WPS Office Mod APK Premium Unlocked

WPS office Mod APK Premium Unlocked

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App Name WPS office Mod APK Premium Unlocked
Size 127MB
Latest Version 16.3.3
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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WPS office mod apk

 This is a Chinese app that was created in Hong Kong city.  This app is used for office work. It provides all the facilities that everyone needs. The main advantage of this app is to create documents. You can save them for later use. You can open any type of document like excel sheet, powerpoints slides, and files created from Ms. Word on it.

It is also used to open and create all types of documents. This app is useful to you if you are an office employee, student, teacher, or anyone who wants to save their important documents. In this article, we will talk about all the functions of this app thoroughly.

WPS Office Mod APK

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Documents Saver:


The most amazing feature of this app is the document saver. You can open all the types of documents in WPS. You can save all your mobile files and PDFs here. When you receive any documents on your mobile via WhatsApp, It will automatically save that document in your WPS  in the folder named Recent documents. 

  • Compatibility with Microsoft office:

This is the key feature of this app. This app is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, it means you can open a file created through Ms. Word, or Excel sheets and also can open PowerPoint slides in this application.

1: Word (DOC)

You can create or edit documents using all the tools of Ms. Word. All the functions of Ms. Word have been incorporated into this app. It provides thousands of templates for making CVs. You can insert pictures, images, and characters in your documents to explain your point of view is an excellent way.

2: Powerpoint (PPT)

You can enable the Presentation mode in WPS. You can open a file created with PowerPoint and also can edit that to a file in the WPS app.

 It provides all the features of Powerpoint like slides animation, laser pointer, pen, and highlighter. It also provides the feature of inserting images and graphics to your slides helping you to present your research work in a detailed and impressive method.

3: Excel (XLS)

Through this feature, you can easily make spreadsheets using the WPS office. You can open an excel file on your android which makes it easier to handle your data while sitting in your comfort zone. 

It provides all the formulas and functions used in excel. You can make a chart, column, and table in your spreadsheet. You can easily edit a cell of excel with all the tools and formulas of Ms. Excel. You can perform all these tasks without using your laptops.

  • Shortcut keys:

You are able to perform all your office tasks quickly and efficiently through this feature of shortcut keys.WPS office provides all the common and basic shortcut keys of Ms office to its users.

  • Connecting with Printer:

You can connect your WPS office to any printer. It will save time and make your tasks much easier.  You will get a hard copy of your document by linking it with the printer.

  • Bluetooth and USB:

Through this feature, you can also share your documents via Bluetooth and USB drives.

  • Using multiple documents:

The latest version of the WPS office Mod apk provides this amazing feature. You can open, edit and read multiple documents at the same time.If you are editing a document, you can also read the other documents at the same time in a new tab.

  • WPS smart Form:

You can use the smart form feature to collect information from many persons by sending it to your contacts. It provides many types of forms such as collecting contact information, announcement, attendance, Daily reports, and many more. You can select the form and also can edit it. 

  • Cloud:

WPS Office also provides cloud to its users. It means that if you are editing your documents in WPS Office, the cloud will automatically save your recently edited file in the backup. You don't need to save that file again.

  • Password:

You can set a password to all of your files and PDFs.  Enable the password on your personnel document by clicking the option of profile. Scroll and you will find the password option. Click it and add your PIN code there.  

You can also add the password to a specific document by clicking on the document you want to lock. The other person on any device won’t be able to open that document until your share the password with them.

  • Scanning:

You can turn images into PDFs through this feature. You can also turn your documents into images by scanning your documents. This feature will help you a lot and save much of your time.

  • Security:

This app provides encryption to all your documents.  This encryption assures its users not to leak any type of their personnel information through the documents.

  • No Advertisement: 

The latest version of this application doesn't have corporate commercials. So annoying ads will never disturb you while using this app.

  • Presentation:

You can create a wonderful presentation by inserting pictures, tables, sound effects, shapes, tables, charts, and many more. 

You can use all the presentation tools provided in this app. You can also use all the features and tools of Microsoft Office to enhance the quality of your presentation.

  • Sharing Documents:

WPS provides you with many useful  functions.  You can easily share your documents using these options.In the latest version of this app, you can share your documents through WhatsApp, Messenger, email, tweeter, Wikipedia, and many more.

 You can also create and copy the link of the required document,paste it where you want to send it.

