Yowhatsapp Apk Latest Version 2022

yowhatsapp apk Latest version 2022

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App Name yowhatsapp apk Latest version 2022
Size 56MB
Latest Version 8.95
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Luckavaty
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.0.3 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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YoWhatsApp APK

Have you ever heard of YoWhatsApp apk? No, then here will tell you about this app, but before talking about YoWhatsapp I must tell you about Whatsapp, which is a communication app for people all around the world. But still not all the people using whatsapp are happy or satisfied by its features, they complain about some features of Whatsapp. To overcome these mistakes we are providing you with an alternative to this app, in YoWhatsapp you will have complete access to all the features and you will be completely satisfied by its features. 

YoWhatsapp is similar to Whatsapp but it is a modified version that will make your experience of this app more appreciative. This app is also known as YoWA. In addition to enhancing the already existing features, this app even brings new features for the users to enjoy. It has new themes, emojis, last seen, animated, emojis and hide and view status features that will leave a positive effect on you. There are new functions as well.

The original version of Whatsapp was released in January 2009, about 12 years back . This app was used by billions of users online to share their data and keep in touch with people far away. This app brought people a great way to communicate with each other. Users were able to send messages, images and even videos through this application. They were able to call each other. Not only audio calls but video calls as well. That increased the usage of Whatsapp. 

Many Updates were made on this app to make it better and better. These updates were very much appreciated by the users but still there are many limitations in this app that restrict the users to a lot of things. These restrictions sometimes get on the users nerves and make them use other versions. So, we are providing you with a new version of Whatsapp that will never restrict you in any way. YoWhatsapp has all the improved features of Whatsapp and even provides the users with new features.

Yowhatsapp Apk

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YoWhatsApp Features

The main reason to update YoWhatsapp was the features of Whatsapp that limit you to many things but Yowhatsapp has all the features that makes every user very happy.

  • Privacy Policy:

The main reason why people choose YoWhatsapp is because of its privacy policy. People are very much insecure about their security and privacy so they always want to choose the app with better privacy policies. So, privacy in this app is better than the normal version of Whatsapp because it allows the users to choose the people who can call them and who can not. By this feature, you can restrict many people from calling you. You can even activate and deactivate the status visibility for yourself, by this feature no one will be able to see if you are available or not. 

In addition to this , you can even select to close the notification of your doing, that means you can even choose if anyone can know that you are typing a message or if you are recording a voice message. You can even close the option of double check that shows if you have received the message or not. In this way, no one will be able to know that you got the message and you can respond whenever you want without any worry. And aout status, there are a lot of features that help in hiding or showing of status to others and yourself as well.

  • Amazing Fonts:

Many people are attracted by the fonts of an app. They especially install third-party font apps in order to get new fonts to match their vibe and all. But YoWhatsapp will provide you with amazing fonts to put anywhere, in messages,status,bio or anything else. Just install this version of Whatsapp and get yourself to a new world of Whatsapp that allows the user to enjoy every feature to its core. This app even allows the users to change the type and size of the fonts present in there.

  • Emojis:

You can use emojis of many kinds. These emojis are not present in the normal version of whatsapp and only YoWhatsapp users are allowed to use these emojis. These emojis are known as Android Oreo emojis. These emojis make you express your expression to the person you are chatting with as they contain almost every expression.  

  • Sending File of any Kind:

Don’t feel restricted anymore when it comes to sending new kinds of files. You can send any kind of file from this app. This was a big problem in the normal version of Whatsapp for the users to send any other file other than videos, images, voices or texts. But now the users can send many kinds of files through YoWhatsapp. These files can be APK,PDF,ZIP and many more.

  • Smoother lines:

Get yourself more convenient while using this app as this application provides Smooth user interface with more smoother lines. This app is super convenient as it is almost the same as Whatsapp and you do not have to change your way of using this app. Only a few functions are changed but they are also easy to use. You can easily get yourself introduced with the new features as they are user-friendly.

  • High-resolution File:

You are able to send files that are of more resolution and larger data. Just send the file without any worry, the other will receive it safely. This feature was not present in the previous version.

  • Better Performance:

You can get better performance from this version as it works faster than the previous version. This version works better and has improvement when working. This version does not hang or anything but it just works smoothly and helps you do your work and everything faster and smoothly without any restriction. So, install this version and enjoy communication with your loved ones smoothly. 

  • Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint:

Security is the first thing that every person checks in an app. This security can be inner or outer. Inner security is only satisfied when the app secures the data of the person safely but outer security is the security of the app from other people. For this purpose, YoWhatsApp is providing the users with a security PIN, password or even pattern that allows only the user to enter the app and no one can enter the app without the security checkups. You can put a Pin, pattern of different kinds and your fingerprint so no one else can enter the app easily. 

  • Customize themes:

This app allows you to customize the themes present in it and even put different types of themes. You can enjoy the app while putting the themes you like and make your own vibe in this app. This app has so many amazing themes as wel that you can put on Whatsapp. Customize the themes and status bar. You can even select the navigation bar according to your likings and many more other things as per you want. This feature will make you feel amazing and allows you to feel at home. Save the themes and even share it with others. 

  • Language:

This app allows the user to select whatever they wanna select on YOWhatsapp and use the app in that language. There are thousands of languages in this app and almost all languages are there. Select whatever language you want. It is very rare that you couldn’t find your language on it because there are more than a 1000 languages. Otherwise, you can select any other close language. 

  • Pinning Chats:

You can pin chats if you want. They will be pinned at the top and you can choose whenever to unpin them or anything else. Do not be concerned about the number of chats you can pin because by this version you can pin more than a 1000 chats at a time.

  • Lengthy Status:

There is a very big offer when it comes to the words in status because it allows the users to put as long as 250 words in the status if they want. The  normal version was nowhere near this version in this feature. So, download this version to get the access. 

  • Hide Chats:

This feature is completely new for any user, you can now put pins even on the chats. Yes, you heard right, the security PIN option was for opening the app but now you can even put a pin on some chats if you want. You can just hide them from others access  by this feature and do not worry about them.

  • Status Anti-delete:

You can see the status even when someone has deleted it already. Just go to status bars and then see any status you wanna watch and do not be concerned about the deletion or removing because you can see the status if the person has deleted it already.

Is YoWhatsapp Safe to use?

A lot of people are concerned about the safety of the app. Well, there isn’t a proper answer for this question but we can explain the safety measures that may concern you down below

  • Account banning:

The thing is that the official Whatsapp does not very much appreciate the usage of other third-parties apps such as YoWhatsapp, GB Whatsapp or BSE Whatsapp . And they even have made a process of banning the accounts that are present on the third-party apps but the chance to get banned is very less as they don’t usually ban all accounts. 

  • Privacy Concerns:

Yes, you must be concerned about your data when using a third party app because they do not provide any information about where their data is stored because they are illegal sites. YUes, that means that it is possible that your data is exposed or seen by someone else which is a big concern. And we can not say anything about this privacy concern of the users as it is a third-party app.

YoWhatsapp iOS

 You can install YoWhatsapp easily on your iOs devices by following these steps

  • Select the “download” button from the link given in YoWhatsapp iOS 
  • The download will be done after some time.
  • Then you have to open the downloaded APK file and open it.
  • Tap on the “install” and the installation will be started.
  • After some time, the installation will be completed and you are ready to use the app.

YoWhatsApp Download

You can easily download YoWhatsApp by following these steps

  • Select the “download” button from the link given below.
  • The download will be done after some time 
  • Now allow the “unknown sources “ from the settings of the phone.
  • And then open the downloaded link and tap the “install” button
  • And the installation will complete.
  • If you already have an account then you can use it.
  • If you are a first timer then put your phone number and other information and make an account and now enjoy the amazing features of YoWhatsapp easily.



YoWhatsapp allows the users to enjoy the features available in the normal version to its fullest and even provides the users with great features. You can hide status, hide last seen, hide receiving notification, select people who can call you and many more features. Customize the themes, chats, navigation bar and Status bar as per your liking. And even watch the already deleted status of other people. So, to get all these amazing features, download the latest version of YoWhatsapp Apk.


Q. Can I install YoWhatsapp Apk on iOS?

Yes, you can install YoWhatsapp Apk on your iOS device easily by following the steps given above.

Q. Can I install YoWhatsapp Apk On windows of PC?

Yes, you can install YoWhatsapp Apk on your windows easily by the help of an Android Emulator. You have to install Android Emulator on your Pc and then you will be able to install the Apk versions on your Pc.

Q. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, this app is safe to use but it may contain some malware as this app is not official and does not provide any information about where the data is being stored.

Q. Does this app support themes?

Yes, this app supports themes and allows the users to select whatever theme they wanna select as there are different kinds of themes in the library. Mostly, users install this app just because of its themes.

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