Youtube Music Premium Apk

Youtube Music premium Apk

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App Name Youtube Music premium Apk
Size Varies with device
Latest Version 5.52.51
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Google LLC
Content Rating Teen
Requires Varies with device
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Update April 18, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Youtube Music Premium Apk

Ever heard of Youtube music premium apk? No, then I will tell you about this amazing featured app. As we can guess from its name, it is a version of Youtube and we all know about Youtube very well. Second , unlike the Norman version of Youtube it only has music content for the music lovers to listen to.  Youtube is a new version that is released by Google for its users to listen to music without so many limitations. We all have heard of Spotify, and we all know its features as well, but people literally have their own Youtube Music premium accounts to have a better experience with music and enjoy it to its core.Youtube music premium allows the users to listen to the music of any kind. They can listen to their favorite music, favorite songs, favorite singers and favorite playlists as well. This app allows them all to experience better quality music with little amount of problem. Youtube premium has so many features and they all are amazing. Youtube Music Premium is actually a modified version released by Google for its users. When using Youtube's normal version we all need to keep the screen open in order to listen to the songs because they are video songs. But this problem is solved by the Youtube Music Premium version in which we just need to start the songs and after that it is our choice if we want to open the screen or close it.

The song will play in both ways. Now just turn your phone off and enjoy listening to the music.   Worrying about the collection of music on Youtube music Premium? No need because Youtube Music Premium has millions of songs just like Youtube has. You can get to listen to the songs of your favorite artists or even your favorite songs. You just have to search from the search bar for the songs you want to listen to and the song will come . Browse the massive libraries of the official albums and the songs that have just been released . The trending songs are also available on this music streaming app. For people who enjoy the live performances and even songs being covered this platform satisfies them too.

Listen to the music that is totally personalized and is of your interest. This app does not play songs of just any kind but this app allows you to play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Just search the song on search bars, select the song and turn the phone down. And enjoy the song to its core. This app even gives access to remixes of the songs that are loved by a large amount of audience. Worrying about the song name? Stop worrying because this app will let you know the song name even if you type the lyrics on the search bar . The song related to the lyrics will come. In addition to this they even search the song without the lyrics when you just describe the song. This feature is very helpful for the music lovers, as they sometimes listen to a song and forget its name or even lyrics. So, this app helps you in that case and searches the song on the basis of the lyrics and the guidance provided by you.

Youtube Music Premium Apk

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Youtube Music Features

The features of Youtube Music Premium are so cool and amazing that will make a first time user of this app a lifetime user. These amazing features are given below with the understandable details. 

High Quality music:

Music lovers literally want to love music to its core and enjoy their time listening to it but sometimes the apps they use for streaming music are not worth it. Either they do not provide all the songs they want to listen to or they lack high quality music. This leaves a very bad impact of music apps on its listeners. But Youtube Music Premium is providing his ujsers with high quality audio music . These songs will be in their best quality and will enlighten the time of their listeners. Quality is very important when it comes to listening to music because it directly affects the human’s sense of hearing. This even causes headaches. But you can listen to clear and rich music any time.  

Listen to officially licensed music:

Some apps do not have legal permission of music from the original creators or artists, so people do choose these kinds of apps very less because these people actually want to benefit their favorite artists along with listening to their music. That’s why Youtube Music Premium has asked for a legal permission from the artists and all the songs on this platform are completely licensed by the original creators and artists. 

Massive Libraries for you to Discover:

Once you start listening to music you become used to it and it becomes a habit of yours very rapidly. When people listen to music a lot they sometimes may think that what if the music and the songs on this app end? So, to tell you the truth , no the music and the songs never end because there are almost millions of songs in Youtube Music Premium apk and it allows its users to get access to every single song present in the app There are massive libraries that are full of songs with different genres. So, there is not a single chance that the songs will end one day. Explore these huge libraries of music and listen to every single song because you can not get these huge libraries anywhere else. Enjoy the songs from your favorite artists and all. 

Search your Favorite songs:

 Searching for your favorite songs from these massive and hoge libraries will just be a stupidity. So to find your favorite song easily you just have to select the categories from the given categories that are Covers, Remixes, Live performances, Singles and other categories of songs. And to simply get to your favorite song just search the song name, artists;s name or company;s name in the search bar and they will come. And to sing along with the song, search the lyrics of the song you wanna hear and sing and play it . By this you will read the lyrics and you will get a chance to sing correctly with the actual song. 

Create your own Playlist:

Sometimes, people want to listen to their favorite songs again and again and this is a difficulty for them to change the song from time to time. So, to solve this problem Youtube Music Premium Apk brings a feature that is known as Playlist Creation . This feature allows the user to collect all the songs he/she wants to listen to again and again. The songs will be kept safe in these libraries . They can listen to these songs anywhere. 

The user can even make more than one library and add different songs in them and name these libraries according to the genre or vibe of the songs in the playlist. This helps the listener to distinguish between the song he/she wants to listen to depending on their mood. 