  • Viewing any type of file:

You can view all types of documents, files, and PDFs using this application. That’s why everyone can use this app for opening and viewing any file type here.

  • PDF creator:

You can view all types of PDFs on this app. You can also create your own PDFs with images.It provides the option of importing pictures to convert them into PDFs.

  • Removing watermark:

People would never want an annoying watermark on their presentation or documents. But the WPS office provides a watermark removing option too. If you don’t want to show a watermark on your documents or presentation, it will remove that watermark. This watermark remover will make your file more attractive and simple.

  • Easy to use:

This application has a  user-friendly interface  and is easy to use. Everyone can understand its features at first use because it is very convenient for its users.

  • Languages:

This is the most splendid feature of this application. This app provides  51 different languages. So you can easily use this app in your native tongue if you are unable to understand English.

WPS office mod apk on PC:

You can download this application on your PC. The latest version of this app is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc

WPS Office Premium Version: 

In the premium version of WPS Office, you have to pay for some advanced features. Otherwise, you may not be able to use this feature in the free version. The premium version provides cloud storage of 20 GB. Moreover, you can install this version on more than 9 devices with the same account. It can merge and split documents and PDFs.

WPS office’s developer:

This app was created by Chinese programmers. It was created in Hong kong city of china. Zhuhai-based software developed by Kingsoft organization.

WPS office full form:

WPS stands for Writer Presentation and Spreadsheets.

WPS office mod apk latest version:

The latest version of the PS Office is (V11.2.0.11156). It was recently updated on 6-June-2022. It is the most improved version of WPS. By using its latest version, you can search multiple documents directly through this app without going to the browser. If you are using this application on your PC, you can press F1 to search for the required documents directly from the internet.

WPS office activator:

WPS Office Premium version provides an activation key to its users. The users who paid for this premium version can use this Key to activate all the features of this app.

How to activate the WPS office:

1: Open the WPS office on your android or Pc. Go to the menu  given above this app.

2: Click on the  “Help” option.

3: You will see a small window. Click “Activation code”.

4: After clicking on “Activation code”. A small window will appear  in the mid of your screen. Copy the license code. 

5: Paste this code to unlock all the features of the premium version of WPS.

WPS office Mod apk for iOS:

WPS office mod apk is compatible for iOS as well as in android. You can efficiently use this app on iOS

How to download WPS office app on iOS:

1: Go to the apple store on your iPhone.

2: Type “WPS office” on your search bar. Results will appear in just 3 to 4 seconds.

3: Click on the download button and wait for a few minutes.

4:After the download is completed, tap on the installation option.

5: Now you can open the WPS  office app. Save your documents here and edit them according to your requirements.

How to Login WPS office mod apk?

If you want all the features of this app then you have to log in with your Google account. Without making an account, you can not send your files to others. The steps for making an account in the WPS office are as follows:

1:The latest version of WPS uses a QR code to sign in with your device. 

2: Go to the menu of WPS. Open the QR scan option to sign in to WPS on your device.

3: If this option is not available on your device then update it Or download its latest version for login.

WPS Office


This application is very useful to everyone. It facilities its users by providing them with all useful features to manage their documents. This app performs all the tasks of MS Office by providing the latest tools to create a professional file

With this app, you can create or edit your documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and many more. You can set a password to all documents or a single document to keep them safe. It provides encryption to all your documents so you won’t face any fear of leaking out your personal documents.

You can convert images to  PDFs by scanning. You can also split your PDF into useful images to save time.  

This app is very easy to use because anyone can understand its interface. But if you are not unable to understand the English language, you can choose the language you understand better. Because this app provides more than 50 languages to its users.


Q. What does WPS stand for?

WPS stands for Writers Presentation and Spreadsheet.

Q. Can we use the Premium version of WPS Office for free?

No, you cannot download its premium version for free because it charges 6$ to its users. But you can download the WPS office Mod apk version free of cost. It will provide you with most of the features of the paid version.

Q. Is WPS office APK a Chinese app?

Ans: Yes, it is a Chinese app that was invented in Hong Kong in 1989.

Q. What is the purpose of WPS office mod apk?

The purpose of WPS office mod apk is to create, edit and open all the types of documents in a single app. This app provides all the features which are required for making professional and attractive documents. It provides all the functions of MS office. It means you can manage your documents in Excel, ,powerpoint and word also.

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