing the history of a specific person for the last complete week, without even knowing him.
  • This app will never hack accounts.
  • Above all, this app costs you nothing except some settings.
  • You can easily track your loved ones through this app.
  • You can easily save the status of people.

How to use the WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK?

The usage of this commendable application is very simple and easy. Let’s have a look:

  • You just need to download and install this app.
  • After that, open the app, and go to the WhatsApp Tracker settings option. 
  • Just enter the number of the specific person.
  • And take a free trial. 
  • Then wait for that person to come online. 
  • As he/she comes online, you will instantly receive a notification.
  • And if you want to check the history of the previous week, then you may visit the Application page.

Features of WhatsApp Track Mod APK:

This time is to discuss the limitless and superior features of this best application:

Checking of Entire Data:

The astounding feature of this great app is, this app lets you have a very strong eye on your targeted device. This app will provide you with each and every necessary detail about your targeted person. The WhatsApp Tracker app is crucial in monitoring the data of a specific person. And notify you frequently as your targeted device performs any activity. It keeps a proper check and balance, which indeed a simple WhatsApp is unable to do. 

Monitor 10 profiles:

Respected users! As we have already told you that this application is used to have an eye on your loved ones. So, with the help of this application, you can monitor 10 profiles at the same time. This is the stunning attribute that unquestionably no other app has. Now, you can even track more than one profile just with the help of this gorgeous tracking app. 

Parental control:

This versatile app has given authority to the parents that now they can control their children. But how? So, dear users! They can simply control their children by tracking their profiles. Hence, they will have a report of every second about their children. Like; what are their children doing? To whom they are talking? And even what they are talking about or chatting about? So, this app has a very proper check and balance on the children. Consequently, it has now become easier for parents to control their children or to stop them from going on the wrong path. 

Show last online status:

By having this stunning application, now you may come to know about the last online status of a specific person. Like, when he/she was last online, even if he/she has not saved your number. Although simple WhatsApp also shows us the last online status, this feature can’t work for some time due to the person’s privacy. But, not in the WhatsApp tracker app. Through this app, even if the person has or has not saved your number. This app will still show you the last online status of that person. Even if he/she blocked you. 

Offers full-time Security:

Dear users! Although it's an app through which we can monitor anyone’s profile. But, along with that, it also offers you full security. It will never share your privacy with a third party or never reveal your personal data. So, don’t worry about this, as it may reveal or leak out your privacy. This application will never reveal your data. As this is a fully secured app, just designed for your convenience. 

Both for iOS and Android users:

There is always confusion about whether a good application will work on iOS or not. So, dear users! If we talk about WhatsApp Tracker mod APK, so yes, this app is for both Androids and iOS users. If you are an iPhone user, then you can also have this tracker app and can easily enjoy its each and every attribute. There are no restrictions on using this application. It is for both users, Androids, and iPhones. 

Very friendly Interface:

Hey users! If you are thinking that this app may be difficult for you in its usage. Then indeed, you are thinking the wrong. Because this application is very easy to use. Besides this, a proper step-by-step guide will be provided to you in the app. You will easily understand its usage and its all tricks at once. 

Helpful for you even if someone blocked you:

Normally in other apps, if someone blocked you then you can’t see any of his details. But not in this app, as WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK facilitates you in its every perspective. Even if the person blocked you, if you have this stunning application, then there is no need to be worried, as this app still shows you the person’s last seen, active status, profile picture, and all the necessary details. And you can even monitor the profile of that person who blocked you. So, what do you want anymore? Just go to our site’s link and download this incredibly commendable application. 

You can save the status of people:

So, users! It will surely happen to you many times, that you liked the status of your friend but couldn’t save that due to the lack of features in simple WhatsApp. Also, you didn’t want to ask your friend to send that status, because it sounds awkward. So, users! Don’t worry, because now if you like someone's status then you don’t need to wish for that, you just need to save that status in your gallery, with the help of this brilliant and flexible WhatsApp tracker Mod APK.

Free of cost application:

Dear users! This application is totally free of any cost. It will charge you nothing except an internet connection. 

Legal Application:

After getting to know about the tremendous features of this application. Now all the peeps are curious to know that is this app literally legal or not. So, our valuable users! Yes, this application is 100% legal. As it helps the parents to keep their children on the right and legit path. So, yes the specific purpose for which this application was specially designed, in that perspective this application is totally legit. Also, this app will never let out your personal details.

WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK Download:

Users! Before going into the details of the download procedure, let me tell you about the basic requirements of this application. So, just stick to my editorial in order to get to know each and every detail of this application. 