Discover new songs of your type:

This app is designed in a way that it even helps the user to find new songs of the users type. For example, when you search a song’s name in the search bar this app will acknowledge your taste to some extent and will start recommending you new songs of your type . And when you search more for more than one type of songs then this app provides a great deal by recommending you songs of almost all kinds. This feature allows the user to enjoy the music to its core when getting introduced with more amazing and awesome songs. This will bring new songs that are trending on your main list. By this feature you will be able to be updated according to the new music style. 

Interact with the fun music community of Youtube:

You can even interact with the Youtube Music Community and find more music lovers like you. You can share your feedback on different songs and even get to know their music feedback on the same songs or different songs. You are able to enjoy an amazing music experience with this app. Share your music taste with others and recommend songs of your type and you can even listen to the music of their favorite and rate their music taste. Music listening will become more and more fun  in this way. 

Youtube Music Premium Features 

There are some features that separate the normal version of Youtube Music from the Premium version and these features are only available on this premium version and as are given below


A big problem of ads is solved by this version of Youtube Music . Youtube Music Premium has an option to skip ads when they become a barrier for the music listeners while using this app. These skip options block the ad as soon as it comes in the way. By this feature, people can listen to music without waiting for the ad to finish and will be unworried about video or audio pop-ups while listening to songs.  

Off screen:

Why did Google make a premium version of Youtube Music Premium? This question is answered because in the premium version we do not have to worry about the screen being on all the time when the music is being played. We can select the song we want to listen to and play it and then we can turn our phone off and the song will still play and there will be no barrier in the premium version. You can even use another app after starting the song on this app and the song will play in the background and Youtube Music Premium will run as a background app. 

Battery saving app:

When we use other streaming apps we need to keep the app open and this takes a lot of our battery when the screen is on . But when we use Youtube Music Premium we do not need to keep the app open or even the screen open while listening to music. We can even close the app and the song will continue playing even after turning the screen off . This feature literally saves the battery to a great extent. 

Youtube Music Extra Features

Get connected to more than 72 million songs on this platform.

  • Choose the suitable category of your type and enjoy the music of different types.
  • You can get to these types of versions of a single song, live performance, remixes, covers and more.
  • Keep yourself updated by the trends and trending music showing on this app.
  • Explore the top songs from the charts of the whole world.
  • These genre music can be seen here 
  •  Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • Country
  • Dance & Electronics
  • Indie & Alternatives
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Rock
  • Kpop
  • Blue
  • And many more of amazing genres
  • Along with categories, get yourself to enjoy the music depending on your mood. 
  • To feel good
  • Chill
  • Sleep
  • Study
  • Romance
  • Party
  • Commute
  • Energetic
  • Focus
  • Turn the lyrics on when the song is playing and sing along with the song
  • You can turn the video off and on according to your liking. Sometimes, you want to watch the video and sometimes just the audio of the song.
  • Listen on whatever speakers, smart Tv. car. Smart watch, desktop, phone and any other app as well. 
  • It can occur with the other services such as Google Assistant, Waze, Google Maps and many more

Youtube Music Premium Apk

Youtube Music Premium Apk iOS

In order to download the game on your apple devices you just have to follow the steps given below

  • Now, go to the iOS app store of your iOS and search the app’s name there.
  • Now the app will appear , just click install. 
  • After installation, the app icon will be seen on your screen and just tap it and start the amazing music streaming app.

Youtube Music Premium Cost

Youtube Music Premium costs about $9.99 per month and this version has a lot more features than the basic version and are ads-free and screen-off features.

Youtube Music Premium Free Trial

Youtube Music Premium Free trial is of 30 days and you can enjoy the free trial for a whole month and after that you will have to pay $9.99 every month and they also inform you a week before the free trial ends. So, you will pay for the subscription of the apk version.

Youtube Music Premium Students

If you are a student and you want to use Youtube Music app too then you can be eligible for a discount that Youtube give to the student and it is the way of getting a membership

  • Cancel the subscription you have right now.
  • You must be a student of a higher education institution at a place where this Student membership of Youtube is offered. 
  • The school must  be approved by the SheerID program. 
  • To check your school's improvement you can go to Youtube premium dn select the “Try it Free” 
  • Then write your school name on the SheerID form and check if you are eligible according to your school or not. 
  • You can enjoy this service for 4 years and have to verify the account after every year.

Youtube Music Premium Apk Download

You can download the premium apk version of Youtube music from the link given below. You will just have to select the “download” button and it will take some time because it is making the phone files ready to download the Youtube Music Premium Apk file on the device. Do not click the download button more than one time because there will be more than one file then. And wait for it to get downloaded and then open the file in the file manager of your device and then install it by clicking o n it. And you are ready to use this app after installation.


To get a very amazing music experience you must use Youtube Music Premium Apk because of its extra features and high quality music. This application is ad free and battery saving when used as in the premium version. This app even allows discounts for the students. This app has unlimited songs for the users to listen and enjoy.

Thanks for reading the article and enjoy your time on the best music streaming app. 


Q. Is Youtube Music premium Apk safe?

Yes, It's 100% secure. We have tested the apk file with many antiviruses and it is secure.

Q. Is there any limit on how much data I can use?

No, there is no limit on data usage. You can download as much as you want and stream it all at once!

Q. Can I download Youtube Music premium Apk for free?

No, you need to buy this app on Google play store to enjoy YouTube music premium

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