WRESTLING REVOLUTION 3D MOD APK 2k20 Download for Android

WRESTLING REVOLUTION 3D MOD APK game will be interesting for every person who takes interest in sports and competitions. And wrestling is one of those games which are equally enjoyable for both teenagers and aged persons.

Wrestling revolution 3D mod APK introduces every part of the player’s life. In this game, you can create your own different characters. With these characters you can start our game. To gain a good reputation you have to participate in simple fights.


Size51.6 MB
License Free
Developer NameMDickie


After getting experience we can further move toward higher levels. This game has many levels. In Wrestling Revolution 3D mod APK you have to consider yourself a manager or sponsors and take charge of the game.

WRESTLING REVOLUTION 3D MOD APK game will prove a good source of entertainment for you. In wrestling revolution 3D games you take challenges and fight with your opponents with your created characters. It will be your duty to take your created character to the next level. We can choose tournaments of our own choice. Challenge your opponents during the fight and try to win the competition.

Main features of Wrestling Revolution 3D:

Followings are the interesting features of Wrestling Revolution 3D game:

Easily available on your mobile phones:

Wrestling has been the best outdoor game since ages. But these days you can play this game on your mobile phones as well as on your tablets. Now, everyone who has an android phone can play wrestling games and enjoy. Playing wrestling on mobile phones gives experience to the player. Through the Wrestling Revolution 3D game you can explore different aspects of wrestling.

Just create your character and start the game. Don’t be afraid to challenge your opponent. Challenge your opponent with confidence. By following regulations properly chances of your character to win the game increases. To win the game it is necessary to train the character so that he could enter the tournament with confidence.

Create unique character:

In the Wrestling Revolution 3d game, players can create a unique character with desired qualities. Players can use given options to create character. Try to be creative while creating your character. In a Wrestling Revolution game you have too many options to create your character. You can use different features to create an interesting and strong wrestler. You have the option to dress up your character according to your choice.

Easy controls:

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK has a convenient control system to gamers. In this game gamers can easily control their wrestlers. New gamers would find the game extremely simple to begin with.

Training of wrestlers:

You can train your character as much as you want. To win the game it is necessary to train the wrestlers properly. You should be mentally prepared for the challenges. Train your character how to fight in a ring. You can make your character too strong so that he could kick his opponent out of the game.

In the wrestling revolution 3d game you have the option to explore different rings. In this game, you can enjoy a war game and get enough knowledge about wrestling. In this game, you can enjoy fighting in different rings. In a Wrestling Revolution game you are free to set your own set of rules. You can try different tricks to win the game.

Free download:

You can download this game free of cost through Google Play Store. You can download it without paying a single rupee in your android phone.

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