World Solitaire Apk Download latest Version 1.33 For Android

From PCs to laptops and smartphones to tablets, Solitaire has been a pillar of computerized gaming since Microsoft acquainted it with PCs in 1990. Initially incorporated into Microsoft’s working framework as a fun, simple approach to show clients how to move a PC mouse — a skill that was just barely displacing keyboard commands at the time — the game has kept up its appeal for as long as 29 years now.  

World Solitaire

World of Solitaire APK was even accepted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame earlier this year. But what makes this simple card game so interesting? Well, keep reading to find out!  

Download World of Solitaire APK


What are you waiting for? Download World of Solitaire APK now and have a fabulous time playing this game. 

Click here to download World of Solitaire APK. 

World of Solitaire APK Gameplay

World of solitaire APK will take you across islands and faraway mainlands where you will play solitaire to get great treasures. Gather different objects like artifacts, antiques, and gems in this Android game.  

Trust your concentration and logic abilities, which you will need to play solitaire and complete many tasks. Get prizes for finished levels and beat obstacles and traps to proceed with your adventure. Win various gifts in extra mini-games.

In this game you will get: 

  • Classic solitaire Klondike
  • Levels and Challenges (4000 levels)
  • Daily Missions
  • Daily Challenges
  • Trophy Collection
  • Draw 1 card or 3 cards

How to Play World of Solitaire

  • Moving cards: 

Move cards by dragging them between the piles. Simply click a card and the cursor will try to move the card to the best possible position 

  • Flipping Cards: 

Flip cards from the Piles. You can flip cards from the pile to the preview by clicking the Pile. You can flip either one card per click. 

  • Empty Piles:  

Moving cards to empty Columns is possible if you only move Kings. 

  • Moving cards to the Goals: 

To start moving cards to the Goals, you must first move an Ace to an empty Goal. You can move any Ace to any Goal. Hereafter you can move cards of the same suit as the Ace to the Goal. However, you must do so in the following order:  

Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack, Queen and King 

Why World of Solitaire Game 

Solitaire, otherwise called Klondike or Patience is the most well-known single-player card game in the world. You are going to love this game on the off chance that you like solitaire games like:

  • TriPeaks
  • Spider Solitaire
  • FreeCell and others!

World of Solitaire is more testing than normal Solitaire, more fun than Spider Solitaire, and more energizing than FreeCell Solitaire!  

About World of Solitaire APK  

World of Solitaire Klondike is the latest version of World of Solitaire APK card game and reproduces the style of Klondike Solitaire which contains classic card game styles of Windows Solitaire but a pre-planned, simple and increasingly refined design. 

World of Solitaire APK Features 

  1. Orientation can be set on Portrait or Landscape 
  2. Autosave 
  3. Powerful magic items to help with challenging stages 
  4. Offline Card game (No WIFI required!) 
  5. Unlimited free game service 
  6. Completely free solitaire 
  7. Leaderboards to watch your competitors 
  8. Easily sync the game between devices 
  9. Available to play on mobile and tablet devices  
  10. Preparing even more features for updates 
  11. Stress relief game  
  12. Classic and Retro style plan  
  13. Bright and colorful graphics 
  14. Many interesting levels 
  15. Daily missions and bonuses 
  16. Board of leaders and achievements 
  17. Easy and Fun so you will pick up quick! 
  18. A lot of boosters help you remove hazards and win more games 
  19. Collect avatars and share with your Facebook friends 
  20. Daily quests, events, challenges, and rewards! 
  21. Fun traps to make the game more challenging 
  22. Journey Island to unlock new adventures and free bonuses 
  23. Enjoy fun mini-games like Slot Machines, Lucky Wheel, and Zoe’s Treasures 
  24. Leaderboard so you can compete with players around the world 
  25. Various styles of card themes with more on the way 
  26. Find your friend’s game progress when you log in with your Facebook 
  27. Play solitaire with your Facebook friends to earn bonus coins every day 
  28. Saved progress so you can continue on any device when you log in with your Facebook 

How to download and Install World of Solitaire APK

Installing the World of Solitaire APK is very simple and easy. Please make sure that your device meets the following requirements before downloading the World of Solitaire APK File: 


  1. Android 4.0.3 or a newer version
  2. Sufficient Storage Space
  3. Internet Connection 


  1. Unknown Resources: Allow installation from unknown sources from the settings panel.
  2. Download World of Solitaire APK File: Download the APK file from the above link, making sure that there is sufficient internal storage in your device.
  3. Open Downloads: Move to the “Downloads” folder and search for clashofdreams_v4.0.
  4. Install APK File: Install the app giving it all the permissions it requires to install and operate in the device correctly.
  5. Open the Game: Run the app without the internet for the first time and close once loaded.

 World of Solitaire Pros and Cons 


  1. Single tap or drag and drop to move a card 
  2. Game leaderboards 
  3. Fun and addictive gameplay 
  4. Play OFFLINE anywhere and anytime 
  5. Easy and simple gameplay 
  6. No root required 


  1. Sometimes lags 
  2. Same old game  


We have all grown up playing Solitaire on our desktop screens but now it is time to play it on our smartphone screens! Now you don’t have to miss your favorite childhood game ever – download World of Solitaire with all the amazing features today and start playing!  

For any queries and feedback, leave a comment down below and we will get back to you soon!  



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