Device Requirements:

Dear users! Following are the requirements that must be fulfilled before downloading this application. Otherwise, the lack of the requirements may cause hindrance in your app’s usage or download process. So, let’s have a careful look:

  • In order to download the WhatsApp tracker, Mod APK on your devices must confirm whether you have an APK file or not. Because this app is an APK app. This is why, an APK file must be downloaded or installed on your devices, before having this app. 
  • After that, you need to be sure that your device has an empty of 20 MB. because this app needs 17.52 MB in order to work smoothly.

After this, you need to check the compatibility of your cell phone, and whether your phone is compatible with this app or not. The compatibility that this application need is Androids 5.0 and later versions.

Download Procedure:

After this, you will come toward the download method. A comprehensive download method has been discussed below, kindly have a look:

  • Go to our website’s link. And click that link.
  • Then on the search bar, you just need to write, “WhatsApp tracker Mod APK download”.
  • Then, let the app download.
  • After download completion, you are just required to install this commendable and demonstrative app. 

Installation Guides:

So, what do you need to install this versatile application? You just need to follow the easiest steps:

  • There is no need to get attached to the Wi-Fi connection, as installation can be done even without having an internet connection.
  • Go to your cell phone’s settings option.
  • Allow unknown resources.
  • Kindly click on the App Install button.
  • Let it install.
  • After just a few seconds, this app will be a part of your home screen.
  • Open and enjoy the best tracker application in order to get attached to your loved ones.

WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK Latest Version:

Indeed a very engrossing point is talking about the latest version of any application. So, the latest version of this tracking application is v 1.46. The name of the latest version of this explicit application is, “WhatsApp tracker Mod APK”. This version was recently updated by Peanut Butter Inc. It was updated on 31 July 2022. The file size for the newest version of this app is 17.52 MB. And the compatibility of this new version is Android 5.0 and up versions. Millions of people have downloaded the latest version of this application till now.

Release date of WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK:

This extraordinary, brilliant, versatile, and explicit application was released on 25 March 2020. And now this application is the most trending and accepted one. 

Developer name of WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK:

So, this brilliant application was developed by Peanut Butter Inc.

WhatsApp tracker Location:

You can easily be sent or share your live or current location with your loved ones. But how? So, here we are to resolve your queries. Just follow the below-mentioned simple steps:

  • Click on the person’s icon to which you want to share your location. 
  • Now just click on the attached file symbol. It will take lots of options in front of you.
  • You just need to select the location option. 
  • It will ask you to enable your GPS. you just have to click “ok”.
  • Turn on your location here.
  • Go back.
  • It will show you an interface, on which you will see two types of locations.
  • The one will be a share live location and the other will be sending your current location.
  • Live location means, that wherever you go your location will be visible to your selected contact. 
  • And the current location means your current location means the location from where you are sending the location. That location will be visible to your selected contact.
  • So click on the location whatever you want to send.
  • But remember one thing, if you click on the live location, it will ask you for some permissions that you have to ok. Then it will proceed, otherwise, it will not. 
  • Additionally, it will also ask you time, like how much time, you want that your location will be visible to your specific contact. 
  • You simply have to set the time of your live location. After that limited time, your location will automatically be invisible to your contact. 
  • Then, simply click on the send option.

WhatsApp Tracker Chat Online:

So users! Yes, you can chat online with this brilliant application. As this application is not just a tracking application but also a conversation app. So, you can chat as much as you want with your loved ones. Also, you can even make audio and video calls to your loved ones with the help of this application. For chatting with your loved ones, you just need an internet connection, and nothing else. 

Final Words:

In the end, I must summarize by saying that this WhatsApp tracking Mod APK application is just designed for a good purpose so that parents can have an eye on their children’s activities. So, kindly use this app for a good reason, not to tease or track others in the wrong way. 

No doubt, this is a tracking application, but it is for a good purpose. So, kindly try to use everything for a good reason. Overall, this is a versatile and stunning application that will help you a lot in handling your daily tasks. Also, this application is 100% free and secure to use. Moreover, this is an anti-ban and legit application, that everyone can use very easily. 

So, our precious users! Just visit our download link and have this explicit application on your devices, without spending any penny.

Whatsapp Tracker


Q. Can I use this application without Internet?

No, dear users! You can’t use this app without an internet connection. You must have an internet connection if you want to use this application for your deeds.

Q. Does this app charge money?

No, not at all. This is free of any cost application, that charges no money from you.

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